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Digitech GNX4 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

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The Digitech GNX4 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal features a built-in MIDI drum machine that rivals standalone units and includes a vast library of high-quality kits and patterns. It also lets you use your... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Digitech GNX4 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal features a built-in MIDI drum machine that rivals standalone units and includes a vast library of high-quality kits and patterns. It also lets you use your own MIDI files, and the GNX4 pedal can also playback MP3s, download lessons from guitar magazines, and has 8-track digital recording that can be operated with foot controls. It records to a CompactFlash card (not included) for later transfer to computer via a USB connection.

Pro Tracks Plus software for PC or Bias Deck 3.5SE software for Mac are included. These allow you to stream 4 channels of 24-bit audio to the computer while simultaneously listening to 2 channels of playback with zero latency. For the finishing touch, process your work through world-class Lexicon reverbs courtesy of the Pantheon reverb plug-in. With 35 factory presets, 6 reverb types, and a simple yet powerful user interface, Pantheon is an indispensable tool for your recording work.


15 guitar amp models 
10 bass amp models
Distortion stompbox modeling
Hypermodel creation for unlimited tones
11 simultaneous effects
Built-in 8-track digital recorder
6 channels of audio streaming
Mic preamp with 48V phantom power for recording vocals
Stereo line inputs
JamMan Delay Looper with 8 levels of undo
Built-in MIDI drum machine with multiple patterns and kits, plus MIDI file compatibility
CompactFlash memory
80 user, 80 factory presets
24-bit A/D conversion
Included software: Pro Tracks Plus, Lexicon Pantheon Reverb Plug-in
Cakewalk Pyro Express CD burning, BIAS Deck 3.5 SE Mac recording software, and X-Edit Editor/Librarian software
1/4" unbalanced Guitar In
XLR balanced with phantom power mic input
2 - 1/4" balanced TRS line inputs
1/4" stereo TRS footswitch
2 - 1/4" balanced line outputs
2 XLR balanced line outputs
1/4" stereo TRS headphone output
MIDI In/Out/Thru
USB port
Pro Coverage
One year warranty. 6 year extended warranty for X series if registered by customer.

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(32 of 34 customers found this review helpful)


GNX4 - Whole lotta machine

By Jas

from Chicago

I found myself out of actively playing guitar, or doing anything music wise for a good 8 years. Recently I decided to get back into it, and to ?relearn? to play guitar. I purchased a Les Paul, and quickly found, playing guitar is not like riding a bike, you do forget. I was searching for a means to both supply my desire for a powerful multi effects system, and something that would actually help me ?relearn? quicker. Enter the GNX4. I demo?d many multi effects systems at the local Guitar Center, but the GNX4 was the only system that presented me with everything I was looking for in one package. Outstanding effects, tons of models, bundled recording software, a drum machine, and a large online community to draw from. The GNX4 is solidly built. And they layout is well designed. New users may find them selves having to bend down to adjust the drum patterns until they get used to switching through the modes and setting using the foot pedals. But this is a minor annoyance. The unit itself is not overly ?clunky? and a new user (even one with no experience using a multi effects system) will find it?s very easy to navigate through the presets, and switch to the ?stompbox? mode for greater control of the effects of a particular preset/model. The X-Edit software makes building your own presets extremely easy, if you can use a mouse, you can build a preset The 80 factory presets offer a wide range of sounds and styles, and will be more than adequate for most players. The unit has room for 80 User presets, and with a Flash card, a virtually unlimited library. Like many modern Multi effects systems, the unit sounds best either through a PA or similar speaker arrangement, or through the effects return of your amp. For amps without an effects return, the user may have to ?tweak? the setting on their amp?s clean channel to get the appropriate sound. The drum machine is pretty robust. As a practicing tool, it is a godsend. You can quickly cycle through to a pattern that fits a tempo and style you like, and select a kit for the desired sound. For power users, you can edit your own MIDI patterns with the Pro Tracks software, and create your own patterns, and even full songs. There isn?t much the unit can?t do. The only thing I could think of that could make the GNX4 better as an effects system, would be to include a vocoder effects system for use with the Mic input. If you don?t have an Amp with an effects return, or a PA or a ?flat? speaker system, this unit may not be for you. You may need to upgrade your amp before considering this purchase (or any other multi effects system).

