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Double Bass & Upright Bass

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Bellafina Musicale Series Bass Outfit (BMBA4014OF)
Bellafina Musicale Series Bass Outfit
Cremona SB-2 Premier Student Series Bass Outfit (SB-2 1/2)
Cremona SB-2 Premier Student Series Bass Outfit
Silver Creek LR-102 Lee Rocker Tuxedo Bass (LR-102)
Silver Creek LR-102 Lee Rocker Tuxedo Bass
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About Our Double Bass & Upright Bass:

As the largest member of the viol family in modern use, the double bass has been a popular instrument in both chamber and orchestral settings for hundreds of years. Its use isn't limited to classical music, though; the upright bass replaced other instruments in providing basslines for jazz around the turn of the 20th-century, and even found a place in bluegrass, country and rock. Styles of playing include bowing, pizzicato and slap style, each more appropriate for different genres, making it a truly versatile instrument that appeals to all types of players.

The Engelhardt M3 1/4 Size Junior Double Bass makes a great starter instrument for any young student. The small size means children can get a head start on playing this instrument that, before the introduction of the 1/4 size 1990's, was restricted to older musicians. Meanwhile, the durable, laminated spruce and maple construction keeps it playing well after trips to and from school and lessons.

A 3/4 size version can still be accessible and portable for older students as well as more appropriate for certain types of music, and a great option is the Engelhardt EM1 Maestro Double Bass. The laminate close-grained spruce top and curly maple back and ribs is at once durable and responsive, making this the perfect instrument for more advanced students and intermediate players. The beautiful violin shape and rosewood details also add a stage worthy appearance.

Sure to please even the most seasoned player is the Ren Wei Shi Model 705 Double Bass. Crafted from a fully-carved select spruce top and flamed maple sides and back, this instrument is designed to produce much richer overtones. It even boasts a premium-grade ebony fingerboard and tailpiece for its exceptional hardness.

When choosing your instrument, it's important to consider how you'll be using it. A laminate body resists cracking and holds up better against humidity changes, making it the best choice for touring stage musicians and students. On the other hand, a carved instrument can deliver a warmer tone ideal for recording and orchestral settings. Whether you're a student looking to learn the upright bass for the first time or a seasoned performer of anything from classical to psychobilly, you're sure to find the right fit here.