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Drawmer Used Drawmer M500 Exciter (806940)
Drawmer Used Drawmer M500 Exciter
  • $359.99
  • Condition: Used
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Drawmer has famously provided the best tools to producers, engineers and artists for over 30 years. Major studios and venues have repeatedly incorporated their legendary products into their setups, making them a solid option for professional configurations everywhere.

Based in Yorkshire, England the company was founded by audio circuit enthusiast Ivor Drawmer. Avid keyboardist, Drawmer came up with a small batch of studio delay lines and went from there, helping to create a full selection of compressors, power gates, speaker protectors and more. Perfecting audio has always been Drawmer’s main concern.

Compressors have been Drawmer’s primary focus since 1982. Their ability to narrow the range of the sound source and control volume fluctuations of everything from vocals to electric guitars has impressed sound engineers in a variety of fields due to their tight circuitry. By not allowing the input’s volume to go above a certain limit, recording artists could ensure that their mix ending up sounding as even as possible.

Drawmer’s power gates and speaker protectors have become sought after units as well. The unique circuitry of a power gate gives the engineer greater control over the incoming audio signal. It also makes it possible to provide more definition to tracks than compressors, even if the frequency is lacking. For instance, you can completely alter a drum or guitar track with the flip of a switch.

A unique innovation by Drawmer is their state-of-the-art speaker protectors. These units give the user a master key and control over their sound system’s speaker levels. So, if you own a bar and have different bands and sound guys coming in and out, you never have to worry about them turning up the system beyond capacity, potentially ruining your expensive equipment. These units give you the ability to set the maximum levels and then leave for the evening without a worry.

Innovation in sound technology is Drawmer’s main attraction. Whether you’re running a cutting edge studio or just need some help controlling your own musical establishment, Drawmer has come up with a way to make your day-to-day life a whole lot easier.