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Drum Keys & Tuning Tools

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  1. Gon Bops Hex Wrench and Wing Screw
    $29.00 $1900
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  2. Tama Tension Watch
    $149.98 $8999
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  3. Robokey Gear Drive Drum Key
    $21.95 $1499
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  4. Vic Firth VICKEY Drum Key
    $15.25 $879
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  1. Evans Compact Flip Drum Key
    $38.00 $2399
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  2. Yamaha Chrome Drum Key
    $7.00 $499
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  3. Evans Torque Drum Key
    $47.50 $2299
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  4. Gibraltar SC-RLW Lug Wrench
    $19.99 $1199
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  1. Gibraltar GBL SC-BDKR/L Drum Key Rod 4-Pack
    $9.99 $699
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  2. Gibraltar Drum Keys 6-Strip Package
    $21.99 $999
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  3. Tama Drum Key
    $6.00 $599
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  4. Tune-bot Electronic Drum Tuner
    $149.95 $9999
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  1. Zildjian Z- Key Tuning Key
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  2. Tru Tuner 2-Pack Replacement Keys
    $11.99 $699
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  3. DrumDial Digital Drum Tuner
    $129.95 $8495
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  4. Gibraltar RF-TKIT Rack Teck Kit
    $38.99 $2199
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  1. Gibraltar Tri-Key Multi Tool
    $13.99 $999
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  2. Dojo Drum Keys Stainless Steel Drum Key
    $19.99 $1199
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  3. Gibraltar Drill Bit drum key
    $5.99 $399
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  4. RhythmTech Active Snare Tune-Up Kit
    $111.95 $5499
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Results 1-20 of 65

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The drums may be the tools of your musical trade, but like any instrument, they have their own tools in turn. Whenever you replace your drum heads or touch up the tension, it's time to break out your drum keys and tuning tools. These come in plenty of varieties, giving you lots to choose from to find the tools that are perfect for your needs. One of the most essential parts of a drummer's toolkit is a drum key. This can be as simple as Gibraltar's standard drum key or as fully-featured as the torque keys from Evans and RhythmTech, which allow you to set the maximum tension so that every lug will be consistent. A drum key is something that you never want to be caught without, so it can be worth investing in a pack to keep spares stashed everywhere you frequently take your drums, or in a wearable or keychain drum key that you can always have at your side. Another great piece of gear to bring to every gig is a tuner. Some, like the DrumDial and Tama TW100, measure the tension of the drum head itself, so once you've tuned the drum once you can measure the tension and then rapidly re-tune the drum anytime by matching that measurement.

For a more high-tech tuner, check out the Tune-bot. This electric drum tuner can tell you the pitch of each individual lug, displayed as a frequency measurement or musical note. If you'd like a full set of tools in a compact, easy-to-carry package, take a look at the CruzTOOLS Drum Multi-tool and the Gibraltar Drum Tech Kit. These packages each have their own strengths. The multi-tool offers pretty much every screwdriver head or allen key you'll ever need to maintain your drums (along with a drum key, naturally). Gibraltar's kit, on the other hand, is more of a fine-tuning parts collection, loaded with a click pad, cymbal washers, sleeves, felts, and other useful bits for making last-minute touch-ups to your drum kit. Keeping your drums in top shape is an important part of helping them sound their best, so there's no overstating the importance of having the tools to make it happen. With a great collection of drum keys and tuning tools in your travel cases, you'll be ready for routine maintenance as well as all those unexpected last-minute tweaks that crop up when you're on the road.

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