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The Boss MICRO BR is the ultimate palmtop guitar companion and recording studio. Only slightly larger than an iPod, it offers four simultaneous playback tracks plus 32 virtual tracks, as well as MP3 c... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Boss MICRO BR is the ultimate palmtop guitar companion and recording studio. Only slightly larger than an iPod, it offers four simultaneous playback tracks plus 32 virtual tracks, as well as MP3 compatibility, effects, rhythm patterns, a tuner, USB port, microphone, an SD card slot, and more. Only 5-3/8"W x 3-3/16"H x 7/8"D, it gives you over a dozen front panel controls. The included 128MB SD card allows over an hour of mono recording.

Four tracks and more
At its core, the MICRO BR is a four-track studio with four simultaneous playback tracks and two simultaneous record/input tracks. Each of the four main playback tracks also has eight companion V-Tracks (for a total of 32), so you can record take after take after take, then pick your best material for final mixdown.

Drum machine and effects onboard
Given the MICRO BR's small size and low price, you might be surprised to find two big features onboard. First it has almost 300 drum patterns. Use them for play-along inspiration or even as song foundations. The rhythms don't consume any of the four playback tracks--they play back independently. The second is a quality multi-effects processor including a time-stretch algorithm for changing the tempo of your audio tracks without changing pitch--a great tool for both audio editing and phrase training. The Time Stretch feature can also be used with MP3 data; the MICRO BR's Center Cancel feature can be applied to MP3 data as well.

MP3 compatibility
The MICRO BR is capable of loading and playing MP3 files. Load up your favorite guitar hero song via USB, slow down the tempo with no pitch change, and learn all of your favorite licks. You can even use the MICRO BR as a standard MP3 player. All of your data is stored on convenient SD (Secure Digital) media found in common electronics shops. The included 128MB card, for example, can record approximately 65 minutes of audio when one mono track is selected.

For greater portable protection check out the BA-MBR-S Silicone Rubber Case (703129) made by Roland specifically for the Micro BR.

  • Ultraportable palmtop recorder
  • 4-track playback
  • 32 virtual tracks
  • Loads and plays MP3 files
  • Multi-effects processor
  • Dedicated guitar input
  • Time-stretch and center cancel features
  • 293 rhythm patterns
  • Tuner
  • Microphone
  • USB port for data transfer
  • SD card slot for recording media (128MB card included)
Boss pedals - 5 year parts warranty
90 day labor warranty.
1 year warranty - Multitracks, Jamstations, etc.
Check with manufacturer for specific product warranty.

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BossMicro BR 4-Track Recorder

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The Little Giant of Recording...

Sweet Mother of God! This thing is a powerhouse of features and capability. I've had mine for about a month now, and I love it. I must warn you though. It is...Read complete review

Sweet Mother of God! This thing is a powerhouse of features and capability. I've had mine for about a month now, and I love it. I must warn you though. It is overwhelmingly confusing at first. You'll read the manual and mess around with it for a few days, and conclude "Yes! I've figured this thing out!" Then, you'll try and create a song, and then you'll realize that you have so much more to learn about this little guy. It took me a couple weeks of on and off tinkering, before I got it down. But man oh man! When you know how to use it, it's invaluable. It's the fact that it's about the size of an ipod, but it still has most of the features of a full size workstation. I have to admit, though, it would be SO much better if it was an 8-track. That's actually why I just use mine for personal songs and projects, or for recording sudden ideas and inspirations. When I use the MicroBR, I import on to my computer, whatever I record, because it's so much easier, and there are so much more possibilitys when you put it into some editing software (I use Guitar Tracks Pro). I'm in a garage band, so when we actually record songs for the real thing, we use my friends TASCAM 8-track, because it's easier and you dont have to run it through software for a finished product. Anyways, the MicroBR is great to start out with because it's only four tracks (or maybe not, because it's so complicated). But if you really want something serious if you're in a band, then get an 8-track, such as the Boss BR-600, or a TASCAM, and just use this for personal ideas, or if you're on the go. P.S. EXTREMELY HELPFUL TIP!!! Lets say you create an original rythym to go with your song. And you've finished your song and it's sounding good. So you want to import it onto the computer to edit it more, or you want to make a CD out of it. One problem... The MicroBR doesnt let you lay down rythym structures as tracks. This means that you cant import your rythym, because the rythym ISNT PART OF YOUR SONG! It's pretty much just a guideline, or metronome. Well, i figured out how to lay down rythyms as tracks. Make sure your ryhtym is turned on (you'll know what I'm talkin about after you read the manual), and then mute all the other tracks except for the track that you to be your rythym. Then turn the input sensitivity down to about -5 or -10. Now you need to somehow get a cable that has headphone jack type heads on BOTH ends. You also need a "headphone-jack-to-guitar-cable-input-head-type" coupler. Now, plug one end of the headphone jack type cable into the headphone jack. Now plug the coupler into the input jack. Now plug the REMAINING end of the headphone jack type cord into the coupler. Now press [record], [track #], [play], and then let it record until the end of the song. Then press [stop]. You have laid a rythym as a track. PLEASE DO NOT DISMISS THIS, EVEN IF IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE, BECAUSE YOU FIND THAT THIS SET OF INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE INVALUABLE TO YOU IN THE FUTURE. (pheww. I'm done)


