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The "Dead-On '67" Electric guitar from Danelectro is an authentic reissue that features a satin finish, nickel hardware, a truss rod that adjusts at the headstock, the original swivel rosewood bridge ... Click To Read More About This Product

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The "Dead-On '67" Electric guitar from Danelectro is an authentic reissue that features a satin finish, nickel hardware, a truss rod that adjusts at the headstock, the original swivel rosewood bridge that intonates, and souped up lipstick pickups. The "Dead-On '67" guitar also features the original Danelectro tremolo and split pickguard.

  • Dual lipstick pickups
  • Two volumes and two tone controls
  • Rosewood bridge with Tremolo tailpiece
  • Nickel hardware
  • Adjustable truss rod
  • Satin finish
  • Split pickguard
  • 1.750" nut width
    14" fretboard radius
    24-3/4" scale length
Mail-in defective pedals to manufacturer for replacement.
One year parts and labor warranty on guitars and amps.

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DanelectroDead-On '67 Electric Guitar

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Tone Heaven!

Danelectro's motto is "Tone Heaven since '47" and that is for good reason. Based on the original Hornet series, the '67 has an even greater tonal palette than the last...Read complete review

Danelectro's motto is "Tone Heaven since '47" and that is for good reason. Based on the original Hornet series, the '67 has an even greater tonal palette than the last couple of offerings--thanks to two more pots (four total) and hot-rodded lipstick tube pick-ups. I own 30 guitars of various marques. The '67 is my third re����ssued Danelectro. I also have the '63 and the Dano Pro and love them all. These guitars keep getting better. The lipstick tube pick-ups are even hotter for a strong twang and woody Fender sound--but with much more bite. The '67 is ideal for 60's music, but with a tube amp or stompbox, you have a real screamer that stays dead in tune. This model has a simple vibrato mechanism intended for slight warble only. Any dive-bombing will tear it up. That said, the arm is a very attractive metal piece with a modern appearance and gives just the amount of "wow-wow" most people need. The body is somewhat Jaguar/Jazzmaster, but extremely thin for very comfortable playing. The neck is wide and thin with access to the highest frets. The guitar is fairly light. The pictures do NOT do the guitar justice. This one has a clear plastic guard under which a piece of shiny 50's style sci-fi astronaut cloth gives a luminescent effect. The lower guard has a silvery brushed metal appearance. Very cool. Colors do not look like the photos. The cobalt blue is a VERY PRETTY dark blue that looks awsome with the silver trim. Mine is the butterscotch, which is closer to a burnt orange--it's NOT yellow! The finish is matte, but I prefer to buff it out to a high gloss with car polish. Either way, you have a beauty. The neck is four-bolt with a beautiful brushed metal neck plate and big "D" printed on it. A round, silver plastic piece on the back offers access to the innards. The Strat-like headstock is in black and offers TRUSS ROD ACCESS under a gorgeous silvery cover. If George Jetson wanted to throw out a few power blasts from "Smoke on the Water," this guitar would be his choice! Big sound--few pesos! You have GOT to try out this guitar with a nice tube amp. You will not be disappointed.


Most Liked Negative Review


Moreso for chord work

The Dano 67 has a sleek light weight body with colorful milk paint tecture. The body is thin and beveled to a sleek edge on the outer contour. The guitar is made in...Read complete review

The Dano 67 has a sleek light weight body with colorful milk paint tecture. The body is thin and beveled to a sleek edge on the outer contour. The guitar is made in China. The upper pick guard has thin aluminum covered with a thicker sheet of plastic, while the lower pick guard area containing the volum and tone knobs is a thicker1/8 " polished sheet of aluminum. They should have used a thick 1/8 th one piece aluminum. The tone knobs are small and remind me of the volume knobs on the old black and white TV's from the 60's. These knobs are not very friendly towards volume swells or picking while swelling with the little finger. Even the ones on the old TV fell off (we used pliers on the big channel changer stub, I broke it off turning it with my toes).The guitar has a tremelo bar of brushed aluminum and a bridge with a small piece of wood where the strings lay. The tremelo has a small ring of plastic to prevent static during depression. Back in the old Teisco days we used to cut a piece of plastic from a coffee can lid and bolt the tremelo bar back on. So it is accurate in this nostagic asspect. But the tremelo bar is rather tight and feels in the way during play. The instruement also has two lipstick pick ups, which I did not check for microphonics. But the sound and fretboard action is suitable for surf chording rather rock and intricate blues. The PAINTED neck has a dark rosewood fingerboard. And the paint on this guitar seems somewhat flat (none gloss) and I can see it wearing off on the body and neck rather quickly. Esspecially if you play without anti-persperant.The "Dano" logo is silk screened on the upper neck. and the tuners are the old plasic kind that eventuially broke off back in the sixties. The upper nut is an unusual grayish soft plastic? But even these used to crack off at the high "E" string during the psychodelic summer of love. The guitar over all, is somewhat sixty-ish, but it still has chordal play-abilty unlike most of the guitars of the sixties which had strings as high as telephone poles. Does it really match the Jet-king in tone and play?For this money I could buy another old Teisco and get the real feel of the sixties, even the tremelo static and ground fault problems would add charictor.

