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Brass Cases & Gig Bags

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  1. Save 25%
    WolfPak Polyfoam Trumpet Case
    EUR 4493
  2. Save 15%
    Protec Deluxe Trumpet Gig Bag
    EUR 5841
  3. Save 15%
    Protec MAX Tenor Trombone Case
    EUR 10783
  4. Save 15%
    Protec Standard PRO PAC Trumpet Case
    EUR 10783
  5. Save 15%
    Protec MAX Contoured French Horn Case
    EUR 9885
  6. Save 25%
    WolfPak Polyfoam Trombone Case
    EUR 7638
  7. Save 15%
    Gard Mid-Suspension Large 20" Bell Tuba Gig Bag
    From EUR 25163
  8. Save 25%
    J. Winter CE 176 JW Eastman Series Fiberglass Trombone Case
    EUR 26061
  9. Save 15%
    Protec Deluxe Tuba Gig Bag
    EUR 18872
  10. Save 15%
    Gard Designer Compact Triple Trumpet Wheelie
    EUR 17973
  11. Save 15%
    Protec Vax Trumpet Combo Case with Wheels
    EUR 16600
  12. Save 15%
    Protec Deluxe Euphonium Bag Bell Up
    EUR 13480
  13. Save 15%
    Gard Single Trumpet Gig Bag
    EUR 10783
  14. Save 15%
    Protec Standard PRO PAC Cornet Case
    EUR 9885
  15. Save 15%
    Protec Platinum Series Trumpet Gig Bag
    EUR 9076
  16. Save 25%
    WolfPak Colors Series Lightweight Polyfoam Trumpet Case
    From EUR 7185
  17. Save 25%
    Gard Mid-Suspension Trumpet & Flugelhorn Gig Bag
    From EUR 13030
  18. Save 15%
    MTS Products Replacement Cases for Trumpet
    EUR 5661
  19. Save 15%
    MTS Products 1205V BBb 3/4 Tuba Case
    EUR 47630
  20. Save 15%
    MTS Products Replacement Sousaphone Case
    EUR 39542
  21. Save 15%
    Gard 3/4 Tuba Wheelie Bag
    From EUR 35048
  22. Save 25%
    J. Winter JW 777 Deluxe Wood Trumpet and Flugelhorn Case
    EUR 3016
  23. Save 15%
    Soundwear Professional Euphonium Case
    EUR 2927
  24. Save 15%
    Soundwear Professional Fixed Bell French Horn Case
    EUR 26960
  25. Save 15%
    Gard Trumpet & Flugelhorn Wheelie Bag
    EUR 26511
  26. Save 15%
    Gard Mid-Suspension Kaiser Tuba Gig Bag
    From EUR 26061
    EUR 337.90
  27. Save 15%
    Soundwear Performer Euphonium Bag
    EUR 24264
  28. Save 15%
    Protec IP301QWL iPAC Quad Trumpet Case with Wheels
    EUR 21568
  29. Save 15%
    Protec IP301TWL iPAC Triple Trumpet Case with Wheels
    EUR 19770
  30. Save 15%
    Protec IP301T iPAC Triple Trumpet Case
    EUR 17973
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When your practise session or performance comes to an end, you want peace of mind that your brass instrument is being stored in a case or gig bag that's safe, secure and well-made. Thankfully, any one of the brass cases and gig bags found here will tackle that task with ease. And while the size, material and style of case or gig bag you need will depend on quite a few different factors, you'll find lots of brass cases and gig bags right here that will help protect your instrument from the wear and tear of everyday transport and travel.

One of the first things to consider before diving into this impressive selection of cases and gig bags is the type of brass instrument you play. That alone will pare down your list of options rather quickly. With a single click on the product category (found on the left navigation bar), you'll be redirected to a page with brass cases and gig bags designed specifically for your instrument. Another fantastic way to start your search is by checking out the top-selling cases and bags. Happen to be a trombonist? The Protec MAX Tenor Trombone Case, the Gard Bass Trombone Wheelie Bag and the J. Winter CE 176 JW Eastman Series Fiberglass Trombone Case are all fantastic choices among the best sellers.

This section is also home to brass cases and gig bags designed to accommodate more than one instrument. Cases and bags like these are a must for any musician who is hitting the road with multiple instruments. Take the Protec Vax Trumpet Combo Case for example. Its interior layout fits a variety of brass instruments - one section of the case fits a Bb trumpet or C trumpet, the other a flugelhorn, cornet, a Eb/D trumpet or piccolo trumpet. Designed with attached wheels and a retractable telescopic handle, the Protect Combo case makes navigating large venues a breeze.

You've spent a significant amount of time and energy developing your talent, so it only makes sense that you're going to want to protect that investment. Whether you go with an aluminum case like the J.Winter JW270 Trumpet Case, a soft-shelled option like the Gard Mid-Suspension Small Tuba Gig Bag or any other of the great bags and cases in this catalog, you can be sure that no matter what brass case or gig bag you choose, it's going to offer you the ultimate in flexibility, style and security.
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