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Cakewalk SONAR X2 Producer PROMO Software Download

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Cakewalk's SONAR X2 is the latest edition of their popular DAW. With a revolutionary new Skylight user interface, SONAR X2 lets you move seamlessly through all of its features and parameters. Instantl... Click To Read More About This Product

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Cakewalk's SONAR X2 is the latest edition of their popular DAW. With a revolutionary new Skylight user interface, SONAR X2 lets you move seamlessly through all of its features and parameters. Instantly switch from recording to mixing and back again, all with a single Smart Tool, keep your workflow consistent and your music on track. This is the Producer version, which includes everything that SONAR has to offer. From inspiration to final master, SONAR X2 Producer is the flagship version containing all of the tools to deliver unique, polished and professional music productions all in one box.

Skylight User Interface
Why struggle with the cluttered interfaces, poor navigation, and antiquated window management that plague most DAWs? SONAR' award winning Skylight interface gives you a clear and configurable creative space that adapts to your workflow and is tailor made for today' high-resolution, widescreen displays. It makes window management a thing of the past and takes ergonomics to a totally new level.

With SONAR X2, Skylight has been cleverly enhanced to make every aspect of music production even faster and more fluid. Dock windows where they feel best, instantly switch between configurable Screensets, and navigate with unparalleled speed and precision with Timeline Zoom, Auto Zoom, and the enhanced Aim Assist. Skylight even switches tools and snap settings automatically based on context and zoom level so you can quit fiddling with the software and get on with the business of making music.

The professional touch
Experience SONAR like never before with all new touch functionality. Improve your workflow with intuitive gestures like 'swipe' and 'pinch to zoom' that allow you to navigate through projects using the Skylight User Interface. Transform any touch-screen computer into a virtual pad controller to trigger loops and one-shots. Or open up a whole new way to mix and interact with plug-ins, the Console View, and ProChannel.


Play it loud
Overloud brings their critically acclaimed amp modeling technology to SONAR with Overloud TH2 SONAR and Overloud TH2 Producer (only in SONAR X2 Producer). From chunk to funk, TH2 has it covered with big, lifelike tone and expressive playability. Whether it's a crushing riff, shimmering rhythm part, or blistering lead, with over 10 amps to choose from and authentic, manufacturer approved models of classic gear, TH2 dishes the tone you crave. Plug it in. Turn it up.

A world of instruments
A lot of DAWs feel like empty studios. Lots of tracks and editing tools, but not much to actually make music with. SONAR on the other hand is a virtual studio packed with instruments. The flagship SONAR X2 Producer contains a total of 20 distinct virtual instruments. From the encyclopedic sound library of Dimension Pro to the raw power of Rapture and Z3TA+, there are literally thousands of patches ready to be explored. Session Drummer 3 is on skins with detailed acoustic kits and authentic, classic rhythm machines. Save favorite sounds and even complex stacks and layers with Track Templates and recall them instantly with simple drag and drop. Work less. Play more.

Enter the Matrix
Why edit and arrange your loops when you can play them instead? The Matrix View lets you organize audio and MIDI loops, phrases, and one shots into cells and columns for real-time triggering from one (or more) MIDI controllers. Use it for easy arranging of song sections or for complex sets of multiple grooves, one-shots, drops, and breakdowns - all playable in real-time. And the entire performance can be captured onto discrete tracks in SONAR's Track View where it can be freely edited and mixed until it's exactly what you want. The new per-cell trigger resolution and enhanced routing with support for external MIDI hardware make it a formidable creative force.

Browse around
With the searchable Browser you can access a neatly organized collection of loops, one-shots, effects and instruments, which can be incorporated into projects with a simple drag and drop. Access complex FX Chains, create custom content locations, and even replace synths in one fell swoop. In fact, you can drag and drop just about anything both to and from the Browser. And thanks to Skylight, it's there when you need it, gone when you don't, and its size and location are totally up to you. Find it. Drag it. Drop it.


Improved Smart Tool
SONAR' innovative Smart Tool is smarter than ever. Constantly switching tools can be a real drag on your creativity. Enter the Smart Tool, which changes function automatically based on context and works in every one of SONAR's edit views. Place the cursor on what you want to edit and SONAR does the rest. With SONAR X2, the Smart Tool has been improved so that most common functions don't even require modifier keys. Functions like freehand and line drawing, as well as painting note lengths, is also now possible.

