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Digi 003 Factory Pro Tools LE Workstation

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With an extensive range of audio and MIDI I/O, high-definition audio resolution, the creativity and speed of industry-standard Pro Tools software, high-speed FireWire connectivity, and a big, comprehe... Read More

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With an extensive range of audio and MIDI I/O, high-definition audio resolution, the creativity and speed of industry-standard Pro Tools software, high-speed FireWire connectivity, and a big, comprehensive bundle of powerful software included for free, the Digidesign 003 Factory empowers you to achieve the same professional audio results as commercial facilities in your own personal studio. And Pro Tools LE provides everything you need (and then some) to compose, record, edit, mix, and master audio for music and desktop post production projects—with truly professional results.

Take Control of Your Mixes
When your projects call for detailed precision work, 003 (the hardware component of the 003 Factory package) gives you powerful hands-on control of your Pro Tools sessions through its integrated control surface. Plus, its portable size gives you the freedom to take a professional Pro Tools system anywhere your creative skills are needed—or inspired.

The Hub of Your Personal Studio
003 offers an extensive array of analog and digital audio and MIDI I/O, making it the ideal hub of any home or project studio, or a powerful complement to an existing setup. You can connect just about any instrument and device found in your studio to 003. Plug in your guitar or bass for direct recording, connect line-level instruments such as synths or samplers, or capture sound from any source though a connected microphone—the interface's premium mic preamps deliver the utmost sound clarity. And with its studio-grade 24-bit/96kHz audio resolution, you can expect stunning, high-definition sound every time.

In addition, 003 provides the I/O you need to connect your MIDI gear, optical devices (such as ADAT), and S/PDIF digital equipment, and also features BNC Word Clock I/O to sync 003 to other external devices in your studio. It can also function in standalone MIDI mode, allowing you to integrate it into your MIDI setup sans computer. Plus, its FireWire connectivity ensures high-speed data transfers between 003 and your Windows- or Mac-based computer system—just plug 003 in and it's ready to go.

Mix with Your Hands—Not the Mouse
With its touch-sensitive, motorized faders and motion-sensitive encoders, knobs, and switches, 003 gives you direct hands-on access to the power of Pro Tools, enabling you to control multiple aspects of your mix with much more speed and accuracy than mixing with a mouse alone. Ride a bank of faders to mix track volumes collectively, move instruments across the stereo field simultaneously, or mute multiple tracks all at once without having to point and click variables within the Pro Tools software interface one at a time.

With the 003 Factory, you can easily control recording and playback, mute or solo tracks, grab control of track volumes, pan tracks, assign sends, insert plug-ins and tweak parameters, assign and write mix automation, scrub video, and more right from the control surface—every move you make on 003 directly affects the parameters within your Pro Tools session and vice-versa. And since 003 allows you to control your mix with your hands instead of relying on your computer screen, you can close your eyes and concentrate on using your most significant music mixing tool—your ears.

003 also provides essential visual feedback through its LCD display and plethora of LED indicators on the control surface so you can see how and what you're affecting in your session. Keep an eye on your audio levels on the control surface instead of looking away at a screen as you adjust volume or gain thanks to a bank of 5-segment LEDs that function as volume/gain meters. The same LEDs also double as automation status indicators, letting you know—>at a glance—which write mode is enabled on each track when you're automating mixes.

Listen with Options
The Digidesign 003 Factory features multiple options for monitoring your sessions as well as other external devices. Dedicated stereo studio monitor outputs allow you to always have reference monitors connected without sacrificing audio outputs, while a stereo pair of alternate control room outputs let you hook up a second set of speakers to allow easy switching between 2 studio monitor sources. 2 headphone outputs, each with its own level control, enable you to run 2 discrete monitor headphone mixes separately from your main mix. And an alternate source input allows you to monitor signals from a connected external device.

Fuel Your Creativity with Pro Tools
003 Factory comes with award-winning Pro Tools LE software, which offers the ultimate in recording, editing, and mixing power and flexibility. It also provides many of the same professional Pro Tools features that commercial studios rely on to produce chart-topping albums and sound for major motion pictures.

You can perform just about every facet of music and audio production with Pro Tools LE. Compose music and loops quickly and easily. Generate sounds and ideas through virtual instrument performances. Sequence MIDI tracks to perfection with impeccable timing. Edit MIDI and audio waveforms nondestructively with complete precision. Punch in and out of parts effortlessly to fix recorded passages. Take advantage of the most powerful automation in the industry to add motion to your music. Create high-quality mixes with access to a wide range of professional effects and signal processing plug-ins. Even work with HD video projects right in Pro Tools LE for audio post production.

