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Digidesign Digidesign Digi 003 Rack+ Factory with Pro Tools 9 Crossgrade

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This special crossgrade pairs Digidesign's Digi 003 Rack+ Factory with its world-class converters and 18 simultaneous channels of I/O options, and combines it with the latest full version of Pro Tools... Click To Read More About This Product

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This special crossgrade pairs Digidesign's Digi 003 Rack+ Factory with its world-class converters and 18 simultaneous channels of I/O options, and combines it with the latest full version of Pro Tools for one great price. Since the Digi 003 Rack+ Factory comes with Pro Tools LE, it automatically qualifies you for the crossgrade price of Pro Tools 9. This hardware/software combination allows you to make music with the same quality equipment professionals do while saving you a significant amount of money too.

Digi 003 Rack+ Factory
The Digidesign Digi 003 Rack+ Factory is ideal for musicians, recording engineers, and producers looking for professional quality, affordable, integrated music recording and production software and hardware for their home or project studio, or for recording live shows. Boasting best-in-class sound quality, 8 built-in mic preamps, and a variety of additional inputs and outputs, Digidesign 003 Rack+ Factory is perfect for recording a whole band, including a discretely miked acoustic drum kit.

003 Rack+ Factory includes award-winning Pro Tools LE software, the most popular and widely used professional music recording application, along with a huge collection of studio-quality effects and virtual instrument plug-ins to get you started creating right away.

The hub of your personal studio
The Digi 003 Rack+ Factory offers an extensive array of analog and digital audio and MIDI I/O, making it the ideal hub of any home or project studio, or a powerful complement to an existing setup. You can connect just about any instrument and device found in your studio to 003 Rack Factory. Plug in your guitar or bass for direct recording, connect line-level instruments such as synths or samplers, or capture sound from any source though a connected microphone”the interface's premium mic preamps deliver the utmost sound clarity. And with its studio-grade 24-bit/96kHz audio resolution, you can expect stunning, high-definition sound every time.

In addition, 003 Rack+ Factory provides the I/O you need to connect your MIDI gear, optical devices (such as ADAT), and S/PDIF digital equipment, and also features BNC Word Clock I/O to sync 003 Rack to other external devices in your studio. Plus, its FireWire connectivity ensures high-speed data transfers between the interface and your Windows- or Mac-based computer system”just plug 003 Rack Factory in and it's ready to go.

Listen with options
003 Rack+ Factory features multiple options for monitoring your sessions as well as other external devices. Dedicated stereo studio monitor outputs allow you to always have reference monitors connected without sacrificing audio outputs, while a stereo pair of alternate control room outputs let you hook up a second set of speakers to allow easy switching between 2 studio monitor sources. 2 headphone outputs, each with its own level control, enable you to run 2 discrete monitor headphone mixes separately from your main mix. And an alternate source input allows you to monitor signals from a connected external device.

Everything you need”plus more
003 Rack+ Factory comes with Digidesign's biggest, most powerful and comprehensive software bundle yet, providing everything you need to create music, perform a composition, record audio, sequence MIDI, edit sounds, fix problems, mix tracks, enhance audio, master projects, and promote your creations. At the core is award-winning Pro Tools LE software, which offers the ultimate in recording, editing, and mixing power and flexibility. And to help you get started, the indispensable Pro Tools Method One instructional DVD teaches you Pro Tools system essentials, from setting up sessions and recording audio to editing MIDI, working with loops and plug-ins, automating mixes, and more.

No instrument? No problem! Digi 003 Rack+ Factory includes a range of versatile audio applications, sounds, and virtual instruments that work with Pro Tools to compose music or to simply play”no real instrument (or musical knowledge) required. It also provides a hefty treasure trove of powerful effects and signal-processing plug-ins to enhance and perfect your mixes with truly professional results. Create optimal balance, correct pitch problems, dial up the perfect guitar tone, fix timing, boost the sonic qualities of an instrument, warm up your mixes, and more.

Bundled Plug-ins
003 Rack+ Factory includes over 80 professional plug-ins, incredible virtual instruments, high-quality sound libraries, compatible creative applications, special artist promotion services, and other handy tools.

