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Bogner Alchemist Series Tube Guitar Amp Head Black

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The Bogner Alchemist 40w Tube Guitar Amp Head boasts sparkling, articulate cleans, touch-sensitive leads and a bright and colorful crunch. Bogner Alchemist amplifiers offer you a modern take on vinta... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Bogner Alchemist 40w Tube Guitar Amp Head boasts sparkling, articulate cleans, touch-sensitive leads and a bright and colorful crunch. Bogner Alchemist amplifiers offer you a modern take on vintage tube amp design. The Bogner Alchemist amp head owes its remarkable tonality to a 6L6 class-AB power section, and a five-12AX7 preamp and a premium Celestion speaker. Its timeless appeal, though, comes from modern sonic ingenuity.

Bogner Alchemist amps have a 2-channel design. Each channel has its own voice and identity. Beginning clean and fast, featuring an open top-end and tight bottom-end, Channel 1 opens gradually to present simmering blues tones that churn like spirits in a cauldron. Advancing toward saturation, Crunch mode turns up the heat adding the perfect touch of nastiness with added pick response and increased tonal complexity. Channel 2, achieving critical mass, invokes the famous white-hot Bogner gain”creamy, modern and screaming with sustain”offering everything from Brit rock right through to modern metal. Plus, with variable Bright settings, each channel can be customized to match the tone of your guitar and rig.

The Alchemist tube amp head's power section is selectable from 40 to 20 watts. When switched to 20w, Alchemist undergoes a complete sonic metamorphosis, changing its harmonic complexity and feel to conjure the essence of the legendary Brown sound.

Reverb and Delay, in variable styles and levels, run in parallel separate from the original signal. The result is a rich, living and breathing, fully realized resonance capable of producing a complete tonal landscape.

Bogner includes a 4-button footswitch with the Alchemist 40w tube amp head.


  • 6L6 class-AB power section and five-12AX7 preamp; selectable power section (40 or 20 watts)
  • Channel 1 (gold): Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Volume, Crunch mode, variable Bright, Deep switch; Channel 2 (mercury): Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Volume, variable Bright, Mid Shift; Shared: in parallel, Reverb Type, Reverb Level, Delay Type, Delay Level, Delay Repeats (Feedback), Tap Tempo
  • Included four-button footswitch controls Channel Select, Boost, Delay and Reverb
  • Eye-catching retro-modern fit-and-finish
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By Fishbone

from LaGrange, Georgia

All I can say about the Bogner Alchemist is you get what you pay for! I've been playing guitar since the late seventies and have owned lot's of different amps. This amp sounds way better than any amp I've ever owned! Once you get it home and play through it, you will forget all about what it costs.

(4 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


great amp

By chris

from sacramento, california

i bought this amp about a year ago and have had no regrets since. it is very clean and clear and the ability to add a little bit to it with the crunch switch which is nice. the distortion on the other channel is phenominal. pedals arent a necessity with this this amp but if you really want to shape the tone you could get one. the footswitch it comes with makes it a lot easier to control. it also has great reverb and delay options. this amp is well worth it and if u play real heavy metal this amp will give you the sound you want. i added a metal zone pedal to it just for kicks and it worked out perfectly. this amp can handle anything from classic rock to modern metal and down to some nice clean stuff. whatever sound you are looking for and dont want to spend a fortune this amp is the way to go.

(4 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


Very Nice Amplifier

By Chuco

from El Paso, Texas

I purchased this head and matching 2x12 cabinet approximately 3 months ago after playing the 2X12 combo. After playin this amp daily for three months, I am still impressed every time I turn it on. The build quality is superb. The tolex covering looks great, the knobs and toggle switches all feel solid. The foot pedal is solid and buttons give a nice tactile response so that you are sure that it is engaged/disengaged. The tone I am able to get out of this thing is superb. Small adjustments of the knobs are all it takes to dial it in. I would like to see the addition of tap tempo on the footswitch for future models.

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Modern Fix for Vintage Tone Junkies

