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The Boss eBand ushers in the ultimate musical companion for guitarists who love jamming with their favorite songs. This portable all-in-one audio player is packed with big features: WAV and MP3 files ... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Boss eBand ushers in the ultimate musical companion for guitarists who love jamming with their favorite songs. This portable all-in-one audio player is packed with big features: WAV and MP3 files can be loaded and played by Boss eBand, and the tempo and pitch can be changed. Plug in your guitar and jam along using the music player's powerful onboard COSM preamp and Boss effects. You can minimize the prerecorded vocals or guitar parts with the Center Cancel feature for minus-one play, and record and save your jams. There's even a sound library of backing tracks and rhythms onboard, plus a built-in tuner and metronome.

Boss onboard effects
The Boss eBand is loaded with high-quality Boss effects, including over 100 powerful guitar sounds that span a variety of genres. The Boss eBand also features the COSM preamp. Using eBand's Guitar/Mic input, you can apply the internal processing to your guitar or voice.

EZ TONE Sound Wizard
Creating your own sounds is simple with Boss eBand. The EZ TONE feature provides a quick, intuitive approach to tone creation based on graphic icons and a Tone Grid. You'll be programming at the speed of sound.

Memory-Card Compatibility
SDHC memory cards of up to 32GB can be plugged into the Boss eBand, letting you store thousands of WAV/MP3-format songs per card. eBand also lets you play WAV/MP3 files directly from USB memory stick, expanding your data storage and file-management options. (eBand comes with a 1GB SD card)

Convenient Phrase Trainer
Phrase Trainer is a feature packed function convenient for practicing phrases from imported songs. Phrase Trainer includes functions to control pitch and tempo of imported songs, Center Cancel for minimizing the guitar or vocal parts from prerecorded audio, and AB repeat. Now you can learn phrases without feeling any stress.

USB Audio Interface
The eBand audio player can be used as a USB audio interface, allowing the audio signals from eBand (audio-player sound + live guitar/vocal sound) to be transferred to PC via USB. As a result, Boss eBand audio can be recorded into DAW software on your PC. Furthermore, audio from PC can be played back on eBand. This means eBand can function as USB speakers for your PC.

Cool Extras
There are many other notable features packed into Boss eBand, including an internal recorder for capturing your guitar performances as you play along with songs or backing tracks. And speaking of backing tracks, 300 audio-loop phrases are onboard for jam-along inspiration. Of course eBand is also equipped with the essential built-in tuner and metronome.

  • Imports and plays audio files (WAV and MP3)
  • Pitch and tempo control of imported songs
  • Guitar/Mic input with dedicated input control; headphone output
  • Custom-tuned speakers for powerful playback
  • COSM Preamp and 100+ effects derived from BOSS GT-10
  • EZ Tone function provides the ultimate easy-to-use, intuitive approach to sound creation based on graphic icons
  • 300 audio-loop phrases onboard for backing tracks and rhythms (some include companion guitar effects pre-programmed to match the loops)
  • Tuner and metronome built in
  • Records and saves your guitar performances
  • USB audio interface for direct link to and from PCs
  • Play songs from USB memory stick
  • Memory Capacity: Depends on the SD/SDHC Card (128 MB to 32 GB)
    Data Type: JS-8 Songs (Recording/Playback), MP3 (Bit rate: 64 kbps to 320 kbps, Playback only), WAV (Quantization Bit Rate: 8/16/24-bit, Playback only)
    External Memory: USB Memory
    AD Conversion: 24-bit + AF method* (GUITAR/MIC IN), 24-bit (LINE IN)
    DA Conversion: 24-bit
    Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz
    Effect Patch Memories: Preset: 130, User: 100
    Effect Types: AMP (Amp Modeling), FX (OD/DS, wah, comp, limiter, octave, ac. processor, phaser, flanger, tremolo, rotary, uni-V, pan), EQ (Equalizer), NS (Noise Suppressor), delay, chorus, reverb
    Recording Time: JS-8 Songs: 250 min. (1GB), 8,060 min. (32GB), WAV/16-bit/Stereo: 90 min. (1GB), 3,020 min. (32GB), MP3/128 kbps/Stereo: 1,040 min. (1GB), 33,330 min. (32GB)
    Nominal Input Level: guitar/mic in: -20 dBu (input gain=guitar), -32 dBu (input gain=mic), aux in: -15 dBu
    Input Impedance: guitar/mic in: 1 mOhm, aux in: 22 kOhms
    Nominal Output Level: phones: -10 dBu, line out: -10 dBu
    Output Impedance: phones: 44 Ohms, line out: 1 kOhm
    Internal Speaker: Stereo
    Display: 132 x 64 dots graphic LCD (with backlit)
    USB: Supports file transfer (mass storage class) and audio
    Connectors: guitar/mic in (1/4" phone type), AUX in (Stereo miniature phone type), phones (Stereo miniature phone type), line out (RCA phono type), EXP pedal/CTL 1,2 (1/4 inch TRS phone type), USB memory (USB A), USB (USB B), DC IN
    Current Draw: 400 mA
    Accessories: AC adaptor (PSB-1U), SD card (1 GB), Owner's Manual, Roland Service (Information Sheet)
    Dimensions: 7-15/16"H x 10-7/16"W x 6-9/16"D
    Weight: 3 lbs. 12 oz.
Boss pedals - 5 year parts warranty
90 day labor warranty.
1 year warranty - Multitracks, Jamstations, etc.
Check with manufacturer for specific product warranty.

