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China Cymbals

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Meinl HCS China Cymbal (HCS12CH)
Meinl HCS China Cymbal
  • $27.99+
  • Rating: Overall User Rating: 4.000000
Wuhan China Cymbal (WU104-12)
Wuhan China Cymbal
  • $23.79+
  • Rating: Overall User Rating: 4.000000
Paiste PST 5 China (CY0000652616)
Paiste PST 5 China
  • $91.20+
  • Rating: Overall User Rating: 5.000000
Sabian AA Holy China (21716CS)
Sabian AA Holy China
  • $209.00
  • Rating: Overall User Rating: 5.000000

China cymbals have been playfully nicknamed "trash cymbals" over the years, but don't let that fool you; they are a high quality and important addition to any drum kit. This nickname actually comes from the dark, trashy, explosive tone these cymbals emit when struck. By adding a China cymbal to your kit, you're adding an expressive element that will help your drumming stand out on any stage and in every studio. A China cymbal's unique voice makes it great for accent playing, or as a substitution for a crash cymbal at the end of a fill. In this section you will find a wide variety of these cymbals, each suited to different playing styles and skill levels. Because there are so many options available to you, it is important to have an idea of what it is you're looking for in a China cymbal. This will make your selection process much easier.

Say, for example, you're building your first kit and are looking for a great entry level China. If this is the case, you're going to love what the Wuhan China Cymbal has to offer. Hand crafted, this cymbal is the real deal at a very affordable price. With incredible responsiveness and penetration, your first kit deserves a trash cymbal of this quality.

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