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Direct Boxes

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  1. Save 25%
    Livewire SPDI Passive Direct Box with Attenuation Pad
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  2. Save 25%
    Livewire PDI Double Shielded Heavy Duty Passive Direct Box
  3. Top Seller
    Behringer ULTRA-DI DI400P Passive Direct Box
  4. Top Seller
    Whirlwind IMP 2 Standard Direct Box
  5. Top Seller
    Radial Engineering ProD2 Passive Stereo Direct Box
  6. Top Seller
    Radial Engineering ProDI Passive Direct Box
  7. Save 25%
    Nady ADI-1 Active Direct Box
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  8. Top Seller
    Behringer ULTRA-DI DI100 Direct Box
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  9. Top Seller
    Rapco Horizon DBBLOX Hi to Lo Z Transformer Direct Box
  10. Top Seller
    Radial Engineering Pro RMP Passive Reamping Direct Box
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  11. Save 25%
    Livewire ADI Active DI Direct Box
  12. Top Seller
    Behringer Ultra-DI PRO DI800
  13. Top Seller
    Radial Engineering J48 Phantom Powered Active Direct Box
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  14. Top Seller
    Behringer Ultra-G GI100 DI
  15. Top Seller
    Radial Engineering Pro48 Active 48-Volt Compact Active Direct Box
  16. Top Seller
    Radial Engineering SGI TX/RX Studio Guitar Interface
  17. Top Seller
    Hughes & Kettner Red Box 5 Classic DI and Amp Simulator
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  18. Top Seller
    Radial Engineering JDI MK3 Passive Direct Box
  19. Top Seller
    Radial Engineering X-Amp Active Reamplifier
  20. Top Seller
    Radial Engineering ProD8 Eight Channel Rackmount DI
  21. Top Seller
    Radial Engineering JDI Stereo Passive Direct Box
  22. Top Seller
    Radial Engineering Radial-Furman PROAV2 DI Box SS-6B Surge Block Bundle
  23. Top Seller
    Art PDB4 Passive Direct Box
  24. Top Seller
    Rapco Horizon STL-1 Stereo Line Direct Box
  25. Top Seller
    Art CleanBox II Passive Hum Eliminator
  26. Top Seller
    dbx Di1 Active Direct Box
  27. Top Seller
    Behringer ULTRA-DI DI600P Passive Direct Box
  28. Top Seller
    Radial Engineering J33 RIAA Turntable Preamp Direct Box
  29. Top Seller
    BSS Audio AR-133 Active DI Box
  30. Top Seller
    Behringer DI20 Ultra DI 2-Channel Active DI Box/Splitter
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About Our Direct Boxes Signal Processors:

If there's one thing every pro audio setup has, it's equipment - and probably lots of it. That means a lot of different components to connect together in order to get your audio from source to speaker or recorded track. The trick with pro audio gear is that it's not always as simple as just running a cord; different devices communicate in different ways and getting the best result depends on giving each piece the exact sort of signal it's expecting. This is where direct boxes come into the picture: they're compact signal processors that handle the "translation" between audio source and destination, making sure the music is captured perfectly right from the beginning.

The most common use for direct boxes is to connect an instrument like an electric guitar or bass (or a microphone) to your mixing console. However, there are plenty of others as well, so it's important to know what you need your direct box to do before you get too caught up in your search. That way, you can narrow down the options to just the models that fit your needs.

For instance, if you have a big recording setup and you need to send a guitar signal to all kinds of components at once, you're looking for something like the Radial Engineering JD7 Injector Guitar Signal Distribution System. This rack-mounted box can be used for driving up to seven amplifiers at once during live gigs, or for channeling your signal to different pedals onstage or in the studio.

Direct boxes aren't just for guitarists, either. Check out the Radial Engineering J33 RIAA Turntable Preamp Direct Box for instance: it's got an internal preamp that lets you play vinyl LPs through pro-grade mic preamps or mixing consoles. Whether you're a DJ hitting the booth or simply an audiophile looking for a high-quality way to archive your vinyl collection, this box will make a great addition to your setup.

The larger the pro audio configuration you're working with, the more direct boxes you're likely to need. Think of these signal processors as the middle-men between all of your other gear: they take care of the little things, like adapting connector types, inserting phantom power and combining or splitting signals, so you can get everything hooked up the way you want it.
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