Many of these outstanding plug-ins have been used on countless professional recordings”and many are exclusive to Pro Tools systems.
The Bomb Factory and Digidesign plug-ins included in the 003+ Rack Factory plug-in bundle are considered among the best in the industry, offering intuitive interfaces and delivering outstanding sonic results.

Pro Tools 9
Pro Tools 9 redefines one of the world's most popular, most advanced music and audio production platform with a completely re-architected, open version of Pro Tools software, giving you what many users of past versions have asked for”and so much more.

Work with an audio interface”or without. Create bigger, better-sounding mixes with more tracks, Automatic Delay Compensation, and other pro features”all included as standard. Open your workflow to projects created in other audio and video software”and to the entire Avid Artist Series and Pro Series (formerly Euphonix) console/controller line. With Pro Tools 9, you can compose, record, sequence, edit, and mix the way you want in more ways than ever.

Capture Your Creativity
Work the way you want
With Pro Tools 9, you get more recording flexibility than ever. Connect mics and instruments and get multitrack audio recording capabilities when you pair Pro Tools software with your favorite Avid audio interface or third-party Core Audio- or ASIO-compatible interface. Record virtual instrument performances through a MIDI keyboard or controller, or record and create music and audio with just your computer and the software alone for ultimate portability.

Capture high-quality sound
Whether you're tracking vocals, guitars, voiceovers, sound effects, or an orchestra, or recording virtual instrument performances, enjoy great-sounding audio without compromise. Capture high-resolution audio”up to 24-bit/192kHz”when you use an Avid or third-party audio interface with Pro Tools software. And get best-in-class sound with the included groundbreaking virtual instruments.

Nail the right performance
Let your spontaneity shine. Use Loop recording to record multiple takes of a performance on the same track, one after the other, to keep things flowing when you're in the zone”great for guitar solos or voiceovers. You can also create complex drum tracks using it with MIDI Merge, enabling you to build up tracks by merging new beats into the same region with each recording pass.

Punch your way to perfection
Nobodys perfect, but with Pro Tools 9 you can create seamless performances with nondestructive QuickPunch or TrackPunch. Quickly fix mistakes in audio tracks as Pro Tools punches in and out of record mode, replacing the questionable section as you perform with the playback. For easier file management (and the truly confident) use DestructivePunch to maintain a single audio file”no matter how many punches you do.

Slow down and record comfortably
Having trouble keeping up? With Pro Tools, you can pull off technically challenging parts by slowing down the session tempo, recording the performance at a more comfortable pace, and playing it back at normal speed”Elastic Time and Pitch will keep things in tune. You can also create interesting effects recording at normal speed and then playing back at different speeds.

Stretch your creativity with Elastic Time and Pitch

Freely experiment without the time or effort investment. With Elastic Time, you can change the tempo or timing of any music or sound file”or an entire composition”on the fly, without cutting up a single sample of audio. With Elastic Pitch, you can fix wrong notes, create harmonies, and transpose regions”in real time”without altering the tempo.

Make changes on-the-fly
Forget having to manually stop and restart playback to make changes to your mix or configuration”instead, you can make many common changes on the fly in Pro Tools 9 during playback. Create and edit regions, add or remove tracks, copy inserts and sends, change I/O routing, and more”all changes will dynamically update in real time.

Craft sound with precision
Shape and fine-tune your audio, instrument, and MIDI tracks with professional, sample-accurate audio editing tools. Create a flawless performance by comping together tracks from multiple takes. Get more flexibility when importing tracks with the full Import Session Data dialog. Speed up editing with the Smart Tool. Place sounds perfectly in sync with picture. Smooth transitions with crossfades. Everything you need to perfect your tracks is available right from within a single Edit window.

Get where you need to go fast
Instantly navigate to one or more sections within your session to speed up your editing and mixing workflow. Simply set location markers at specific points in the timeline, edit selections, or even a set of track display settings, and you can quickly recall each specific location at any time with a simple keyboard shortcut, ensuring Pro Tools keeps up with your pace.