Most Liked Negative Review



Not a bad unit whatsoever. I think if you are looking more for a slick portable multitracker with a trainer builtin, maybe this thing is right up your alley. If your looking for...Read complete review

Not a bad unit whatsoever. I think if you are looking more for a slick portable multitracker with a trainer builtin, maybe this thing is right up your alley. If your looking for an all in one device that handles everything a guitar player might ever want hold out for another year or 2 to be pleased (or more I dunno). The amp models are incredibly digital sounding without even any warmth offered by modeling a speaker it seems. Most of the tones sound like a Rockman. The drum machine wasnt inspiring. I didnt try the trainer or bouncing tracks around since I wouldnt want to listen to anything it produced drum or guitar tone wise. I grabbed a pocket pod to solve the ton eproblem but not sure about the drums... a pandora might be my next attempt.

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Good ideas but not well executed...

By Ro

from Marietta, GA

Comments about Boss Micro BR 4-Track Recorder:

Pros: Sounds good... Good tuner... Sleek looks... Easy to read display... Good price Cons: Controls could use some work... Microphone is decent, not recording worthy though... Metal tones could use a small amount of work Bottom Line: I traded mine in at guitar center because of the Mic and somewhat lacking metal tones... but it is good at recording clean tones and lower gain

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OK i guess...

By FunkyBass

from Indiana

Comments about Boss Micro BR 4-Track Recorder:

Let me just start by saying that for such a small recorder, i was expecting far less. This recorder does a great job of squeezing as many features into as small of a interface as possible. However it does the bare minimum as far as recording goes. The recordings sound lifeless and uncoordinated. The drum machine and guitar effects sound like something from the white stripes. Save your money- buy a real recorder unless you are just going to jam with the drum machine


Not Bad at All

By Bassfingerz

from New York, NY

Comments about Boss Micro BR 4-Track Recorder:

I bought this back in Spring of 2008. It's really not a bad little tool to have. The only complaint I have is the batteries die pretty quick. But I was smart enough to buy the Boss adapter. Other than that, it's been great to me and I have no complaints what so ever. Yeah ok...The modules sound very digital. But hello...Look at the price and look at the tool. It's not meant to sound great for shows or studio quality. It's meant to just record your ideas, so you can remember them for a later time when you can officially get them recorded on a pro DAW. So in conclusion....Yes, I recommend any musician to own this.


Micro BR, Read the manual

By Dick McGirth

from Houston, TX

Comments about Boss Micro BR 4-Track Recorder:

Good machine, read the manual. In regard to one previous post about the ''rhythm patterns/arrangements'' and recording from the headphone jack bacn into the can include the rhythm in your recording, read the manual and it will explain how, See the ''bouncing tracks'' section for details.


