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Stagg Cowbell (CB306BK)
Stagg Cowbell
  • $11.99
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Meinl Realplayer Steelbell Hand Hammered Cowbell (STB80BHH-C-445973)
Meinl Realplayer Steelbell Hand Hammered Cowbell
  • New: $44.99
  • Blemished: $39.59
  • Rating:
LP Jam Bell (LP1231)
LP Jam Bell
  • $31.99+
  • Rating:
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Here in America, it was mastered by icons like Sly and Family Stone and Blue Oyster Cult. Down under, AC/DC turned it into one of Hell's Bells, while in the U.K, Nazareth was reminding us who we were messing with. To put it simply, it's a rock'n'roll staple. It can take a simple 4/4 beat to new levels of catchiness, and honestly, we all really could use a little more cowbell.

Today, the biggest drum brands in the industry are manufacturing their own cowbells and even cowbell beaters. From LP and Rhythm to Pearl and Meinl, these cowbells come in a wide range of stylish designs with their own unique sounds, and they're extremely easy to mount to your drum kit.

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