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  1. Top Seller
    Deering Goodtime Piezo 5-String Acoustic-Electric Banjo
    UAH 14,58386
  2. On Sale
    Deering Goodtime Blackgrass 5-String Banjo
    Was:  UAH 24,763.89 UAH 21,8476
  3. Top Seller
    Deering Goodtime Banjo Ukulele
    UAH 13,97162
  4. Top Seller
    Deering Goodtime Americana Banjo
    UAH 16,59676
  5. Top Seller
    Deering Boston 6-String Acoustic-Electric Banjo
    UAH 74,3500
  6. Deering Goodtime 6- String Banjo
    UAH 17,76349
  7. Deering Goodtime 2 Zombie Killer 5-String Banjo
    UAH 28,2648
  8. Deering Goodtime Solana 6-String Banjo
    UAH 25,05557
  9. Deering Goodtime 2 19-Fret Tenor Banjo
    UAH 20,09696
  10. Deering Goodtime 17-Fret Tenor 4-String Banjo
    UAH 14,26330
  11. Just Arrived
    Deering Left-Handed Goodtime Banjo Ukulele
    UAH 13,97162
  12. Deering Sierra Plectrum Banjo
    UAH 79,89197
  13. Blemished
    Deering Sierra 17-Fret Tenor Banjo
    UAH 63,913.58
  14. Deering Sierra 17-Fret Tenor Banjo
    UAH 79,89197
  15. Deering Eagle II 6-String Banjo
    UAH 75,80841
  16. Blemished
    Deering Boston 17-Fret Tenor Banjo
    UAH 46,645.95
  17. Deering Boston Plectrum Banjo
    UAH 58,30743
  18. Deering Boston 19-Fret Tenor Banjo
    UAH 58,30743
  19. Open Box
    Deering Goodtime Midnight Special 5 string Resonator Banjo
    Open Box:
    UAH 30,776.06
  20. Deering Artisan Goodtime Special 5-String Resonator Banjo
    UAH 34,09774
  21. Deering Artisan Goodtime II 5-String Resonator Banjo
    UAH 28,84745
  22. Deering Artisan Goodtime Special Open Back 5-String Banjo Guitar
    UAH 28,84745
  23. Open Box
    Deering Goodtime Special 5-String Banjo with Resonator
    Open Box:
    UAH 24,102.35
  24. Deering Goodtime Special 5-String Open Back Banjo
    UAH 23,01379
  25. Deering Artisan Goodtime 5-String Openback Banjo
    UAH 21,26369
  26. Deering Goodtime Americana Left Handed 5 String Banjo
    UAH 16,59676
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If you've ever picked up a banjo before, chances are it was a Deering. Known throughout the music industry for their superior quality, sound and designs, these American hand-crafted banjos are unlike anything else available. If you're ready to take your play to a level you've only dreamed of, you're definitely in the right section. The best place to start is by thinking about your individual needs as a banjo player. Are you just starting out on the banjo? Then consider the Deering Goodtime Banjo. Providing you with a high-quality yet affordable instrument to fine-tune your skills with, this lightweight banjo features a sweet, singing tone and has geared tuners ensuring it always sounds great with its easy-tuning design. If you're looking for a banjo with a little more attitude, then check out the Crossfire Electric Banjo. With the spirit of a banjo but the capabilities of an electric guitar, this instrument has gain for miles, multiple controls, and even built-in pickups to help shape your sound even further. Powerful and with nearly endless tonal ability, this banjo will impress as soon as you start playing. For something truly spectacular though, you're going to want to pick up the Calico Banjo. Powerful, with a brilliantly clear sound, this instrument features a three-ply maple rim, zinc flange, and the Deering -06- 20 Hole Bronze Tone Ring, as well as an Eastern hard rock maple neck and resonator. Also fitted with a fifth string for precise tuning, this banjo is stunningly versatile, making it a fantastic choice for all music styles. Spanning generations and genres, Deering has quite the following. From legends like Rod Stewart, Taj Mahal, and Eddie Adcock, to modern day performers like Keith Urban, Mumford and Sons' Winston Marshall, Taylor Swift and Chris Funk of the Decemberists, the list seems to go on and on. Whether you're looking to add your name to that list, or you're just looking to upgrade your current banjo, the obvious place to start is with a Deering.
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