Join groups for easy editing and rearranging
Easily rearrange songs, edit loops, and make global changes across multiple tracks in one fell swoop by grouping audio and/or MIDI regions together as a Region Group. For more complex sessions with lots of automation, create VCA groups in Pro Tools HD software or Pro Tools 9 with the Complete Production Toolkit 2 option, giving you another level of gain control over groups that already have automation.

Snoop out grooves with multitrack Beat Detective
Start things off on the right beat with Beat Detective, a powerful tool that enables you to analyze and adjust timing across multiple tracks. Quickly tighten up uneven drum performances. Change up the feel or groove of a beat, and keep your rhythm section "in the pocket" by extracting the timing and groove from a drumbeat and applying that groove template to the bass part.

Unrivaled Audio Mixing
Achieve the best mixes possible automatically
Get great-sounding, phase-accurate mixes with Automatic Delay Compensation (ADC). Mix in stereo or up to 7.1 surround (with Pro Tools HD 9 or Pro Tools 9 and the Complete Production Toolkit 2 option). And automate every element in the Pro Tools environment (rather than "riding the faders" in real time) to add life and ensure the best mix”from track volumes, mute, and panning, to every plug-in parameter.

Get the sounds you want with Pro Tools plug-ins
Create better sounding mixes using the collection of included sound-processing, effects, and instrument plug-ins”you can insert up to 10 plug-ins per track. And expand your creative palette with plug-ins from Avid and our Pro Tools Development Partners for almost anything you can imagine”from instruments to EQs, compressors, reverbs, amp emulators, noise reducers, surround encoding, and more.

Grab control of your mix
You can use a mouse to make changes one at a time, or mix faster and easier using a hardware control surface. Get unrivaled, fully integrated, hands-on Pro Tools control with a choice of Avid control surfaces to fit your needs and budget, including ICON consoles and C|24; full EUCON integration with MC Mix, MC Control, MC Pro, System 5-MC, System 5, and more; and third-party control surfaces.

Make Music
No instrument? No problem
Easily create parts for practically any musical instrument using great-sounding virtual instruments, a MIDI keyboard/controller or your mouse, and the built-in Pro Tools MIDI Editor. Get started with the included virtual instruments and audio loops, and expand your arsenal with virtual instruments from Avid and third-party audio designers.

Get inspired with full MIDI and compositional tools
Take your songwriting from sketchpad to final production. Assign key signatures, create and move notes, transpose pitches, build dynamics, rearrange sections, and sculpt every note to perfection in the MIDI Editor. You can also view all MIDI parameters simultaneously for easier editing. and make your mixes shine by adding effects and automation.

Notate music with the Sibelius Score Editor
Compose and print professional music scores using the Sibelius Score Editor, which offers a wide range of standard notation tools. Generate ideas quickly with realtime note placement and editing, and change the meter, key signature, and more on-the-fly. Add chord symbols and diagrams. Transcribe MIDI parts in real time. Even export sessions as Sibelius (.sib) files for further finessing in Sibelius.

Work and collaborate on music from other audio apps
Collaboration has never been easier. With Pro Tools, you can exchange sessions with any Pro Tools user or studio. But you can also edit, remix, or even revisit projects created in other audio software”such as Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, Sonar, Live, Reason, and other third-party apps”right in Pro Tools using built-in OMF/AAF/MXF interchange support, ReWire compatibility, or MP3 export.

Create, Edit, and Mix Audio for Post
Streamline the audio/video workflow
Work faster and easier with video using professional tools”now included as standard. Easily import and export projects to and from Pro Tools through built-in OMF/AAF/MXF interchange support. Keep track of all project assets and create and share custom catalogs with the robust DigiBase Pro file management. You can seamlessly move and share projects between the editorial and mix stage, with full compatibility, using a single automation system.

Create and cut sound to picture
With Pro Tools, you can create, edit, and mix audio to picture, with sample-accurate precision, using the built-in Time Code Ruler and support for one or up to 64 video tracks. Clean up production sound, and create sound effects and elements that define (or defy) reality. Record voiceovers, Foley, and ADR with perfect-frame accuracy. Easily execute and play back edits nondestructively using single-key edit commands.

