CD & DVD Recorders

As a musician, there is no better feeling than recording and sharing your music. With CD and DVD duplicators, you’re able to get professional quality results without having to rely on another company to reproduce your tracks, giving you full control over the process. They're so easy and fast to use that once you own a duplicator, you’ll never want to go back. Before you dive right in, there are a few things to consider when making a decision. First, how many copies are you regularly looking to produce? If you have a large fan base, and quantity is a top priority, you’ll definitely need a duplicator that can keep up. Options like the Acronova Nimbie CD DVD Duplicator 100 Disc or the SimpleTech Quic Disc 1210 CD/DVD Duplicator make quick work of burning projects, allowing you to burn multiple discs at once. Simply load and go.

If you’re looking to work in a strictly digital world, there are options that can accommodate as well. Check out the Microboards CopyWriter 1-to-3 USB Flash Duplicator. With the ability to transfer from one USB to multiples at once, this device lets you share like never before, while still putting the control in your hands. And with its large memory cache meaning it has no need to be paired with a computer, you can copy information whenever needed. There is even an option that goes up to 11 sticks at once! Read More >