Not only does Pro Tools LE software offer an unparalleled breadth of creative options to help you develop ideas and bring them to fruition, it offers plenty of speed-enhancing and customizing features that enable you to work the way you want with the utmost efficiency. Make multiple changes to your mix configuration on the fly without having to stop and restart playback. Drag and drop plug-in settings for instant plug-in opening and settings recall. Set memory locations to instantly go to any point in your session. Save your favorite window views to always have the right tools ready for the task at hand. And grab track boundaries to resize tracks at your whim.

Plus, when you work with Pro Tools software, you're working with the industry standard for professional audio production. That means you can enjoy full session compatibility with every Pro Tools—equipped professional and personal studio around the world. Exchange entire sessions, individual session elements, or stereo mixes for easy collaboration with your friends, colleagues, and clients.

Product Availability: Pro Tools 8.0.4
Free downloadable update offers Windows support (LE and M-Powered); improvements for all Pro Tools systems. Avid is pleased to announce the availability of Pro Tools 8.0.4, a free upgrade for all registered Pro Tools users. This latest update offers many performance enhancements and fixes, plus adds Windows 7 support for Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered systems.

Everything You Need—Now
The 003 family comes with Digidesign's biggest, most powerful and comprehensive software bundle yet, providing everything you need to create music, perform a composition, record audio, sequence MIDI, edit sounds, fix problems, mix tracks, enhance audio, master projects, and promote your creations. To help you get started, all 003 family members come with the indispensable Pro Tools Method One instructional DVD, a valuable training resource that teaches you Pro Tools system essentials—from setting up sessions and recording audio to editing MIDI, working with loops and plug-ins, automating mixes, and more.

Features 003 Integrated Control Surface
  • 8 touch-sensitive motorized faders
  • 8 motion-sensitive rotary encoders for pan/send/meter/plug-in control
  • Dedicated mute, solo, and select/record arm switches per channel
  • 6-character, 2-line LCD display per channel displays track name; pan, send, fader, and plug-in values; and timeline position
  • 5-segment LED display for viewing metering and automation mode status
  • Easily assign inserts and sends from the control surface
  • Dedicated automation controls and LEDs
  • Dedicated transport control
  • Standalone MIDI Mode functionality
  • Jog/Shuttle wheel
  • Includes iLok USB plug-in authorization key
  • High-speed FireWire connectivity
  • 18 simultaneous channels of audio I/O
  • 24-bit/96 kHz resolution
  • 8 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs
  • 4 professional mic preamps with individual gain and high-pass filter; 48V phantom power enabled on channel pairs
  • 8 channels of ADAT optical I/O or 2 channels of S/PDIF optical I/O
  • 2 channels of S/PDIF digital I/O
  • 1 MIDI input, 2 MIDI outputs (16 channels in/32 channels out)
  • BNC Word Clock I/O
  • Dedicated studio monitor output, plus alternate control room output
  • Alternate Source input for external device monitoring
  • Dual headphone outputs with individual source and level controls
Pro Tools LE Software
  • Award-winning, industry-standard Pro Tools LE software for composing, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering
  • 32 simultaneous audio tracks (128 virtual audio tracks), expandable to 48 tracks*
  • Fully integrated MIDI sequencing with 256 simultaneous MIDI tracks
  • Support for streaming ReWire applications
  • Beat Detective™ LE automatic groove analysis and correction tool
  • Supports Digidesign Command|8 and Control|24 control surfaces
  • Huge selection of compatible 3rd-party plug-ins and software options
  • * Pro Tools LE software supports 32 mono (16 stereo) audio tracks, expandable to 48 mono or stereo audio tracks with optional Music Production Toolkit or DV Toolkit™ 2.
  • Included Plug-ins, Applications, and Tools:
003 Factory Plug-in Bundle
  • Bomb Factory BF-2A
  • Bomb Factory BF-3A
  • Fairchild 660 and 670
  • Purple Audio MC77
  • Cosmonaut Voice
  • Joemeek SC2 Photo Optical Compressor
  • Joemeek VC5 Meequalizer
  • Moogerfooger 12-Stage Phaser
  • Moogerfooger Analog Delay
  • Moogerfooger Lowpass Filter
  • Moogerfooger Ring Modulator
  • SoundReplacer
  • TL EveryPhase
  • Tel-Ray Variable Delay
  • Voce Chorus/Vibrato
  • Voce Spin
  • The Factory bundle listed here is the most current bundle; your bundle may include a different assortment of plug-ins depending on when your Pro Tools LE Factory bundle system was purchased.
Virtual Instruments
  • Boom drum machine and sequencer
  • DB-33 tonewheel organ emulator with rotating speaker simulation
  • Mini Grand acoustic grand piano
  • Vacuum monophonic vacuum tube synthesizer
  • Xpand!2 multitimbral synth and sample workstation
  • Structure Free sample player
  • FXpansion BFD Lite acoustic drum module
Effects, Sound-Processing, Utility Plug-ins
  • 1-Band EQ III
  • 4-Band EQ III
  • 7-Band EQ III
  • AIR Chorus
  • AIR Distortion
  • AIR Dynamic Delay
  • AIR Enhancer
  • AIR Ensemble
  • AIR Filter Gate
  • AIR Flanger
  • AIR Frequency Shifter
  • AIR FuzzWah
  • AIR KillEQ
  • AIR Lo-Fi
  • AIR MultiChorus
  • AIR Multi-Delay
  • AIR Nonlinear Reverb
  • AIR Phaser
  • AIR Reverb
  • AIR Spring Reverb
  • AIR StereoWidth
  • AIR Talkbox
  • AIR Vintage Filter
  • BF76 Compressor
  • BF Essential Clip Remover
  • BF Essential Correlation Meter
  • BF Essential Meter Bridge
  • BF Essential Noise Meter
  • Celemony Melodyne Essential
  • Chorus
  • Click
  • Compressor/Limiter
  • D-Verb
  • DC Offset Removal
  • De-Esser
  • Delay
  • DigiReWire
  • Dither
  • Duplicate
  • Eleven Free
  • Expander/Gate
  • Extra Long Delay II
  • Flanger
  • Gain
  • Invert
  • Lo-Fi
  • Long Delay II
  • Maxim
  • Medium Delay II
  • Multi-Tap Delay
  • Normalize
  • Ping-Pong Delay
  • Pitch
  • Pitch Shift
  • POWr Dither
  • Recti-Fi
  • Reverse
  • SansAmp
  • Sci-Fi
  • Signal Generator
  • Short Delay II
  • Slap Delay II
  • Time Compression Expansion
  • Time Shift
  • TL AutoPan
  • TL InTune
  • TL MasterMeter
  • TL Metro
  • Trim
  • PC requirements: Intel Pentium 4, Centrino, Core Duo, or AMD Athlon XP and 64-class processors and chips; Windows XP Home or Professional, Service Pack 2 (Vista not supported); 768MB RAM; Open USB port (USB hubs not supported); DVD-ROM drive
  • Mac requirements: G4 processor (933MHz or higher), G5 processor, or Intel-based Macs; Mac OS X version 10.4; 768MB RAM; Open USB port (USB hubs not supported); DVD-ROM drive
  • Note:
  • Pro Tools 7.4.2 is now compatible with Leopard 10.5.3.—Version 7.4.2 is available for free download at digidesign.com
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Most Liked Positive Review


