June 26, 6 p.m. PT

Join us for this live webinar as Thomas Lang and DW's John Good show off the finer details of sonically customizing drum sets via technologies DW has developed for their Collector's Series drums, and cover how to use shell types, woods, shell construction and more to create a sound that is truly your own.

Widely considered to be one of the most technically proficient drummers in the world, Thomas Lang has electrified and inspired musicians around the world with his progressive hand/foot techniques and ability to play independent linear patterns across the kit. As one of the most active touring and recording artists of his generation, Lang has performed on over 250 albums and created a series of extremely popular instructional videos.

Drum designer and DW co-founder John Good has been behind many of the innovative technologies developed over the years by DW. Being an accomplished drummer himself, Good takes an extremely hands-on approach to making sure that DW stays at the forefront of drum development.