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A leader in professional sound since 1954, Cerwin-Vega is a name that's respected by audio engineers, musicians and DJs from around the globe. In fact, it was Cerwin-Vega who introduced the first solid-state amp to the world back in 1957, and it's that kind of cutting-edge way of thinking that makes them so respected in the music industry today. From subwoofers and power amplifiers to monitors and modules, Cerwin-Vega has your audio equipment needs covered, whether you're onstage or in the studio. In fact, their roster of top-recording artists is always growing, and currently includes DJ Lord of Public Enemy, robot-rockers Compressorhead, and the "First Daughter of Soul" Lalah Hathaway. By simply browsing through Cerwin-Vega's extensive catalog, you'll notice that there are plenty of top-rated items and big sellers, which is a testament to how trusted their audio equipment actually is. For example, if a power amplifier is what you're after, then check out the CV-1800. Rugged, rack-mountable and easy to use, this power amplifier contains a highly efficient tunnel cooling system, 21-position detent level control knobs, and it even supports bridged mono operation. Additionally, the CV-1800 also features independent limiters for speaker protection, and high-pass filters to eliminate any extreme low-end. Now, for those in need of a subwoofer, the JE-36C Junior Earthquake is a compact, 18" monster with thunderous bass. With its updated cabinet design to increase SPL, the JE-36C is ideal for mobile DJs. When you’ve spent so much time on honing your skills for an audience to enjoy, you deserve to showcase those talents with audio equipment that's built with your aspirations in mind. Of course, there's no telling how far you can expand on the creativity of your performance when you go with Cerwin-Vega. Committed to bringing your skills to the forefront by offering only the finest audio products, Cerwin-Vega is truly in a class of their own.