The 003 Factory is great

I am new to protools and purchased my 003 from Guitarcenter in April. The learning curve was longer than I expected but the ability to have so much control over your recordings in great....Read complete review

I am new to protools and purchased my 003 from Guitarcenter in April. The learning curve was longer than I expected but the ability to have so much control over your recordings in great. Also I can now take my session from home straight to the big studios with no hassle. Ton's of software or plugins included make it worth the money alone. Digidesign suppotr has been great (Althought I wish they were open later hours). Over all I am very pleased with m investment. To the previous reviewer that complained about the high feedback at low volume it was probably just a case of the preamp being boosted r turned up to high. That has never been a problem for me. Go out and get yourself a 003 so you can play with the big boys.


Most Liked Negative Review


Good option for beginners

The digidesign 003 is a good option for beginners. The mic pres are not of "pro" quality neither are the A/D and D/A's on this system, and they...Read complete review

The digidesign 003 is a good option for beginners. The mic pres are not of "pro" quality neither are the A/D and D/A's on this system, and they are not ment to either. Digidesign made the 00 series for homestudios or for people who want to do some work at home before bringing it in to a studio where the "real" protools system is. The factory bundle is not too bad though. Just get the 002/002r and save your money, unless, you really need the worldclock

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Definitely the way to go!

By Marcus

from Iowa

I'm a 17 year old recording artist and have always been interested in the engineering side of music as well! I was fortunate enough to have my own pro-tools home studio! Although I've never owned this piece of equipment, I use it regularly at one of my labels main recording studios! It has a great feel to it and everything you need right on it! Get a perfect level on tracks without worrying about using your computer mouse and having it jump back and forth over the level you want! Yesterday, I learned that it has a session save button on it which is really cool! Just hit it and don't have to worry about losing anything if the session should happen to crash! I recommend this to anyone, even a begginer if you can afford it! If not, get out and get a job and get one of these things! Simple and fun to use!

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Great Piece Of Equipment.

