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Drum Hardware

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PDP Z5 Hardware Pack (PDBXHWZ5)
PDP Z5 Hardware Pack
  • $89.99
  • Rating:
DW DWCP3100 Throne (DWCP3100)
DW DWCP3100 Throne
  • $79.99
  • Rating:
ROC-N-SOC Lunar Series Gas Lift Drum Throne (LSG O-K)
ROC-N-SOC Lunar Series Gas Lift Drum Throne
  • New: $159.50
  • Blemished: $140.36
  • Rating:
ROC-N-SOC Back Rest (W/B-K)
ROC-N-SOC Back Rest
  • New: $49.00+
  • Blemished: $43.12
  • Rating:
PDP 8.155 Hardware Pack (PDBXHW8155)
PDP 8.155 Hardware Pack
  • New: $249.99
  • Blemished: $219.99
  • Rating:
Pearl Eliminator Demon Drive Double Pedal (P3002D)
Pearl Eliminator Demon Drive Double Pedal
  • New: $599.00
  • Blemished: $527.12
  • Rating:
Pearl P-2000C PowerShifter Eliminator Chain-Drive Pedal (P2000C)
Pearl P-2000C PowerShifter Eliminator Chain-Drive Pedal
  • New: $189.00
  • Blemished: $166.32
  • Rating:

About Drum Hardware:

When a drummer needs to borrow another players gear, they feel the difference immediately. Whether it's a bass pedal, a hi-hat pedal, or simply a seat stool, a drummer gets used to their own equipment fast. And because there are so many different parts that make up a drum set, drummers can be quite meticulous, particularly about their hardware. After all, drum hardware needs to be reliable, sturdy, and more than capable of surviving countless hours of practice.

Like every segment of your drum kit, there is no shortage of top-rated manufactured drum hardware, from percussion stands and racks to pedals, clamps, mounts and so much more. Just like you, the most recognizable names in the industry are also quite meticulous about their drum hardware. Well-known brands like Roc-N-Soc, DW, Sound Percussion, Tama, and Axis take the time and effort to ensure that everything you purchase is durable, high in quality, and easily affordable.

For a lightweight pedal with plenty of power, look no further than Taye Drums Power Kick single chain drive pedal. With a smoothness that exceeds industry standards, this pedal feels almost effortless to play thanks to the quick radius rod assembly and spring tension adjustment. In the cymbal stand department, the PDP by DW 700 Boom cymbal stand is a cost-effective alternative for novice players. And for all you drummers who prefer some extra back support, the easily attachable Roc-N-Soc back rest is a perfect accessory to your Nitro Throne.

In order to play your best, you need to be equipped with the best. That can be said for anything, but it's a sentiment that can't be stressed enough for drummers, due to the various components that make up your kit. It's simply not fair for a younger player to have feeble, wobbly drum hardware, because it's important for beginners (as well as their teachers) to recognize their greatest level of potential early into their musical journey. For more experienced players, they already know how much fun it can be to customize their kit. For them, it's just another part of what makes their passion so enjoyable in the first place. Of course, it will only be a matter of time before novice players realize the same thing. And that's a promise.