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The all-time greatest manufacturers of musical instruments each have their own fascinating histories. But not many, if any at all, match the legendary significance of Conn. Since late 1800's, the Conn name has been renowned and respected across the world for constructing brass instruments of the highest quality, as well impeccable woodwinds, folk and traditional instruments, and even guitars. In fact, Conn is also admired and valued for providing astounding parts and accessories; from mouthpieces and care kits to even wrist lyres, replacement necks and tuning bits. At a time when many musicians were required to build and repair their own gear, everything changed for Charles Gerard Conn in 1873, by nothing more than a split lip received in a bar fight. This resulted in him creating a brass mouthpiece with a rubber rim. From there, Conn gained the confidence to start making his own instruments, and by 1879, he moved operations into greater quarters to do just that. Today, there isn't an orchestra or marching band in the world that doesn't recognize the Conn name; and for good reason. To get a really good idea of the extraordinary response and unique sound that C.G Conn is known for, the Conn 52BSP CONNstellation professional Bb trumpet certainly takes the cake. This trumpet is designed and constructed for the experts, this trumpet will surely improve any player's performance. Another big seller is the Conn Song flute. Lightweight and unique in shape, this flute is a perfect introductory instrument for budding players. To keep your brass and woodwinds in great shape for many years to come, Conn also offers a variety of care kits. The Conn Composite Clarinet care kit is ideal for keeping your instrument looking and sounding pristine, while the Conn 366L Low Brass care kit consists of a swab, key oil, cork grease, cleaning brushes, and more. Also included with these kits are instructions on how to give your instrument the essential care it needs. As times change, so do people's tastes, but in the world of music, the wonderful pieces created by brass and woodwind instruments never go out of style. Because of this, it's pretty safe to assume that C.G Conn will forever remain a go-to name in concert halls, recording studios and classrooms around the globe. Conn's reputation is simply unmatched, and the proud crafters and manufacturers of Conn plan to keep it that way.