By Freddie Manulee

from Mobile, AL

This is a very unique equipment in different ways. It takes your hands from the mouse and put them to work, without having a million dollar mixer in front of you. Its a affordable price, and worth every dime.

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from Plantaion Fl

Overall the features are cool and all the Plug-Ins are great for Pro Tools 8 by far the best version of Pro Tools yet but this unit is farly over priced for the luxury or a control surface. The Mic Pres are not much better than the MBOX Pro and the AD to DA conversion is not much better. The 8 channels are cool but overall there are countless units out there with 8 analog ins that are way better than the 003 for about half the price!!!

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What are you buying it for?

By Chris Conforti

from Las Vegas, NV

Pretty much, the only reason i decided to add my review was because there is a great point missing. To the people who were knocking this my only question is why would you buy this if you are most concerned with the pre amp section. This device is mainly a control surface to improve mixing (mainly becuase of the motorized faders). The fact that it has inputs, a pre amp, multiple outputs, etc..are all just bonuses. If you want an afordable, at least in ProTools terms, control surface which will improve your mixing and simplify automation, and has a few bonus features than this is a great buy. I mean really, i dont know any high end studios that dont have outboard, top notch mic preamps and choose to use the ones on any of the digidesign boards (even the higher end digidesign consoles). Considering that, your really just purchasing a control surface for ProTools that doesnt bankrupt you. Enters Digi 003. And its definately better than the 002, i mean really. Anyone who says otherwise has just had some bad personal experience or something cause ive heard many 002s and 003s and clearly can tell that the 003 is as good if not better in every case. Overall i would just say that if you think you need this product you wont be disappointed, and if you dont need it than you probably are versed enough in this field to not need advice from me or any review to make a decision.

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The real deal!

By Nova

from New york, NY

I currently have an 002r in my home studio and plan to get an 003 factory soon. I've worked a lot on both the 002 and 003 consoles. In comparison, the 003 is much nicer than the 002. Sound wise, I can't tell the difference unless maybe you playback a project thru each one side by side to compare them but who's ever going to do that? The 003 factory is great at what it is supposed to do... expand the 003 product line to give tactile control of pro tools at an affordable price. Honestly, I would suggest getting the rack units unless you plan to mix several tracks live mixing and/or mix on the fly with a lot of automation. I think there are a lot of audio snobs out there who would tell you to buy tons of expensive stuff, which is all well and good, but in reality you can get great sound with the 002/003's. Sure you can record on an HD system in a million dollar studio and all but it doesn't matter if the end result is poo poo...No record exec or radio station is EVER going to ask you what you recorded a track on... either it sounds good or it doesn't! The main advantage to the HD system is that you can have much more active tracks and you can record at a higher sample rate. I've been in pro studios who the 002r for their ad/da and use better mic pre like maybe an avalon. It seems to me like some of the reviewers on here are trying to compare an entry level prosumer (I wouldn't call it beginner, Mbox's are for beginners) product to the most high end gear available<<<sure there's no comparison because the products aren't even in the same league!

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Professional Recording

By Nashville Producer

from Nashville, TN

Like many folks, I've been using more expensive Pro Tools HD systems in Nashville for several years with excellent results. Now that personal computers are so fast, and have so much RAM at a reasonable price, newer Pro Tools LE systems, like the Digi 003 factory, have the quality and capabilities needed for making master recordings.

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Excellent Product

By a.r.t

from cleve.u.s.

This is the most comfortable way to record(pre-master),and mix.Just cut a great sounding gospel album with this product. It's no complicated programs, easy references! Its an exciting product,keep doing your thing thing DigiDesign!

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By Ben

from Nashville, Tn

maybe for someone looking to learn protools as a program, but the pre's and conversion sound worse the the original 002's did. the addition of the word clock is cool but, can guarantee a cheap clock with problems as most mid level clocks cost as much as this whole pkg. save your money, get a mbox, learn the program, and go somewhere with an hd system and outboard pre's to record. at a grand it's not worth it, 2 is ridiculous!

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(18 of 32 customers found this review helpful)


Good option for beginners

By John

from New York City

The digidesign 003 is a good option for beginners. The mic pres are not of "pro" quality neither are the A/D and D/A's on this system, and they are not ment to either. Digidesign made the 00 series for homestudios or for people who want to do some work at home before bringing it in to a studio where the "real" protools system is. The factory bundle is not too bad though. Just get the 002/002r and save your money, unless, you really need the worldclock

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(4 of 11 customers found this review helpful)


Enjoying my 003

By FirstCT003

from Wallingford, CT

I got the 003 as a birthday gift and have enjoyed every minute of it. This was my first time using protools and it has lived up to its expectations. Love the interface and being able to move buttons manually.

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