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Conga Stands & Djembe Stands

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Pearl PC-900 Universal Conga Stand (PC900)
Pearl PC-900 Universal Conga Stand
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Gibraltar GCS-M Conga Stand (GCS-M)
Gibraltar GCS-M Conga Stand
Meinl Professional Cajon Stand (TMCAJ)
Meinl Professional Cajon Stand
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About Our Conga Stands & Djembe Stands:

Hypnotic, expressive and incredibly versatile, congas and djembes are traditional African drums that produce an impressive variety of tones depending on how they are hit. For this reason, both drums can be played in virtually any style of music, which is also why any percussionist can benefit from incorporating them into their routine. Like any drum in your kit, the stands you choose for your djembes or congas will have a significant impact on your performance. Of course, you can take comfort in knowing that today's conga and djembe stands are constructed by world-renowned drum companies, and you'll find them all right here.

As you might've already noticed, this section is loaded with top-rated stands to help you get the most out of your conga and djembe playing experience. For example, check out the Gibraltar GPDS Pro djembe stand. Equipped with a fully adjustable boom arm, this sturdy and portable stand is an ideal option for hard-hitting players who are thinking about making a new addition to their setup. Now if it's a conga stand that you're looking for, then go with the LP291. This triple conga stand's quick-mount brackets can attach to any pre-drilled LP conga, so you can have one drum higher than other two while performing. Featuring a heavy-duty chrome plated steel construction and custom-made caster wheels with brakes, the LP291 is just what you need to play your conga freely in any environment.

This extensive selection not only offers conga and djembe stands. You'll even find expander sets, risers, sound plates, and from Meinl, a professional djembe strap. Excellent for players who prefer to move around a lot, this strap will securely hold your djembe in perfect position. Additionally, it features thick shoulder pads, so you can play your djembe comfortably for as long as you wish.

Conga and djembe stands have certainly come a long way. In fact, there was a time when the stands and holders of both instruments were made of strings and sticks. Today, conga and djembe stands are made with high-quality components, and crafted by experts who are just as passionate about drums and percussion as you are.