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Co-founders Bob Muller and Chris Muth met during a recording session in the mid-1990's at the old Dangerous Music studio in New York, then owned by Muller. Muth had been building mastering studios and custom equipment for the likes of The Hit Factory, Sterling Sound, and MasterDisc. The two became fast friends and before long were partners in the Dangerous Music studio.

They went on to pioneer the concept of the dedicated analog summing amplifier for DAW mixers by developing the Dangerous 2-Bus as a custom one-off product. The 2-Bus was built to order for local engineers in New York who had cut tracks at the studio but needed to mix in their own DAW off-site. The word started getting around and 2-Bus became so popular that Bob and Chris started "Dangerous Music Inc" the hardware company and began selling the 2-Bus commercially in 2001.