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Cremona SV-175 Violin Outfit (SV-175)
Cremona SV-175 Violin Outfit
  • New: $269.99
  • Blemished: $251.09
  • Rating:
Cremona SV-75 Premier Novice Series Violin Outfit (SV-75 1/8)
Cremona SV-75 Premier Novice Series Violin Outfit
  • New: $159.99
  • Blemished: $148.79
  • Rating:
Cremona SV-500 Series Violin Outfit (SV-500)
Cremona SV-500 Series Violin Outfit
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Cremona has been an internationally recognized crafter of distinguished stringed instruments since 1989. With over 25 years of experience, Cremona has grown to specialize in instruments for beginners and professionals alike. Having been mentored by master luthiers in Italy and Germany, Cremona luthiers have built instruments that have won numerous awards and certificates all over the world. Every item made by Cremona is a testament to their dedication to crafting the perfect instrument.

As mentioned earlier, Cremona craft a wide variety of instruments, so you will definitely be able to find the right one for you. That said, having a solid assessment of your skill level as well as your needs as a performer can go a long way in making your selection process even easier. For example, are you a novice performer, or are you buying an instrument for your child? If so, the SV-75RS Premier Novice Series Sparkling Violin Outfit might be the perfect choice. This eye-catching violin is built to stand up to the rigors a learner will undoubtedly put it through. Available in a variety of colors, you'll have no trouble matching this violin to any personality. And best of all, it comes with a matching case and bow, so your young player will look as great as they sound while they're practicing.

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