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Drum Clamps

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Tama Universal Clamp (MC66)
Tama Universal Clamp
  • $29.99
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PDP 10.5mm Tom Arm / Accessory Clamp (PDAX991)
PDP 10.5mm Tom Arm / Accessory Clamp
Gibraltar L-Rod Adjustment Clamp (SC-LRAC)
Gibraltar L-Rod Adjustment Clamp
  • New: $22.19
  • Blemished: $19.53
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You have the kit, you have the skills, but do you have the drum clamps? While they may not be the flashiest part of your setup, these essential (and often underappreciated) parts ensure that while you're crashing and banging on stage, tearing up your solos, everything stays exactly where it's supposed to. And with the gear found here, no matter what you need to augment your drums you'll be able to find it.

From simple to complex, and everything in between, this section covers it all. Say, for example, you're searching for a clamp to hold and tilt an extra cymbal? Then you're looking for Medium Cymbal Boom Attachment Clamp from Gibraltar. On the other hand, if you need a clamp that allows you to adjust two toms at once on the fly at once, you're here for the Compact Tom Adapter by Tama. Want something to help amplify your sound? Easy-to-use and designed for precise mic placement, you have to check out the Mic-Eze M-3 Microphone Clip AC-CETERA. And if you're after something a little more versatile, that allows you to change up your kit depending on the venue you're playing in, then you'll love the Meinl Multi-Clamp - 4 Mount. Compact and completely adjustable, it includes several different rods so you can customize your setup as needed.

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