New Smart Grid
Changing snap settings is one of those repetitive tasks that, while necessary, suck some of the joy out of creating music. Smart Grid intelligently sets the snap resolution and the visual grid line display dynamically, based on zoom level, to a useful setting for the task at hand. And it can do it independently for the Track View and the Piano Roll View. Let SONAR think about snap so you don't have to.

Piano Roll
SONAR X2's PRV has been enhanced with a new look and new functionality. The virtual keyboard now displays real-time MIDI input and Aim Assist functionality has been enhanced to clearly show both vertical and horizontal placement of notes. Coupled with the new Smart Tool functionality, both the PRV and the inline PRV feel rock-solid and make creating and editing MIDI parts quicker and easier.

Loop Construction
No matter what style of music you create, loops are a great way to get a project started, and they can really spice up an original track. Updated to fully integrate into the Skylight interface, the Loop Construction View lets you tweak each audio slice with pitch, pan, and volume envelopes, keeping loops sounding fresh, locked to the groove, and just the way you want.

Step Sequencer
From minimal to maniacal, build beats in classic fashion with SONAR's groove-churning Step Sequencer. Move fast with Auto Populate and tweak patterns down to their very core with per-lane and per-step flam, offset, swing and probability control. Launch it from any softsynth window and immediately start creating rhythm patterns that do mean a thing.

Roland V-Vocal
Perfect vocals “ on pitch and in time. More than just pitch control, V-Vocal also gives you control over timing, dynamics, vibrato, and formant. With just a couple of clicks you can achieve natural sounding vocals with simple pitch correction, or crank up V-Vocal to achieve the robotic vocals heard on today' popular hit songs. V-Vocal can even convert audio to MIDI so you can double parts, replace sounds, and more.

Get full control of the timing and feel of your tracks. Tighten multi-track drums with full phase coherency, lock MIDI tracks to the timing of audio tracks, convert audio to MIDI for drum replacement, create groove templates, change tempo of audio - it's all possible from one simple interface using the Smart Tool.


The mixing console is the nerve center of the studio and at the heart of every great sounding track. But the mixing consoles in DAWs are not all created equal. Available exclusively in SONAR X2 Producer, the ProChannel equips SONAR's already impressive console with big, epic, pro-studio sound.

Build your dream channel - with creamy EQ, smooth optical compression, complex FX chains, tube saturation and detailed console emulation. Build your dream console out of an unlimited number of ProChannel strips and save complete ProChannel setups for instant recall. And you don't have to worry about all that heavy duty signal processing bogging you down because the ProChannel and its custom modules introduce no significant latency and operate with extreme CPU efficiency. It's the kind of thing you always dreamed your DAW would someday do.


LP-64 EQ
LP-64 EQ is a linear-phase Equalizer that puts a professional sheen on your final mix. Get accurate processing and eliminate phase distortion that is common with parametric EQ. Available exclusively in SONAR X2 Producer.

LP-64 Multiband Compressor
The LP-64 Multiband is a linear phase mastering compressor/limiter. It provides clean, clear non-smeared control over isolated bands for volume maximization or attenuation/limiting with superior linear phase technology. Available exclusively in SONAR X2 Producer.


  • Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks
  • Enhanced award winning Skylight interface
  • Seamless usability and workflow
  • Modular ProChannel
  • BREVERB SONAR VST and ProChannel
  • ProChannel Console Emulator
  • QuadCurve EQ & Softube Saturation Knob
  • FX Chains plus ProChannel FX Chains
  • 20 Virtual instruments
  • 59 Audio and MIDI FX
  • Matrix performance view
  • Integrated per track arpeggiator
  • TH2 Producer Amp Sim
  • Linear Phase EQ and Multi-Band compressor
  • Automation and Take Lanes
  • Sound Cloud, MusicXML, and export options
  • Pristine 64-bit/384KHz audio engine
  • Everything in SONAR X2 Studio
  • 32 and 64-bit versions
  • Windows 7 and 8 support
  • Minimum system requirements
  • Windows 7 or Windows 8 (32 and 64-bit). XP and Vista are no longer officially supported. Future updates will not be compatible or install on XP and Vista as they are no longer officially supported.
  • Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.67 GHz / AMD Phenom Quad Core 9750 2.4 Ghz or higher
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 1280x800 minimum screen resolution
  • 4.5GB for minimal install, 20GB recommended
  • Broadband internet connection for download
  • Cakewalk Publisher requires available web server space with FTP access
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