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By shredheadinstead

from Biddeford, ME

Just as the title stats. I've played through a lot of immatators, like Line 6 POD's, V-Amps, etc. They all suck majorly. Nothing compared to this baby. If you have the money, I highly reccommed this; it something that will stay with you forever, and will never let you down. The best product I think I've ever purchased as a muscian! 110 percent satisfied!!!

(19 of 22 customers found this review helpful)


More than meets the eye

By jhschurman

from Zeeland, MI

I've owned the GNX4 since it came out. I'm still learning new things. Its not a plug in you amp and just play kind of unit. It works great through a PA, studio monitors, and your amp if you tweek your presets to compensate for your amps colorization. I've been playing guitar for almost 30 years and wish I had this when I was first starting. The drum machine is superb, the recording quality is great! and it connects usb! to your computer. The onboard recorder is good if you have a big card, I just use if to form ideas for my recordings or to capture a new lick. The gnx4 does have quite a big learning curve for some. I frequently visit the digitech web site for the gnx4 and there are a bunch of great players and users of the gnx4 on the forum. All in all, once you use it you'll love it. It is better tweeking than the gnx3000. You won't be disappointed.

(17 of 19 customers found this review helpful)


awesome tool

By fullbodyton

from Topeka , KS

had mine for 6 months. excellent pedal with a huge assortment of tools. top notch build! for the tools- Midi MP3 and wav file recorder built in. have some backing tracks to jam with? no problem. you dont have to be hooked up to a pc either. I just use a compact flash card and add MP3's and Midi drums to the appropriate folder. Easy to do. Sounds are great but use the speaker compensators for better sound (I rtm)! add model packs from supermodels. I have Hard Rock models and love it. all kinds of amps there and sounds 20x better than stock. recording is easy. arm tracks and go. inputs for cd player or any other line device. 48v phantom power mic input with DBX comp. what more can you ask for? this is a powerful tool. comes with an easy to use editor and protrack software. simple form of sonar from cakewalk. I had sonar 5 and the GNX4 integrated without any hassle. I really like the part of not being tied to a pc like other modelers force you to do. sounds are adjustable and the effects are outstanding.

(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


The most awesome board

By Roadie dad

from Miami, Fl.

2 years ago I researched multi effects boards and decided hands down on the gnx4, I bought it for my son. He loves it, it is part of his sound; a PRS, fender tube and his gnx4. It does all the things they claim, it is awesome.. so I'm not going to sit here and rewrite all the great features. Just say that this board is still going strong after 2 years,(constant use) the power supply cord broke from years of winding it up and that was easy to replace. But it made me realize how valuable this is to him and if got lost or stolen he would be in trouble, so I bought another one. I'm not rich, if I were I would have bought 10. This board is going to be a part of his sound for a long time. I bought three extra things, the foot control, gig bag and the mfxsupermodels..

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Perfect in just about every way

By SamsDaddy

from CO

I have owned the GNX4 for 6 months now and use it every day. There is not a more versatile or valuable tool on the market for a guitar player. First of all, you have all of the amp/cabinet models. Purchasing all of these amps separately would cost THOUSANDS of dollars. I compared the Vox AC30 model to an actual VOX AC 30 that I was demoing and the tone is nearly identical. Secondly, there is just about every effect you need built right into this baby - tons of different overdrive pedals (TubeScreamer, etc.), chorus, flanger, phaser, and on and on. Third, you have the built-in 8 track recorder. Have an idea for a nice riff? Stomp the record pedal, lay it down, and you're done. It will automatically loop your recording as well (just like the JamMan looper). One feature that is not often mentioned about the GNX4 is all of the output/inputs offered. 1/4", XLR, USB to go to PC - this replaces your mixer! The previous reviewer got one thing wrong though. This thing is not a 6 - it rates 1000 on my scale based on what it would cost you to replicate everything the GNX4 does with individual components. Buy yourself a PA or other full-range stereo system to take full advantage of the amp modeling and stereo effects. You will NOT be disappointed with the GNX4. It is worth every penny. Go buy it now.