Mix stereo and surround
Easily create larger-than-life mixes that move across the stereo field using advanced automation and variable stereo pan depths.

Integrate directly into the Avid video workflow
Speed up workflow efficiency and eliminate the need for rendering effects, transcoding video, or copying Avid video files for audio post. With the Video Satellite option, you can instantly open and play Avid HD or SD video sequences in sync with your Pro Tools session (Pro Tools HD only). And because all video playback is offloaded onto a separate but synced computer, you maintain full Pro Tools audio track counts and processing power.


Digi 003 Rack+ Factory
    Hardware Features:
    • Professional sound quality, including world-class converters and up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution
    • Record the whole band: includes 18 simultaneous channels of I/O
    • 8 professional mic preamps built in, featuring
    • High-quality analog high-pass filters switchable on every channel
    • Easily accessible trim controls on the front panel
    • Phantom power and switchable 20dB pads on every channel
    • 8 DI/line inputs, including 1 DI on the front panel for quick and easy plug-and-play recording
    • 8 channels of ADAT optical I/O
    • 2 channels of S/PDIF digital I/O
    • 1 MIDI I/O (16 channels in/16 channels out)
    • BNC Word Clock I/O
    • Dedicated studio monitor output, plus alternate control room output controllable via easily accessible front-panel switch
    • Alternate Source input for external device monitoring
    • Dual discrete headphone outputs with easily accessible, individually controllable volume levels on the front panel
    • Streamlined, 2U rackmountable chassis
    Software Features:
    • Award-winning, industry-standard Pro Tools LE software included
    • Includes dozens of professional effects and virtual instrument plug-ins
    • Powerful, fully integrated MIDI sequencing
    • Support for streaming ReWire applications into Pro Tools
    • Includes tools for easily manipulating timing of audio and MIDI grooves, including Elastic Time and Beat Detective
    • Huge selection of compatible third-party plug-ins and software options
    • Powerful software options allow you to expand the capabilities of Pro Tools LE software as your needs grow
    New Features in Pro Tools 9.0
    • Pro Tools 9.0 provides a single, unified installer for Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD
    • New Pro Tools 9.0 PACE copy protection with iLok USB key (iLok key required to work, sold separately)
    Pro Tools Audio Engine
    • Support for Core Audio hardware (including Mac built-in audio) with supported Core Audio drivers installed
    • Support for ASIO hardware with supported ASIO drivers installed
    • New Pro Tools Playback Engine settings:
    • Current Engine setting for selecting which audio engine to use
    • Pro Tools Aggregate I/O option for using
    • the built in audio on Mac
    • Delay Compensation settings for all versions of Pro Tools
    • New Pro Tools Hardware settings:
    • Ability to select Core Audio and ASIO interfaces
    • Launch Setup Application command for Core Audio and ASIO audio interfaces
    Mixing and Recording
    • Increased number of audio and MIDI tracks
    • Increased number of internal mix busses
    • New Track and Send Output selector commands for faster, simplified signal routing and mixer configuration Multiple Stereo Pan Depth options
    • 7.1 and 7.0 standard HD surround formats (Pro Tools HD and Pro Tools with Complete Production Toolkit 2 only)
    • Support for EUCON for controlling Pro Tools with EUCON-aware control surfaces
    Import and Export Options for All Pro Tools Systems
    • Advanced Import Session Data (formerly Pro Tools HD only, or Pro Tools LE with DV Toolkit 2 or Complete Production Toolkit only)
    • Import AAF and OMF sequences (formerly with the DigiTranslator 2.0 option only)
    • New AAF import features and enhancements:
    • Ability to import stereo AAF audio tracks
    • Ability to import RTAS plug-in data from AAF sequences
    • New Locators To Import setting for importing locators from Media Composer“generated AAF sequences