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BosseBand JS-8 Audio Player with Guitar Multi Effects

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Most Liked Positive Review


Nice Product!!

Just received my JS-8 in the mail yesterday from GC. There are not many reviews on this, so I thought I would send out my first impression after playing with it for a...Read complete review

Just received my JS-8 in the mail yesterday from GC. There are not many reviews on this, so I thought I would send out my first impression after playing with it for a few hours last night. I loaded up a USB thumb drive with about a 1000 MP3�ۡ���s (varied bitrates), plugged it in the back and turned on the JS-8. I used a nice set of headphones and an Epiphone Les Paul. It was late so I could not check out the speakers. Tuner and metronome work great. I played along with a few MP3�ۡ���s: Center channel/guitar cancel has 3 modes (low, med, high frequency) and was effective in removing all vocals and most lead guitar. The modes allow you to adjust what is heard. The song speed adjustment would bring it down to 50% of normal speed, but had some graininess (the resolution of the sound would break up) to it. I even tried a 320 kbps MP3. The backing tracks included would perform in the same manner. The A/B loop worked fine. The preset guitar effects sound incredible and cover a lot of genres. I was also able to tweak all of the effects within each preset. They really sound awesome as is though. The backings tracks covered a lot of genres/Keys and sound very professional. They would loop seamlessly and go on forever, which is a big plus for practicing and jamming. -The menus were easy to navigate -Screen size and details I liked - Did not try to record or edit/save anything Bottom line: It�ۡ���s a great trainer, jamming buddy, and is made well.


Most Liked Negative Review


Great-sounding effects and backing tracks but...

The speakers are horrible. Turning the volume a little past noon will cause slight speaker distortion. Some tracks will cause the speakers to 'hiss' and 'buzz'. I hooked it up to...Read complete review

The speakers are horrible. Turning the volume a little past noon will cause slight speaker distortion. Some tracks will cause the speakers to 'hiss' and 'buzz'. I hooked it up to a larger cab and it sounded great, but that totally defeats the purpose of having this all-in-one object.The sounds are superb and are of high quality; just what you would expect from BOSS. The backing tracks sound great (Many styles and genres to choose from) and and will probably provide players hours of jamming fun. It's too bad because the speakers are what made me pass on buying the eBand. For $399, I wouldn't buy it.

Reviewed by 19 customers

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A Great Device!

By Terrance Winkler

from Akron, NY

Comments about Boss eBand JS-8 Audio Player with Guitar Multi Effects:

This is a awesome unit . You can jam along with your favorite tunes. It has a tuner,metronome,looper,and it records too! Great assortment of tones can be achieved covering all types of music. The only weakness would be the speakers but hey plug in a good set of headphones and hat is quickly forgotten. Buy it you'll love it!

(7 of 7 customers found this review helpful)


The JS-8 is great.

By Rhett Hastings

from Arizona

Comments about Boss eBand JS-8 Audio Player with Guitar Multi Effects:

One of the most satisfying products I own.
Ive own the Boss JS-8 eBand for four months and I cant think of a single guitarist who wouldnt enjoy owning one. First, lets talk about what the JS-8 isnt. The JS-8 isnt an amp replacement, if youre in a band and you need something to plug into at the club, buy the amp you want. Second, the JS-8 doesnt take batteries; youre not going to take it camping and record in the woods. The JS-8 has all the build quality of a desk top clock/radio, and that makes sense, as that is where Boss expects the JS-8 to live, on a desk and preferably next to a computer.

So why would you want this thing? Well, if youre like me, you need a lot of inspiration to practice and I believe that is true of most guitarists. JS-8 makes it incredibly easy to just plug in, find a jam track and start playing with a minimum of hassle. That is how I use mine 95% of the time. It makes playing fun and so you play more. Beyond that the JS-8 will handle all of your digital files as long as they are MP3s or WAVs, you can practice to whatever music, backing tracks or drum loops you want.


