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Classroom Instruments & Kids Instruments

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Lyons Xylophone (DAXR)
Lyons Xylophone
  • New: $199.99+
  • Blemished: $241.14+
  • Rating:
Suzuki QChord (QC-1)
Suzuki QChord
  • New: $259.00
  • Blemished: $227.92
  • Rating:
Rhythm Band Bongos (RB1025)
Rhythm Band Bongos
Remo Lollipop Drum (ET-7110-00-)
Remo Lollipop Drum
  • $10.99+
  • Rating:
Very few musicians are just born talented, it takes years of practice and dedication to master an instrument. Before fully committing to one instrument through, beginner players should be exposed to a larger number of them first, which is what makes the classroom such an invaluable place for young musicians. With the right classroom instruments and kid's instruments at the ready, your students will be introduced to the rewarding world of music... and they can all be found right here.

With such a huge selection of instruments and accessories, where do you start? First, consider the age of your students and what they'll be capable of actually playing. Next, take into account how many students you'll be teaching at any given time. As well, what are you comfortable teaching? Once you answer those questions your search gets that much easier.

If you're looking for a recommendation, just take a look at any of the top rated and bestselling items. From classic triangles and maracas to recorders, xylophones, sticks, bells, drums, cymbals and so much more, the selection here covers all the basics. Are you teaching younger children? Then check out the vibrant Hohner Kids Colorful Glokenspiel with Mallets. Featuring a single octave with different notes represented by different colors, it has a safe design and a quality sound. If you're teaching slightly older children, turn your attention over to the Yamaha YRS-23 Soprano Recorder. With traditional German fingering and a beautiful intonation, this recorder is as durable as it is affordable. You'll also find multiple instrument bundles here too, allowing you to outfit an entire classroom quickly and easily.

Teaching children about music is extremely important in today's education system. The discovery and exploration of sound is simply unmatched, and the joy it creates will bring a smile to the face of everyone around. It all starts with having the right mix of instruments though, and for that you're definitely in the right place.