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Drum Rugs

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A drummer is like the rock: the foundation of a band's sound. Percussion is at the heart of any song, setting the pace. That means your footing needs to be every bit as solid as your bandmates expect your performance to be. A drum rug is the perfect way to get that reliable base for your kit, ensuring that your throne and every piece of percussion surrounding it are all kept exactly where they belong, eliminating distracting mid-gig adjustments. There are nearly as many pluses to using a drum rug as there are rugs to choose from. In most cases, their undersides are lined with a non-skid surface, giving you an island of steadiness in the middle of even the most slippery stages.

If you play metal or any other style that gives the bass drum a serious pounding, you might appreciate a rug with a bass drum bumper built in to keep the drum from wandering away from you. Drum rugs aren't just great on the stage; they're also a must-have for your home setup. They'll protect your flooring from the rigors of hosting a drum kit and make it a bit more comfortable to sit through long weekends spent practicing. You might even want to have two drum rugs: one to keep at home and one to roll up and take along on the road. There's more to drum rugs than just practical features, too. Some, like the Pork Pie and Meinl Drum Rugs, can add a cosmetic touch to your setup. The drum rug is sort of like a miniature stage just for you, and choosing one with a design or pattern that suits your personality is yet another way to boost your presence and make a visual impact to the audience. Useful and stylish: that's drum rugs in a nutshell. These handy mats are the ideal way to reinforce your drum set, isolate the stage from unwanted vibration transfer and give your drums a bit of added visual punch. No drummer should be without at least one rug to take along to each gig.