    • Export AAF and OMF sequences (formerly with the DigiTranslator 2.0 option only)
    • Avid Interplay Support with Mac
    • Ability to check data into and out of Avid Interplay directly with the Interplay Access browser
    • Export MP3 (formerly with the MP3 Export option only)
    • Export Session as Text (formerly Pro Tools HD only)
    I/O Setup Improvements
    • Session and System settings
    • Output and internal mix busses
    • Ability to Import I/O Settings by page
    • Overlapping Paths
    • Improved session interchange
    Advanced DigiBase Features
    • Advanced search features
    • DigiBase Catalogs
    Editing Features
    • Auto-Scrolling tracks in the Mix and Edit windows
    • Advanced Beat Detective features:
    • Separate multiple tracks
    • Collection mode
    Delay Compensation
    • Delay Compensation option
    • Delay Compensation Engine
    • Delay Compensation view
    • Low Latency Monitoring During Recording
    • Delay Compensation on Auxiliary Input tracks
    • Delay Compensation for MIDI
    • H/W Insert Delay (Compensation)
    Time Code and Synchronization Features
    • Timebase Rulers:
    • Time Code Ruler
    • Secondary Time Code Ruler
    • Feet+Frames
    • Ability to set Time Code and Feet+Frame rates
    • Ability to redefine Time Code Position
    • Ability to redefine Current Feet+Frames Position
    • Use Subframes option for Go To command
    • Pull Up and Pull Down commands:
    • Audio Rate Pull Up/Down
    • Video Rate Pull Up/Down
    PRE Support
    • Mic Pre Peripherals
    • Mic Pre I/O Setup
    • Mic PRE view
    • Mic Preamp window
    Plug-in and Software Options
    • Complete Production Toolkit 2
    Supported Tracks
    • 96 voices (simultaneous audio playback)
    • 32 audio record (simultaneous)
    • 64 instruments
    • 512 MIDI
    • 160 Aux tracks
    • 256 Busses
    • 1 Video
    Audio Production
    • Automatic Delay Compensation (ADC)
    • Beat Detective (multitrack)
    • AAF/OMF/MXF file interchange
    • Core Audio/ASIO support (up to 32 channels)
    • MP3 export
    • Plug-in support: RTAS/AudioSuite
    • Destructive Record
    • QuickPunch
    Audio Post
    • Time Code Ruler
    • Variable stereo pan depths
    • Surround mixing (stereo only)
    Virtual Instruments and audio content
    • Big Fish Audio 8GB sound library
    • Boom drum machine and sequencer
    • DB-33 tonewheel organ emulator with rotating speaker simulation
    • Mini Grand acoustic grand piano
    • Vacuum monophonic vacuum tube synthesizer
    • Xpand!2 multitimbral synth and sample workstation
    Sound-processing, effects, and utility plug-ins
    • 1-Band EQ III
    • 4-Band EQ III
    • 7-Band EQ III
    • AIR Chorus
    • AIR Distortion
    • AIR Dynamic Delay
    • AIR Enhancer
    • AIR Ensemble
    • AIR Filter Gate
    • AIR Flanger
    • AIR Frequency Shifter
    • AIR FuzzWah
    • AIR KillEQ
    • AIR Lo-Fi
    • AIR MultiChorus
    • AIR Multi-Delay
    • AIR Nonlinear Reverb
    • AIR Phaser
    • AIR Reverb
    • AIR Spring Reverb
    • AIR StereoWidth
    • AIR Talkbox
    • AIR Vintage Filter
    • BF76 Compressor 1176 emulator
    • BF Essential Clip Remover
    • BF Essential Correlation Meter phase fixer
    • BF Essential Meter Bridge VU metering
    • BF Essential Noise Meter
    • Chorus
    • Click
    • Compressor/Limiter
    • D-Verb reverb and ambience
    • DC Offset Removal
    • De-Esser
    • Delay
    • DigiReWire
    • Dither
    • Duplicate
    • Eleven Free (guitar amp emulator based on Eleven)
    • Expander/Gate
    • Extra Long Delay II
    • Flanger
    • Gain
    • Invert
    • Lo-Fi retro processing
    • Long Delay II
    • Maxim sound maximizer
    • Medium Delay II
    • Multi-Tap Delay
    • Normalize
    • Ping-Pong Delay
    • Pitch
    • Pitch Shift
    • POWr Dither
    • Recti-Fi harmonic synthesis
    • Reverse
    • SansAmp tube amp simulator
    • Sci-Fi ring modulator
    • Signal Generator
    • Short Delay II
    • Slap Delay II
    • Time Compression Expansion
    • Time Shift time/pitch stretching
    • TL AutoPan panning effects
    • TL InTune digital tuner
    • TL MasterMeter oversampling meter
    • TL Metro versatile metronome
    • Trim