Reviewed by 22 customers

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Good tone and looks, but poor design

By Guitar Man Sam

from Dewy Rose, Ga

Comments about Danelectro Dead-On '67 Electric Guitar:

I got this guitar about a year and a half ago for Christmas. It looks awesome (mine has a sunburst pattern). It is a thin guitar which I like and is easier to play than thicker guitars. When I first got it, the strings were buzzing so I took it to guitar center and fixed it. Later, the whammy bar became so loose that I couldn't use it anymore. Unfortunately, they have designed the guitar so that you have to completely remove the bridge to tighten the whammy bar. I did not no this and ended up scratching a lot of paint off my pickguard. Danelectro sent me a new one when I emailed about it. Just one problem, it was slightly bigger and did not have all the holes for the screws drilled. So, I drilled the holes and put the guitar back together. Then, the bridge got messed up again (it wasn't resting right on the bridge screws). After I fixed that, the strings started buzzing again. I fixed that by adjusting the bridge. I thought I was done, but a couple of days later, I started getting some weird feedback. Removed the pickguard and found out that the solder to the guitar output was broken. So, this is, overall, a good guitar. However, if you buy one, you should be prepared to spend some time fixing it.

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Groovin' Heaven in My '67

By StratCat72

from Kansas City, MO

Comments about Danelectro Dead-On '67 Electric Guitar:

I own over 30 electric and acoustic guitars from a variety of manufacturers and have been playing since 1979. I specialize in models that are unusual, low production or just plain odd--but also those which do not cost a mint. I have several Danelectros, including the Dead-On '67 and love every one of them. The Dead-On '67 is a modified reissue of the Hornet, a guitar that was produced in 1967--hence the name. ̴�_ I had to laugh at the review that rhetorically asked why anyone would want this guitar. Danelectro is a lower-volume producer and comes out with a new model each year. These guitars are INSTANT COLLECTIBLES. They are meant to re-create a classic or carry a retro vibe. Of the Danos I own, the Dead-On is the best playing with a full-sized neck (previous reissues were short scale) and larger lipstick-tube pick-ups that have a sort of jangle on a clean setting but react extremely well to distortion effects. The body is NOT PLASTIC even if the pickguard is clear over a silvery fabric to get the retro look. The paint is UNFINISHED matte which can have a bit of a plastic appearance; however, some car polish and elbow grease will have your Dano shining as brightly as your Fender and have more of a wood appearance. ̴�_ The '67 is one of my favorite guitars. There are "better" guitars for the money; however, those looking in that direction just don't "get it". This guitar plays great, looks great, feels great and you'll be the only one on the block to have one. Hook it up to a good amp and try it out yourself.

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By Mr. Mindless

from SoCal

Comments about Danelectro Dead-On '67 Electric Guitar:

I must have gotten the last one. Just bought it right before the 4th of July; just noticed that now (a week later) they're discontinued. I am having a riot with this thing. It is perfect (except one screw was missing from the pickguard). No flaws, no intonation issues, action is perfect (low) right out of the box, and the sound...I was afraid the sound might be too thin or too bright - like so many cheapo guitars were back in the 60's (I was there, I know), but this lightweight beauty has BALLS!I recently played one (Dead on '67) at a shop in another city for a few brief moments - unplugged. I was surprised how nicely it played. Since they're so cheap, I decided to buy one a few weeks later and I couldn't be happier.I let my teenage sons check it out and they agreed, it rocks!

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it's ok...

