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Combo Guitar Amps

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Marshall AS100D 2x8 Acoustic Combo Amp (M-AS100D-U)
Marshall AS100D 2x8 Acoustic Combo Amp
  • $699.99
  • Restock: $549.99
  • Rating: Overall User Rating: 5.000000
Line 6 Spider IV 30 30W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp (99-010-3305)
Line 6 Spider IV 30 30W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp
  • New: $199.99
  • Blemished: $175.99
  • Rating: Overall User Rating: 4.000000

Whether you’re a guitar collector or loyal to your favorite brand, choosing a proper amp to make your electric guitar sound great is essential. Combo guitar amps are an all-in-one option perfect for players of all skill levels, combining lightweight portability with unparalleled quality, perfect for gigging musicians. Combination guitar amplifiers include the pre-amp, power amp and a speaker in one contained cabinet. Bigger units such as a Kustom 2x12 30W or the Bugera V55 55W 1x12 combos are perfect for medium sized venues and can also be turned down low enough to allow for at-home practice. These units contain from one to two 12 inch speakers that give you plenty of volume. If you’re just starting out, smaller amps like the Orange Amplifier Crush Pix series can give you some room to play with volume and ensure you roommates aren’t being interrupted.

There are four basic types of combo amps, each with their own distinct sound. If you enjoy a clear tone, a solid state amp is probably your best bet as the transistors transmit the sound very crisply. The Acoustic Lead Guitar Series solid state amp touts having a crystal clear sound that can handle an array of guitar tones. Musicians interested in a warmer vintage sound might try a tube amp. Tube amps offer a distinct tone, but they require additional upkeep due to the fact that vacuum tubes need to be replaced from time to time. However, a tube amp like the Laney CUB-12R 15W Tube Guitar Combo Amp offers a smooth overdrive and a ‘scooped’ tone that you won’t find with a solid state amp.

A hybrid amp combines a tube preamp with a solid state power section, giving you signature tone and reliability in one package. The Burgera BC30-212 hybrid offers a distinct sound by using vacuum tubes in the preamp and including a solid state power amp. The tube preamp brings a textured quality and the solid state power brings clarity. If you want to showcase your guitar’s natural resonance clearly, a digital modeling amp like the Kustom KG112FX gives you the option to simulate a range of amplifiers, so you can find out which suits your guitar’s sound perfectly.

People will always argue about which type of amp is better, but the truth is that there is no right answer. It is purely based on personal preference, so checking out which style of amp your favorite artist uses is a good way to make a decision.