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Digitech GNX-4 review


from Pittsburgh, PA

This pedal was definitley a great upgrade from my RP-7. It comes packed with tons of great tones and FX. I really like that it has a built in recorder and USB connectivity. The only features that I dislike about the pedal is the TALKER effect. It really doesn't work that great. It gives off a lot of feedback. Also the distortion sounds are really "Chalky" sounding. I still use my RP-7 for distortion sounds but occasionally I will use the GNX-4's. I also am not happy that it didn't include the dual delay function that was Featured on the RP-7. All in all it is a great pedal for guitar players.

(1 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


high learning curve

By jp_1085

from New York, NY

The GNX4 as with its predecessors have a very high learning curve. The whole process was frustrating but I must admit that once you get the hang of things, it's an amazing pedal. I play with this pedal on a Line6 Spider II amp and it has never given me any problems. The number of effects that you get with factory settings (on top of all the sounds you can create/download) is enough to make this a great buy

(1 of 2 customers found this review helpful)



By Diana

from San Diego

this pedal is an upgrade from the GNX3 (an amazing pedal in it's own right!) i absolutely LOVE the GNX4. i would recommend this vital piece of equipment to any guitarist who is serious about maximizing the quality & versatility of their playing.


Great Pedal System

By KFK666

from Waconia, MN

This Pedal Board is great, I used at my buddies pro shop with a Dean-V Custom with EMG's and a Kustom Bass Amp and it sounds sweet, I played some Heavy Metal Style music through it and some solos with the expression pedal and it kicked butt. If you have extra money and want to spend it on a great pedal board, this is it.


DigiTech has done it again!

By Tosis Maguill

from Colorado Springs, Colorado

The DigiTech GNX3 was a great piece of work, but DigiTech brings it all to the table with the GNX4 workstation! If you're looking for a FULL spectrum of tones and unique sounds, you've found the right piece of equipment. This product offers an amazing drum machine and multiple unique effects and let me assure you, the quality doesn't lack. It also contains a built-in 8-track recorder so you can record your sessions and not forget a riff of it!


GNX4-Will Make You Better

By JackEpiStratMan

from Temecula, CA

Yes I said it. This system, will make you want to play constantly and you will improve rapidly as you uncover amazing tones (hundreds of them), scores of incredible amp/cab models and the tremendous flexibilty of hitting one button to immediately record your playing. Add to that, a terrific, out of the box drum machine and the powerful ProTracks software suite which allows you to intuitively build, customize and create your own tones, drum lines, bass lines, etc and you can become a well versed, self producing shredder. This system will allow you to become well versed in the future of music. Spend some time or just turn it on, pick a killer tone, select an effect or three and kick on the drum machine, close your eyes and rule the world.


The best there is

By littlemuslceman

from Palmdale,CA

I was search for pedals and i could not make up my mind, there was so much to choose from. Then I saw the gnx 4 at my local guitar center and asked about and it was like all the pedals I was thinking obout bying in one!! Man the tones on this baby, they Rock!! I've only had for one month but there is not any sound I can't make on the gnx 4. Wether you like Randy Rhoads or Santana this baby has it all. The distorion the clarity man it'll make you feel like a king. I suggest you buy right now or be left behind.


Perfect Pedal

By guitarist123

from Summerville, SC

This pedal not only gives you the amp models and tones you need, it gives you the ones you want, with the ability to record them. A great buy.


Only You

By SixString Slinger

from Texas

This one workstation has the features of hundreds of pedals, gadgets and gizmos. It is the total package. I have had it for about six months and I am still finding new features. That is the one thing about it, it can be a bit overwelming if you have not had a multi-effects pedal before. I just also purchased the power users guide, it helped alot. All in all a great buy and well worth the money.


