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Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator

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BOSS is pleased to offer another "Authentic BOSS" Compact Pedal; the AC-3. How many times have you been onstage or in the studio with your electric guitar, and wished that you'd brought an acoustic al... Read More

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BOSS is pleased to offer another "Authentic BOSS" Compact Pedal; the AC-3. How many times have you been onstage or in the studio with your electric guitar, and wished that you'd brought an acoustic along? For musicians who travel light, hauling an extra guitar isn't practical. The AC-3 gives electric guitarists an acoustic effect with a tap of the pedal.

BOSS's COSM Acoustic-Modeling technology is beautifully showcased in this small but powerful pedal, which simulates an acoustic guitar much more precisely and realistically than previous technology has allowed. Derived from BOSS top-of-the-line AD-8, the AC-3 pedal simulates the sound of an acoustic guitar with incredible precision.

Four simulation modes are provided: Standard, Jumbo, Enhanced, and Piezo-equipped; the latter supplies that famous "cut through the mix" direct piezo sound. Previous compact acoustic-guitar modeling-pedals were promising, but now the bar has been raised with Boss AC-3.

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Another Amazing Boss Pedal

On stage you pick your poison depending on the song; do you want to go with a typical, clean electric sound, or the natural one offered by an acoustic guitar? While not all...Read complete review

On stage you pick your poison depending on the song; do you want to go with a typical, clean electric sound, or the natural one offered by an acoustic guitar? While not all songs go well with the crisp tone of an acoustic, when you DO need one, its allways handy to have the BOSS AC-3 Acoustic Simulator. You will not find a better quality pedal coming from such an esteemed manufacturer, and for just shy of $100, you can't get a much better value. All the little farts and burps an acoustic can make are simulated with this pedal; everything from the rough ringing of hard-plucked strings to the distinguished sound of slapping your palm against the strings, along with the intricate sound an acoustic makes when palm-muted are about as flawlessly simulated with this pedal as they can be. First playing the pedal is an experience all in its own. It's hard not to be skeptical when it comes to this pedal, but playing it will change your mind completely. BOSS has created a masterpiece all in its own, and has created a pedal that outplays the competition and makes your life as a musician much more convenient. Do yourself a favor and buy this thing.


Most Liked Negative Review


For At Home Only

I got this pedal for Christmas about a year ago, and was very excited to get it out of the box and try it out. However, I quickly discovered that there is a...Read complete review

I got this pedal for Christmas about a year ago, and was very excited to get it out of the box and try it out. However, I quickly discovered that there is a lot of "static" feedback if you turn up the volume too much. Unless you have a very loud amp and can keep the pedal volume low enough that the feedback is almost inaudible, than I would NOT suggest playing this pedal out at gigs. Otherwise it's a great pedal for just messing around with, and to switch between an electric and acoustic sound quickly. Of course it's not perfect, but it sounds about 95% true to a real acoustic.

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By Rolan

from Greeley, CO

The pedal does what it says it will, though what guitar you're using might have an effect. The difference is less marked with my semi-hollowbody, and there is definitely some hum with this pedal. With a very good ground, it is manageable if the pedal is the first one in your chain.

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Amazing Pedal !!

By Carlos Ibarra

from Lardeo TX

This pedal really surprise me, sounds like the video demo in youtube, you have 4 options or modes to setup: Standard, Jumbo (this is the best for me), Enhance or Piezo, the sound is rich and deep, you can also adjust the Body and Top knobs (its like an EQ), or add a bit of reverb, if you want emulate the sound of your favorite acoustic guitar this pedal really works... And don?t need carry your acoustic to every show.

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Gotta set it up correct


from lake forest california

When I first got this, I thought it sucked, then went on youtube and listened to some pro reviews, lets face it, the manuals for almost all the pedals are the same and suck. The big trick I found, if putting this pedal in line with others is of course placement, mine is first with the cs3 compressor second ( I am counting after my tu3 tuner then my wah pedal) The second thing, use the line out, not the G amp out, made a world of difference in the sound. My settings are smack in the middle, on jumbo. No it isnt EXACTLY like a real acoustic, but overall its a great piece of equiptment. I am running a BUgera 120 watt tube amp, and using either the epiphone les paul or epiphone sg400 pro

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Sounds great! Hiss can be negated with additional hardware.

