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With an array of pedals, amps, cabinets and even amp carrying bags, it’s obvious that DV Mark is crazy about all things guitar. The complete collection of DV Mark gear is impressive and part in parcel to their obsession with bringing you quality Italian-crafted pieces at a reasonable price. Their artist’s catalogue is impressive enough to make any guitarist want to try out their popular gear.

DV Mark is an Italian based company that prides itself on their specialty amps. Their signature products are created in San Giovanni Teatino, Italy and assembled by technicians who are working side by side with the engineers themselves. This gives the team members an opportunity to oversee their product’s construction from start to finish, which is rare in the manufacturing world today.

The founders of DV Mark are especially proud of their lighter cabinet construction, a feature that is a huge attraction for travelling musicians. The speakers in the cabinets are made with neodymium, a highly magnetic metal that is much lighter than normal magnetic materials. The Italian poplar they use to enclose the speakers is also much lighter but still durable and is their primary material for cabinets and combo amps.

Dedicated guitarist Frank Gambale even co-created the Signature 150W combo guitar amp that offers a power amp with enough gain for a clear amplification, even at high volumes. He also made sure the distortion came straight out of the tube preamp on the drive channel only. This made it simple for Frank to control the drive with a simple pedal. DV Mark is focused on providing guitarists with features that make their amplification as customized as possible.

The pedals offered by DV Mark are also a staple of many musicians’ gear bags. The DVM Compressore Tube Compression Guitar pedal is like having a little studio compressor at your feet. You have control over the gain, EQ, ratio, attack, release and volume. This pedal can even out sharp peaks and add warmth and harmonics to your sound with a few simple adjustments.

DV Mark’s special attention to details has made them a much sought after brand. They build amps and pedals with not only guitarist’s comfort in mind, but also their keen ear for a solid tone. It’s no wonder so many talented artists like Andy James and Greg Howe put their name on these Italian products.