By LP 52

from Monticello, GA

Comments about Danelectro Dead-On '67 Electric Guitar:

i played one of these at guitar center and was a bit displeased. when i picked it up it was already missing the high e-string. when i tried to tune it, it wouldn't because the tuning machines were so stiff and not moveable. the tremelo is almost pointless because i couldn't really make it move. i'm not really a fan of these classic vibe guitars so if you are then this maybe the guitar for you, but after playing for 7 years i find that's not really worth it, i play a greg bennett avion (basically an off-brand les paul) which cost's just as much and is 10 times better. this guitar is ok for starters.

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By AnAngryReptar

from TX

Comments about Danelectro Dead-On '67 Electric Guitar:

Ok, so i want to let you people know that the review that is 1 star had no idea what they were talking about, the guitar is made of basswood, not plastic, and i absolutely love the satin finish this guitar has, i bought this guitar because i wanted to take my music to a different approach i wanted to add a little twang to metal, and holy god, this thing is perfect, i love the neck, it stays in tune well, and sounds amazing, my only gripe was it was a little weird changing the strings but once i got use to it EASY! BUY IT!

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A Few Things You May Not Know

By Stefan

from Raleigh, NC

Comments about Danelectro Dead-On '67 Electric Guitar:

First off, I'm nowhere close to being a guitar virtuoso. That being said, this guitar is amazing. I got it because it seems pretty similar to the old sg melody maker (which i can't afford). It may feel cheap at first... but really, it's literally 5.9 lbs or something. I find it more comfortable to play than my epiphone sg as it has a low string tension without much buzz. Another cool feature that I wasn't expecting when I got this guitar is that it is weighted so that it wont slide down, like a strat. As for tone I think it's very nice, especially with the whammy that isn't extreme. I'd expect it would be good for jazz, reggae, country (as it's quite twangy), and funk. No need to worry about the tunning either, it's extremely good ;D. Although I really like the dano tone (which is probably the main reason you would get it) I really like the feel of this guitar, and I'm considering replacing the pickups to increase the versatility.

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Not Too Disappointing

By jjalen

from Montana

Comments about Danelectro Dead-On '67 Electric Guitar:

I have had this guitar for around a month and it has just been ok. First of all the pickguard was very cheap looking with the pearl paper behind the plastic. I took that off and it looks better, but i still hate the aluminum plate, it feels like plastic and gives it a cheap feel. I do like how this guitar plays and the pickups sound great. My only other gripe is that the strings on the bridge will randomly drop like four notes lower, and i don't know why, so i'm planning on getting a bigsby put on it. Again this guitar is fun to play, but their are quite a few detractors.

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good vibes


from tulsa ok.

Comments about Danelectro Dead-On '67 Electric Guitar:

i received one of these as a birthday present and could not be happier. i had been stuck in a world of humbuckers (les pauls and a gibson sonex) and this is the perfect flavor for my setup. great action, lightweight body and excellent pickups. i run this through an orange rockerverb 50 with lots of fuzz. the guitar's pickup still stay clean and have a nice twangy punch. my only complaint is that every now and then the high e string will pop off of the nut. but thats an easy fix for such a quality guitar.

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Great Gutiar, going to buy it

By Nick

from Las Vegas, Nevada

Comments about Danelectro Dead-On '67 Electric Guitar:

This guitar is a great guitar. I tried it out at a guitar center and fell in love. The lipstick pickups give great twang. I think that it's just good enough twang, and doesn't over do it. Great for jazz, funk, etc. The only problem is that I'm not quite sure on how versatile it is. I play all sorts of music, and i know this would be a GREAT guitar for leads and some chords for the clean and conotemporary music, but i don't know how it will do with the heavier songs i like to play. The gutiar has a great feeling fretboard, and the body is light enough, but it still has great sustain, probably thanks to the bridge. The finish is amazingly unique, and is probably my favorite. It is smooth, and it looks and feels great. Great guitar for the price.

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danelectro dream

By ben

from jacksonville, fl

Comments about Danelectro Dead-On '67 Electric Guitar:

I been saving up for a fender strat for a while now, and when I went to guitar center in july i picked up one of the orange one's just to mess with, this guitar is AWESOME. I quickly switched to wanting this guitar, and I finally got it for my 18th birthday, its adream come true. this baby is light and slim, and the lipstick pick-ups are the best, this guitar is great for people want that old school flavor. this guitar is great for even twice the price.

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