By tom sanchez

from Las Vegas, NV

First things first...the pedal sounds great! It comes close to emulating an acoustic. I think most listeners would be hard-pressed to tell the difference if blindfolded. Through a PA in a band situation, it should really do the trick. It's a lot easier to pack the pedal than pack a 2nd guitar. As far as the hiss issue, there is definitely a hiss there, which can be distracting. I have a Strat with single-coil pickups and it would hiss, no matter what settings I put it on. The hiss is audible only when you strum the guitar and it tapers off a few seconds after you stop playing. It sounds like there is some sort of unadjustable gating feature on it. The good news is, the hiss can be completely eliminated by using a wireless system! I think it has to do with grounding, single coil pickups, or a combination of both. Get yourself a wireless system (if you don't already have one) and you'll be all set. Otherwise, I recommend trying out the pedal, first, to see if you're okay with the hiss.

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Sounds Realistic When Used With The Right Gear

By Michael Wong

from Boston MA

This pedal sounds realistic, but I made it sound that way by recording with it, and using the recording software to change the sound of what I recorded. I'd give this product 5 stars if it sounded more realistic without the need for tweaking it's sound in software. What this pedal lacks is There may be other things that can be used to make this pedal sound more acoustic as well, but otherwise this pedal lacks certain frequencies needed for the acoustic guitar sound. Like Boss is known for, this pedal is durable. When using two inputs, the dry and wet sound can be switched.

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from Detroit, Mi

I have read allot of complaints about the Noise from this pedal? let me say it is a noisy pedal unless use with the right guitar and amp set up... When used with ANY passive pickups and a tube amp there will be noise...if you use ACTIVE pickups(EMGs) NO NOISE... Solid State amplifiers eliminate some noise Bottom Line You Need Good Active pickups and a Good sounding amplifier and the will be NO NOISE...

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If you know what you are doing,

By Donald Hightower

from Marietta, Ga.

you can get a good acoustic sound. As others have found, put a booster of some sort in front of the AC-3 and it sounds really good. I use a Boss GE-7 EQ as a boost. This will get you the acoustic sound you want. I use this also as an amp switcher.

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By Daniel K.

from Roy, UT

This pedal is great if you take of it and know how to use it. I tried to make it sound as close as possible to my actual acoustic guitar and I got it pretty dang close. The only problem I had was a slight buzz whenever I struck a note. That is because I had the pedal connected to my amp with only 3' long cable. I bought a new cable and moved the pedal farther away and it sounds great without buzz. If you really want to make changes from Acoustic to Electric in a hurry. I would very highly recommend this pedal. I play it all the time for songs like "Welcome Home" and "The Unforgiven."

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Great sound and reverb!

By Steve

from Sykesville MD

When I first started to use this pedal with my Strat and Marshall amp, I was blown away by the difference of the pedal to the amp's clean setting. It's clear and perfect for your basic acoustic songs like "Wonderwall" or "Drive". This pedal is also good for some smooth jazz with the reverb setting. Santana's "Black magic woman" is a song I reccomend anybody who's getting or already has this pedal play. Scales and basic solos sound great with reverb and jumbo on.

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good for one hundred dollars

By culver van vleck

from washington dc

this pedal is pretty good for its price, when i bought it i wasn't expecting it to sound exactly acoustic and it doesn't. First of all you get this weird static sound when you turn it on, unless you turn it almost all the way down. it also has a bass-like tone so i always need to put the treble up on my amp or put my toggle switch on treble, but then again i would expect nothing more out of a pedal of this price. i have owned this pedal for 7 months and so far no difficulties, this pedal has sounded the same throughout and has been very reliable. This pedal sounds better through a 30-70 watt tube amp than solid state (just like everything else,) it gives off a more natural sound. I like the tonal options of this pedal, it can sound like just a standard acoustic, a jumbo acoustic, enhanced or with piezo saddles. This pedal sounds like django reinhart's acoustic guitar tone, and also can sound like the tone jimi hendrix gets for the clean intro to all along the watchtower. But if you dont have a decent acoustic guitar, dont try and save money by getting this instead of an acoustic.

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