Boss Micro

By Peter Mtz

from El Paso, Tx

Comments about Boss Micro BR 4-Track Recorder:

This Recorder works just fine, its a very versatil mobile device to record on-the-go. You dont need to take your entire recording system, just plug, play and record it; then export it to your main system. Perfect Investment

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Really Great Item

By Mike Edwards

from Exeter, Rhode Island

Comments about Boss Micro BR 4-Track Recorder:

I researched this item and read the reviews here which were very positive and ACCURATE. Get an adapter, 1 meg card, and READ the book many times. This unit has many, many ways to do things and every time I use it which is every day I learn something else on how to use it. I find it great to write the different parts for my original songs and the quality I can't say enough for. I sing using the on board mic and the quality there also is really very very good. I am sure I will have many many hours of great fun with this unit. The book also is well written and is correct so follow it.


Great for the musician on the go

By Heith

from Eagle Pass, TX

Comments about Boss Micro BR 4-Track Recorder:

Bought it as a gift for a fellow musician. Had to play with it first. Multi track recorders have come a long way since I started out in 1998. Very small & portable. Great for the musician on the go. Very good quality. Will purchase for myself very soon.

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The second most important thing in my guitar case...

By Michael Staaf

from Youngstown, Ohio

Comments about Boss Micro BR 4-Track Recorder:

I started out looking for a decent headphone amp for practicing on the road and after several returns escalated to the Micro BR. Wow! This unit sounds great in comparison to the others I've tried. I found a handfull of preset effects that were similar to the ones I use on my GT-8 within minutes, uploaded a few mp3 backing tracks and I was jammin. The .mp3 playback/timestretch is easy to use and great for dissecting your favorite licks, easy to access volume controls for in and out let you get a good balance of sound through your headphones quickly. A built in tuner! One less thing in my case. Drum/Rhythm patterns!(goodbye metronome) The 4 track recording capability... I plan to only use it to store cool licks I come across while practicing but I've mixed down some lead over some backing tracks and I'm impressed. Removing the card requires removing the batteries, I suggest purchasing the USB cable and upgrade your sd card(i got a 2gb one to work).

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Very capable multi-track recorder; Great Value!

By 12-String Harry

from Vancouver, WA

Comments about Boss Micro BR 4-Track Recorder:

In my book everything starts out with 5 stars. Here is my reasons for rating it 4 stars. I bought this recorder about 3 weeks ago and have been studying and practicing using its features. The instruction manual is quite extensive, however, since I am not experienced in recording anything, I have to take my time learning the intricate features/methods. I was hoping I could just press 1 or 2 buttons and record or review my song, but it actually takes about 3 or 4 buttons to accomplish this. (It lost a star because of this.) For your reference, here are the steps I use to record then listen to a song using the internal microphone: 1. Press POWER on button; 2. Press INPUT button then select internal MIC; 3. Press RECORD button; 4. then press PLAY button to begin immediate recording. To listen, 1. Press 2 buttons simultaneously to return to song beginning; 2. Press PLAY button to hear song; 3. Press STOP button to end listening (otherwise it keeps on listening to nothing!). These steps are not a really a problem as you will learn (memorize) them quickly! I can now begin to record or listen within a couple of seconds by quickly pressing the above button sequences. It lost another star because it does not have a built-in speaker. The only way to hear your recording is to use head phones. And if others want to hear your recording, they either must use your headphone, or you must download the song to a computer/CD ROM. On a positive note, I have installed the newest, fastest SD card, and it works perfectly! I am now using the SanDisk Extreme III SD card that provides 20MB per second read and write speed. For the price, I find this recorder very capable as it allows you to record 4 different tracks, edit, mix, and add effects to each, then assemble to a final functional song! For the price, it's a great value as most others cost nearly twice as much... so I gave it another star!


Very Solid Multi-Track Studio

By Bob

from Columbus, OH

Comments about Boss Micro BR 4-Track Recorder:

This is a multi-tracker that is compact (about 30% bigger than an iPod) and can perform virtually any recording function (i.e., mixing, bouncing, mastering) without having to use a PC. It has tons of built-in features, like effects and rhythm tracks. The rhythm tracks are great, as you can build your own beat consisting of intro, verse, fills, and ending patterns. Most of the built-in effects are pretty nice, although some are kinda cheesy...however, that is expected with a digital effects processor. You can also edit effects to make your own sound. Overall, the unit is fairly easy to use, once you play with it a few times and reference the manual. You can mix your final product into a polished mp3 or wav file. I have made some pretty professional sounding tracks without spending a lot of time on them. This is a bit pricey, but for all the features you get, I think it is worth every penny.

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