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Results 1-20 of 5005

  1. Istanbul Mehmet Radiant Series Medium Crash
    $459.00 From $20845
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  2. Sabian Xs20 Splash, Brilliant
    $145.00 From $8500
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  3. Meinl Byzance Jazz Tradition Flat Ride Cymbal
    $780.00 $41999
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  4. Istanbul Mehmet Nostalgia 50s Ride
    $819.00 From $34595
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  1. Paiste Twenty Custom Collection Metal Hats (Pair)
    $746.00 $46252
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  2. Sabian AA Medium Crash Cymbal - 20"
    $465.00 $24500
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  3. Sabian AA Metal Splash Cymbal
    $233.00 From $8900
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  4. Meinl Soundcaster Custom Splash Cymbal
    $246.00 From $9999
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  1. Top Sellers
    Zildjian A Series Rock Crash Cymbal
    $428.00 From $20995
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  2. Clearance
    Zildjian K Constantinople Bounce Ride
    $939.00 $53995
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  3. Sabian HHX Fierce Ride Cymbal
    $676.00 $40500
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  4. Top Sellers
    Meinl Classics Custom Extreme Metal Crash Cymbal
    $328.00 From $12999
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  1. Meinl MB8 Heavy Hi-hat Cymbals
    $540.00 $28999
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  2. Zildjian A Series Cymbal Starter Pack
    $929.00 $39999
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  3. Clearance
    Sabian Vault Artisan Medium Ride
    $978.00 $58900
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  4. Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Ride Cymbal
    $699.00 $39995
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  1. Zildjian K Custom Dark Box Set
    $2,410.00 $94995
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  2. Preorder
    Zildjian L80 Series LV468 Low Volume Cymbal Box Set
    $600.00 $29995
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  3. Paiste Masters Series Hi-Hats
    $904.00 From $50800
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  4. Paiste Signature Traditionals Medium Light Hi-Hat (Pair)
    $920.00 $57000
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Results 1-20 of 5005

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Any experienced drummer will be quick to tell you how important cymbals are to a kit. In many cases, the way in which a drummer utilizes their cymbals can easily shape and define their own unique drumming style, just as much as a snare roll. In today's market, there's a seemingly endless array of cymbal brands to choose from, each crafted with careful consideration by professionals in the business; so you can be sure that when you're ready to crash, smash and splash, the cymbals you're using sound as pristine as they play. Before purchasing cymbals, there are a few questions to ask yourself. What kind of music do you play? What kind of cymbal sound to you wish to achieve? These questions are important because certain kinds of cymbals are better suited to specific musical styles. For example, drummers in louder, heavier bands usually use larger cymbals because they can achieve more volume and they're less likely to crack when hit with brute force. Jazz drummers, on the other hand, enjoy a thinner cymbal because they sound crisp and pleasing to the ear when played lightly.

For beginners, the Zildjian ZBT 3 cymbal pack offers an 18" crash ride and a pair of 13" hi-hats along with a free 14" crash. Complete with a highly polished, brilliant finish that provides excellent stick articulation and controlled overtones, everything about this starter pack is remarkably consistent. Another top seller is the Sabian AAXplosion crash cymbal pack with a free 11" splash. This incredible pack contains all the essentials with a modern bright, shimmering sound. If you're going for a complex spread and warm feel though, take a shot at the Meinl HSC crash cymbal. Offering a smooth attack and sustain, this cymbal has a harmonic and balanced sound, and the price is more than affordable. If you're new to the cymbal world, you'll learn quickly that cymbals are available in a greater variety of sizes and types than any other drum on your kit. But once you have a better understanding of the sound you're looking for, you'll be able to narrow your search down a whole lot easier. From Sabian and Paiste to Wuhan and Zildjian, there's no shortage of incredible cymbals out there for all tastes and styles. And whatever style you prefer, picking the right cymbals starts with taking your own preferences into consideration. Doing so will make your search a whole lot easier.

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