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Each drummer has their own preferred way of setting up their kit. From how high you like the crash to how low you place the ride, your stands and arms need to be strong, sturdy and easy to adjust so you can do what you do best in both style and comfort. With that in mind, this selection is bursting with a wide range of cymbal stands and arms. In fact, companies like Pearl, Taye, Sound Percussion and countless others are all dedicated to crafting cymbal stands and arms with the highest quality components. Obviously the stands and arms you choose for your cymbals will depend on your own tastes and needs. Of course, this section not only offers the standard stands and arms for your crash, ride and hi-hats, but you'll also find extension and boom arms, quick turn handles and even double bass pedals. Simply put, this catalog has something for everyone.

If you're not sure where to begin your search, you can always start with the best sellers, and the Yamaha CS-665A double-braced boom cymbal stand would be a terrific choice. Lightweight and compact in design, this cymbal stand features an offset tilter and double braced legs, making it ideal for any modern drummer. Now if it's a hi-hat stand and double pedal that you're after, then check out Tama's Speed Cobra Series. Designed after the legendary Iron Cobra Series, this hi-hat stand and double pedal set has smooth action and easy control. Additionally, the hi-hat stand has a "Spring Seat" and "Swing Lock Clutch" system to deliver a more natural sound, and the double pedal includes classic features like the Cobra Coil, LiteSprocket and FASTBALL Bearing. Overall, the Tama Speed Cobra Series hi-hat stand and double pedal will certainly take your fast playing skills to an even speedier level. To mention every single exceptional stand and arm option would take us forever, so by all means dive in and explore the other items available as well. Whether you're replacing an older part or making a new addition to your setup, the cymbal stand or arm you've been looking for can easily be found, right here.