    • Vari-Fi speed shifter
    Hardware Interface Support
      Pro Tools Mbox
      • Mbox (3rd gen.) / Mbox 2
      • Mbox Mini (3rd gen.) / Mbox 2 Mini
      • Mbox Pro (3rd gen.) / Mbox 2 Pro
      003/Digi 002
      • 003 / Digi 002
      • 003
      • 003 Rack
      • 003 Rack+
      • Digi 002
      • Digi 002 Rack
      • Eleven Rack
      • Any 3rd-party Core Audio- or ASIO-compatible interface
      Console and Control Surface Support
      • C|24
      • Command|8
      • EUCON-enabled MC Mix
      • ICON D-Control ES
      • Any 3rd-party analog or digital surface that supports the HUI protocol
      Digi 003 Rack+ Factory
        Line Outputs (1-8)
        • Connector: 8 impedance balanced 1/4" jacks
        • Frequency response: ±0.5dB, 20Hz-20kHz
        • Dynamic Range: 110dB/113dB A-weighted
        • THD + N: 0.0007% (-103dB)
        • Output Sensitivity: +18dBu
        Line Inputs
        • Connector: 4 balanced 1/4" jacks
        • Frequency response: ±0.1dB, 20Hz-20kHz
        • Dynamic Range: 111dB/113dB A-weighted
        • THD + N: 0.0007% (-103dB)
        • Input Sensitivity: +17.38dBu
        • Input Impedance: 22K Ohm
        • Gain Range: 0 ” +50dB
        Monitor Outputs (Main & Alt)
        • Connector: 2 impedance balanced 1/4" jacks
        • Frequency response: ±0.5dB, 20Hz-20kHz
        • Dynamic Range: 110dB/112dB A-weighted
        • THD + N: 0.0008% (-102dB)
        • Output Sensitivity: +18dBu
        DI Inputs
        • Connector: 4 balanced 1/4" jacks
        • Frequency response: ±0.1dB, 20Hz-20kHz
        • Dynamic Range: 104dB/106dB A-weighted
        • THD + N: 0.0008% (-102dB)-Balanced input
        • Input Sensitivity: +17.16dBu
        • Input Impedance: >300K Ohm
        • Gain Range: 0 ” +50dB
        Headphone Outputs
        • Connector: 2 unbalanced 1/4" jacks
        • Frequency response: ±0.5dB, 20Hz-20kHz
        • THD + N: 0.0009% (-101dB)
        • Dynamic Range: 110dB/112dB A-weighted
        • Output Sensitivity: +23dBu
        Aux Inputs
        • Connector: 2 balanced 1/4" jacks
        • Frequency response: ±0.1dB, 20Hz-20kHz
        • Dynamic Range: 111dB/113dB A-weighted
        • THD + N: 0.00055% (-105dB)
        • Input Sensitivity: +17.16dBu
        • Input Impedance: 10KÎ
        Digital Specifications
        • Supported Sample Rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96kHz
        • Maximum Word Length: 24-bit
        • S/PDIF: 2-channel optical or RCA jack pair
        • Digital Optical: TOSLINK (ADAT, max 48kHz sample rate)
        • Word Clock: 2 BNC jacks
        • Host Connection: 2 IEEE-1394a (FireWire) ports (6-pin-to-6-pin FireWire cable included)
        • MIDI: 5-pin MIDI DIN connectors-one input, 2 outputs
        • Height: 2U rack (3.5"/8.89cm)
        • Width: 19"/48.26cm
        • Depth: 13.5"/34.29cm (including all knobs/connectors)
        • Weight: 11.22 lb./5.09kg
        • Power Requirements: 100-240V, 50-60Hz A/C (power cable included)
        • Max Power Consumption: 1A/110 watts @ 110 volts
        Pro Tools 9 System Requirements
          Mac Systems
          • Computer: Avid-qualified Apple computer
          • System Software: Snow Leopard: Mac OS X 10.6.2, 10.6.3, or 10.6.4 (32 or 64-bit)*
          • Total System RAM: 2GB minimum, 4GB or more recommended
          • *Pro Tools 9 has not been qualified with Mac OS X 10.6.5 (released November 10, 2010)
          Windows Systems
          • Computer: Avid-qualified Windows-based computer
          • System Software: Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate (32 or 64-bit)
          • Total System RAM: 2GB minimum, 4GB or more recommended
          Additional Requirements
          • Avid Audio Interfaces and Peripherals
          • Audio Drive Requirements: One or More Hard Disk Drives Dedicated for Audio Record and Playback
          • System Hard Drive: Minimum 15GB free space on startup drive required for Pro Tools installation
          • Graphics Card: Dedicated Graphics Card highly recommended
          • Video Peripherals
          • Third Party Audio Interfaces
          Pro Coverage
          90 day warranty on M-Box. One year parts and labor warranty on all other products.