The amp modeling and effects are top notch and sound very natural.

The supplied Jam tracks are of great quality and variety.

You can record a dry or wet signal with or without backing tracks directly to the unit.

Works great with a computer either as an interface to a DAW and/or USB speakers.


Has the build quality of a good clock radio, so it is not very portable.

The menu system, while straight forward, has a lot of nested menus. So it takes a little time to create the perfect patch.


As others have mentioned, the speakers are a little quiet, they are of good quality though so you get good sound at low volume. I bought a pair of monitor headphones that sound amazing with the JS-8, and it gets loud enough to be painful. As a bedroom guitarist, this fits me fine as I can live out my rock god fantasies without disturbing my family. People also make a big deal about the price, but I dont think it is overly expensive given that you are basically getting a practice amp/ DAW interface/ recording unit /virtual session band and a multi-effect pedal all in a single device.
Built like nice clock radio.
Not cheap, but does the work of many devices.

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Just do it.


from SC

Comments about Boss eBand JS-8 Audio Player with Guitar Multi Effects:

The stock speakers are ok but I am not one to leave good enought alone. Hear me now and beleive me later. Run it into a stereo!
I went to BB and got a Sony EC70919 stereo, You know one of those modular small stereos with 2 external speakers that have woofs and tweets, 300 or so watts IIRC.
Pick up a Dynex stereo mini RCA y cable. I my case 6 foot. Plugs into the front of the stereo into the Eband and wow. Night and day. From weak and slightly tinny to feel it in your chest.
Finally a band to play along with that do not drink all my beer or drag along their girlfreinds!
You know those things you eventaully do and realize you should have done it a LONG time ago. The EBAND is one such thing.
Like alot of you I play at home alone. Mostly noodling or playing to that imaginary band in my head. I have big bucks in my pedal board, 3 different amps along with 2 dozen guitars. I finally broke down and got the Eband today and within 5 minutes knew it was a winner.
Songs- I have only scratched the surface but found a good bass and drum line and spent 30 minutes just on it. Got into the different amp models, effects and spent almost another 30 minutes rocking.
Its all there. Some with guitar riffs and other instruments but my fav are the bare bones so I can do my own riffs.

All my guitars are tuned 1/2 step down. Big issue BUT with the Eband you can simply hit speed,key and lower it by one. Problem solved. Way,way to many tweeks,features and ways to manipulate the tone,speed to even begin.
Its compact and light so you do not want to be yanking your guitar cord and have it falling onto a hard floor. But its a Boss so it might take it.
Even though I love my pedalboard with easily over 2 grand in effects, this Eband could easily replace it. Of course you are not going to get that tone but for us bedroom players it sounds surprisingly good. The presets the Eband automatically sets when you change songs is usually better than I could do after tweeking it myself.

(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


Why did I wait so long????

By charles hamby

from Hickory, NC

Comments about Boss eBand JS-8 Audio Player with Guitar Multi Effects:

This will make you a better player and/or inspire your playing!
This baby has it all, I knew it could do a lot because of the write-ups, but when I opened up the manual I found it could do all kinds of other great stuff that I was not aware of, such as:Use as monitoring deviceDirect record any audio ran through the device in mp3 or wav formatPlay/record music on a usb drive (not just the included sd card)The amount of editing you can do to the amps and effects is ridiculous! Very intuitive
Sturdy and responsive
The price is initially what kept me away from this one, I admit. I am very frugal and this price seemed like a lot to lay down for a practicing tool.

However, now that I have it, I am kicking myself in the but for not buying this thing sooner. Not only is it THE best practice tool I have ever found (and I have had the G-Dec 30 and the JamVox) it also is a great recording interface and the tones are so good, I am considering buying the pedals and just running it straight into a PA the next time I have a gig. It really sounds that good! With all that said, it is well worth it.

(6 of 6 customers found this review helpful)


100% Pure Fun!!!!!!

By StratBlues-BFnWg

from Spokane, WA

Comments about Boss eBand JS-8 Audio Player with Guitar Multi Effects:

Ive had this for a week now and I can hardly go a day without playing it. It makes playing/practising fun. I havent even made it through all the jam loops yet not to mention setting up my mp3 player. Jamming and recording are a snap. It is very user friendly and tone shaping is a breeze. I play a very progressive satch/pretucci tone and this thing delivers in spades. The best part.. running it through my stereo for pure fun. I get dual speaker stereo rock mania! I havent touched my old amp/pedal set up at all since I got this thing. For those who have wife/kids and have to play quiet..this is it. The headphone out is one of the best I have ever heard. After playing with the jam loops and recording my solos, Im into new territory here. The old way of amps/pedals is gone. Now I can shred at any hour and record it, in pure stereo silence. This thing is just fun... worth every penny!!!!