GNX4 Guitar Workstation

By hwfitzjr

from Clayton NC

I own the GNX4 and I can tell you without reservations that it is the best piece of equipment I have ever owned. I have had my GNX4 for 4 weeks and have only found three things that I wish were different: 1. The CF card is hard to remove. 2. Getting from Factory setting to User setting to CF card settings takes a bit of time rotating the dial. 3. With only one exception, you cannot not record two input sources to two separate channels at the same time. You have to record one source as a mono and then record the second source as a mono while the first recorded source is playing. Of course, you can record two sources to two stereo channels at the same time. Once you get the hang of this, recording is breeze. It is these three items that caused me to rate the GNX4 a 4.5 overall. I own several other effects generators, drum machines and amplifiers and none come close to the features and sound quality of the GNX4 which also works with the Macintosh (software included). I also bought the GNXFC foot switch and The Power User?s Guide. I recommend these additions to make leaning and using the GNX4 easier. This workstation is loaded with every thing a guitar player could ever need or want. It takes time to learn and I had to call the factory twice for answers which they responded almost immediately. You cannot go wrong buying the GNX4 and I recommend buying it from the Guitar center as their service and support cannot be beat.



By dAtaZniNvAziN256

from Marlboro

It is a pretty good pedal, with a lot of effects including a good 50-70 presets. You can alter the presets yourself, and resave them as your own names. There are many things to tweak, as the pedal offers many options such as "noisegate", "treble, mid, high knobs", "reverb and delays" and "warp". There are a lot more features, and it gets a little confusing at first. After reading the manual, you will start to understand it more. The GNX4 is a tank though, I've dropped mine a few times, and it hasn't even showed a bit of damage. It is virtually indestructible if you use it properly, not if you mistreat it. It is very easy to use with the floor pedals. The only thing I didn't like about it was the sound quality, and I thought that the interface could of had a less sensetive wah pedal. Overall it is a good pedal for live and recording purposes.


Nearly Perfect

By King Mango

from Sacramento, CA

This is THE pedal set. If you can't get the sound you want, just keep tweaking. I've made dead on tone replication for every one of my guitar heros. (except for some of the absolutely crazy experimental stuff) You would have to be a truly gifted audiophile to discern. I tried the Boss and Roland high end multi effects pedals and there is just something about this one I like best. Not to take away from those at all, but this one just does something for me the others didn't. The only way this pedal could be improved is to add synth capability. My only gripes on quality are that I am 230 lbs and have created a click somewhere in the bearings on the wah pedal. It doesn't affect the movement, but when playing at low volumes a click can be heard as I roll through the pedal near the mid point. And I have to give a 4 for value because it would have to come down another hundred to get a five.


Wanna be Guitar legends

By Dave

from Reno, NV

I've been playing guitar for about 2 years now on a limited income, I have always needed a little something to make the different sounds but cant afford to buy all the pedals and drum machines to accompany my style. The GNX4 is the best value for all my needs and its versatility is UNMATCHED with any thing on the market in its price range. If you Wanna be guitar heros want to play like a true legend get one NOW!


Mega bang for the buck!!

By OldSkewl

from OKC, OK

I have been playing guitar for about 20 years now and in that time I have owned all sorts of amps, effects boxes, rack effects, etc. This is really one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have to say that I have never really liked Digitech stuff but the GNX4 totally changed my mind. I was initially interested in something that I could use with my amp and had a mind to do some home recording. After looking at the features, this was a no-brainer. Read the manufacturer's specs - pretty versatile (plus you can record bass with it!). Bottom line - this thing really does produce some great guitar tones, and shines at recording. The built in multitrack recorder is fine for recording ideas but recording into a PC makes a world of difference. When you add up the cost of effects, recording software, audio to USB interfaces, a drum machine, etc, the GNX4 is THE modeling effects processor to buy for home recording - period ignore the hype surrounding competing units and check this out. Also If you want to really lessen the tweaking curve, do a search on "mfxsupermodels" this really will really unleash the tone monster in this thing. If it were lost or stolen, I'd buy another in a heartbeat.

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