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          best package deal

          By bryson kyles

          from fortwayne indiana

          Its the best one you can get for ProTools.. It's a really good choice. I'm glad that I got this one

          (1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


          The best for the money

          By Brian

          from MEDFORD, OR

          I've used protools for years. I started out with an Mbox and then went with a rack of triple 888's with the cards in my mac. The Digi003 although uses protools LE and not HD sounds great! the best part is that you are able to take the tracks you record on LE and import them into an HD system (say at a pro studio) This not only can save you a lot of money in the pro studio but also makes recording your project a lot of fun. I highly reccommend the Digi003. It is a high quality unit.

          (1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


          Purchase-Install-Clearing the Tower to a new dimension.

          By Bill

          from Oakdale,CT.

          Let us take a stroll into recording, Now let Us take Command of the Reality of CREATING PROCESS OF ALL THINGS SOUND,and if you practice using the us part of sound before you know where the time went ,you will be a member of those whom share in these practices' , Pro Tools has a vast array of helping hands across the spectrum, from small to as large as one wants' to be, sound alone, sound with video, and critical creations of on the spot in the moment sound. What you may never have thought of might be a find for a life time. Create ON,

          (1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


          LEARN to go the Correct Way.

          By Bill Varney

          from Oakdale

          When I first began the process of music creation I went to Apple. I wanted to create and engineer my sound, my way. In the process of going to class and learning from those whom were up to speed on Apple systems , it was apparent to me to seek out pro tools. THE PRO TOOLS SOUND SYSTEMS IS THE MOST UNIVERSAL SOFTWARE-USED IN RADIO, TELEVISION , CINEMA AND GAMING. The opportunity to purchase a system at an affordable price, to then record yourself in a manner consistent with a big studio sound=Priceless!!


          5 Star Recording Experience

          By Zach

          from Geneseo, Illinois

          I'm so pleased by this setup, it has every component to start and finish any product.


          Amazing Digital Interface

          By Eries Cornelius

          from Orlando, FL

          The Digi 003 has very low latency recording, 8 analog inputs, and separate headphone and monitor mixes. This is a great piece of equipment for a home studio. If you want a great piece of equipment, that provides lots of flexibility, then this is the interface you want.



          By larry

          from harrisburg,pa

          the Digi 003 Rack is one of the best racks you can ever have. even though its a little expensive its worth the money and it has very low latency and crystal clear recording


          Best Midbudget Interface There is

          By Brian Pounds

          from Austin, TX

          I recorded my debut album using this thing and it was fantastic. All of the inputs are high quality and pro tools is of course amazing to use.

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