(9 of 9 customers found this review helpful)


Clearing the air...

By Decapitated Playthings

from Royal Palm Beach, FL

Comments about Boss eBand JS-8 Audio Player with Guitar Multi Effects:

Okay, why don't we just get down to it. I've read every possible review on this, and watched all available Youtube vidoe's regarding this unit. With that being said, I now own it and I will clear up any questions you might have. I've seen multiple comments & complaints about the enormous owner's manual. The manual is EXTREMELY user friendly and is only that big because it is written in 7 languages. No big deal at all, don't sweat it. Number two, I have also read complaints about the speakers. The speakers are very nice and clear, but make no mistake, this is not an AMP! This is a bedroom/desktop practice and recording tool only. I mention recording because it has the same effects as the Boss GT-10 and has convenient outs to go straight into a recording device or mixer. The chain of effects and levels can be changed in seconds! This little machine is the next wave of practice devices for guitar player's of ALL ages. The Eband is very impressive for being so small, and the sound blows the Line 6 Spider Jam totally away! I have that as well so I can speak intelligently and compare without being biased. I can't imagine someone not enjoying this product. Take time to look over the manual, watch some Youtube video's, and have a blast!

(4 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


Great Practice Tool

By Jeffguy25

from Edmonton, AB

Comments about Boss eBand JS-8 Audio Player with Guitar Multi Effects:

I purchased this the other day, I'm not in a band so I've been looking for something like this to get my jam skills up. I plugged in and went through some of the jam tracks, and I was impressed with the quality of sound through my headphones! One thing to keep in mind - This is not a device that will replace a good amp. The speakers aren't meant to be blasted (unless wearing headphones). It does have the ablilty to connect to larger speakers for extra volume. All of the instruments sound like real instruments, and the ability to upload your own songs (and then modify the amp of your choice/cut out instruments) is awesome! There are too many cool features to list. One thing is certain, if you want to keep progressing you need to jam, and if you don't have a band, this is as close as you can get! my only complaint is that $400 bucks hurts the wallet a bit.

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Terrific Device!!!!

By NJ-Chamorro

from NJ

Comments about Boss eBand JS-8 Audio Player with Guitar Multi Effects:

I have been using my eBand for three weeks now and am very happy with what it can do. I am more than happy with it. If I need more oomph from the unit than the built-in speakers can provide then I just plug it into a bigger amp to do some real work. Very nice.

(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


It Made Me Cry

By marcifer

from cottage grove, mn

Comments about Boss eBand JS-8 Audio Player with Guitar Multi Effects:

Amazing player with really decent effects. (Make sure that you back-up the memory card that is included before you format it, otherwise you will lose songs, rhytm data, USB rivers, and song list editor.) It's costly, but worth every penny, espeically with the speakers. The list of top-notch effects is impressive and includes a big variety of song tracks (rock, blues, pop, metal, funk, country, punk, etc.). The menu is easy to get used to, but the manual is big enough to choke a mule. It's about as loud as a portable radio, but has audio outputs too. The included AC adapter has a long cord. I am using an ISP Decimator Noise Reduction pedal in front of this because I was getting some line noise, but not any more. Maybe Boss can add some relaxing sounds because they did a great job of looping the music on this thing. Wait, I can add them myself with a USB card or memory stick.

(20 of 20 customers found this review helpful)



By Jackster

from Vidor Texas

Comments about Boss eBand JS-8 Audio Player with Guitar Multi Effects:

Oh my GOD!!! This is a big deal I dont get excited about many things but I just got my Boss E Band. I turned it on and listened to the demo then I plugged in a guitar and two hours later I still had not went through all the jam tracks. I've had a Fender GDEC that thing is a toy compared to the Boss E Band. The tones you can get are incredable want to play some blues you will have to stop your self you can go on for ever. I love this and its the best piece of music equipment that I own. I have a room full of guitars and amps but not even my Les Paul can touch this. I think every guitarist should have one of these to jam with. You better save up some money, sell a guitar or two and buy this it really sounds like a band playing with you. The speakers sound great its stereo but its not a 30 watt amp so plug it in to something big if you want to have it as loud as an amp. I have mine run into my mixer and it really sounds great. Its so easy to use I havent even opened up the manuel yet it's so easy even a cave man could use it.

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