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Drum Hardware Packs

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PDP Z5 Hardware Pack (PDBXHWZ5)
PDP Z5 Hardware Pack
  • $89.99
  • Rating:
PDP 8.155 Hardware Pack (PDBXHW8155)
PDP 8.155 Hardware Pack
  • New: $249.99
  • Blemished: $219.99
  • Rating:
Roland V-Drums Accessory Package (DAP-3X)
Roland V-Drums Accessory Package
Pearl 830 Series Hardware Pack (HWP830)
Pearl 830 Series Hardware Pack
Stagg Electronic Drum Accessory Pack (EDAP 3)
Stagg Electronic Drum Accessory Pack
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If you're custom-building a kit, after you've picked out all the individual drums, cymbals and hi-hats, the next thing you're going to need is something to hold them all in place. That's where drum hardware packs come in. Made to keep every piece in its place, these packs are as essential as the drums themselves. Before jumping right in, you'll first want to consider what you need for your specific kit. Are you looking for a full setup? Then you'll be happy to know there are more than enough hardware packs to suit your precise needs. Options like the 9600 Series Pro Hardware Pack from Gibraltar and the Yamaha HW-780 Drum Hardware Pack balance weight with heavy-duty durability, ensuring you can play as hard as you want and still easily move your gear when you're packing up for the night. With a mix of stands and pedals, these packages definitely allow you to configure your setup as you see fit.

If you're searching for something that brings a professional edge of your kit though, you're going to want to check out the Mapex Armory Series HP8005-DP 5-Piece Hardware Pack with Double Pedal. As the name implies, this pack was made for musicians ready to go to war behind their drum set. With slip-proof rubber feet, double-braced concave legs and an outstanding build-quality that allows you play without any worry of your kit quitting on you, this pack is simply incredible.

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