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Doumbeks & Darbukas

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Meinl Aluminum Darbuka (HE-104)
Meinl Aluminum Darbuka
  • $19.99+
  • Rating:
Toca Freestyle Doumbek (SFMTDK-9AB)
Toca Freestyle Doumbek
  • New: $64.99+
  • Blemished: $57.19
  • Rating:
Remo Ergo Soloist Doumbek (DK-3208-6M-)
Remo Ergo Soloist Doumbek
Meinl Copper Doumbek (HE-3012)
Meinl Copper Doumbek
  • $169.99
  • Rating:
Remo Soloist Doumbek (DK-3010-7M-SC018)
Remo Soloist Doumbek
Trophy Dumbek (B510)
Trophy Dumbek
  • New: $39.99+
  • Blemished: $52.79
  • Rating:
Remo Diane Doumbek (DK-0410-NS-SC001)
Remo Diane Doumbek
Remo Ergo-Drum Doumbek (DK-3009-91-)
Remo Ergo-Drum Doumbek
  • $206.99
  • Rating:
Meinl Aluminum Doumbek (HE-3020)
Meinl Aluminum Doumbek
  • New: $129.99
  • Blemished: $114.39
  • Rating:
Meinl Aluminum Doumbek (HE-3000)
Meinl Aluminum Doumbek
  • $129.99
  • Rating:
Meinl Copper Darbuka (HE-204)
Meinl Copper Darbuka
  • $124.99
  • Rating:
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The exotic, ancient patterns that flow from a Doumbek or Darbuka drum can be both mysterious and spellbinding. While these extraordinary instruments originate from the Middle East, they soon found their way to drummers and percussionists all over the world. Soon, players were discovering new ways to incorporate Doumbek and Darbuka rhythms into their own musical arrangements. These percussion instruments are capable of producing an immense range of tones and sounds, making them an incredibly useful addition to all kinds of musical genres.

Made in a wide variety of different styles and sizes, Doumbek and Darbuka drums are played with the hands and take the talents of skilled, dedicated craftsmen to be manufactured. From Meinl and Toca to Trophy and Schalloch, these top names take pride and passion in everything they produce, and Doumbek and Darbuka drums are no exception.

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