By Larry Cugini

from South Grafton, MA

In a word: EXCELLENT! On first listen, this amp will exceed most pro players' expectations. It has the ability to cut from 40 watts to 20 watts. It has two truly separate channels, each with its own EQ, though they share the delay and reverb effects. The Delay has a tap speed button and offers three types of repeat: ducking, tape, and analog. The Reverb offers plate, hall, and spring options. The controls are easy to use, but I am not a big fan of those tiny "clean/crunch", "bright", "punch", "mid shift", and "deep" switches. They are reeeeeally small, hard to see in dim light, and despite their diminutive stature they are very powerful controls, so you want to set them right. They aren't represented on the footswitch, either. Otherwise, the chicken head knobs are cool and heavy-duty and the LED's are actually rather attractive looking. This is a tube tone machine, pure and simple. The sounds that this head can give you are top notch, I can find no compromise. I have dialed in all levels of clean, crunch, bark, and scream with no harshness or "holes" in tone. It's warm and big sounding. The switchable 40-watt/20-watt option is very useful for changing the tube drive pressure, greatly modifying the breakup you send to your speakers. If the user takes the time to fully understand the controls and what they can do, the variety of sounds that can be achieved is absolutely impressive. (Don't let anyone tell you that this is not a good head for metal, either, because if set right, with mids scooped, it can get that huge, chunky "dub-dub-dub" thunder.) The ease of use and effectiveness of the delay and reverb effects cannot be overstated. I particularly like the way the presence of the effects remains steady when you switch between channels, i.e., the reverb does not over-soak or rob bite with the introduction of distortion and the delay doesn't increase or decrease the "edge" of the tone you switch to or from. So far I have not been able to "shoot holes" in the construction or materials. It's very substantial. The knobs feel good and the fluidity of the pots is noticeable right away. Even the rubber feet are heavy duty. To say that this is a good amp "for the money" would rob it of merit. This is a sweet amp period, and it just happens to be reasonably priced. With music store returns policies being pretty relaxed these days, I suggest that anyone interested in trying it does so in their own private environment. Don't test drive it in a store while ten young Deathclockers wail on Marshall half-stacks and expect to hear all the Alchemist has to offer. It takes hours to get all the subtle nuances. If you take one home, I am confident you will not return it. Based upon tone, construction, and value, I give this one ten out of ten. My complaints are so minor that they should be excluded from the overall rating.


FANTASTIC! If you are a Tone Seeker this is for you!

By ian elias

from Portland OR

have been playing for 38 years (started when I was 8) Tone is my quest. with out going though my history if great amps I have owned or played though over the years, I will say that his will stay in my collection. I will list what I have now so you might get an idea of what I like in tone. Fender Bandmaster 1966, Fender Bassman 1966 Marshall form 1974 and 1990. Egnator Tweaker. many vintage and new pedals and rack effects inbluding BK Butler Pre amp and a Chameleon though Boogie power amp. So I can say after owning many amps before these that I know what I am looking for and spend the time to find vintage tubes for my amps and the best (to my ears) in analog an digital equipment. THIS AMP ROCKS!!! IT is professional and now that they stopped making them you would be a fool to pass them up on the low price they are selling at. The sound of the clean channel is not sterile at all as some people have written. sound is subjective, but compared to my vintage gear this amp has a very good sound of its own but in the same league as far as personality, which is what it has a lot of. I will not do a review and list all the switches and knobs, there are many videos for that. I will say that I found them ALL very USEFUL, which is important if you are going to put as many switches and knobs as they did. The Lead channel is also excellent and is closer to my modern 90's marshall but cranked all I could hear was a VERY BROWN SOUND! I really only played Van Hallen cuz my students wanted to learn all the cool riffs, so I had to figure them out (about 20 years ago!) This nails it! I was not expecting this sort of sound but it is AWESOME. I was actually thinking of getting 5150 to get a heavier sound, but got a Jet City and SOLD IT! then I hear this... It is not a BRUTAL amp but it has that refined almost processed yet still harmonically rich in the distortion. I could almost make it brutal with the BASS 7 MID 0 Treble 6 and some other switches turned just right... but if you put a EQ and or Push it with an OverDrive... I know it would stun you. I have not tried the effect loop but it has one. I have had it a week and play it all the time. I am going to play right after I write this! with the Delay and Reverb (and I have good pedals and rack stuff) you can gig with nothing else. (unless you are one of those effects crazy people). I got the channel switch and effects switch box and it is like having a small pedal board. Nothing bad about this amp, only good. I got mine used from guitar center for $425. the delay pot had some static, but its used so I do not know if something happened to cause this. I could still bring it back as I have 30 days if I do not like it. If I did I would only exchange it for another. but I decided not to, I how some Deoxit, that cleans pots... really they would switch it for me, but I do not want to let it out of my house. its not in the amp part just the delay knob only when you turn it. The sound is so good I just do not want to part with it, I have already started to change the tubes. some people do not know the difference and some people can pick it out. But the sound of this amp really is so good I left the RUBY tubes in. I know people like them, but I have piles of vintage RCA, Mullard, Telefunken, Amperex, Sylvania, GE, etc... I always put the better tubes in all the sockets. On this amp I put a RCA in the V5 (phase inverter) and a Amperex Bugle Boy in the V1 first Pre amp stage, and the thing PURRRRRRSSSSSSS........ I can play with just a OD/distortion and a delay or reverb. its rare that I bring more. in the studio I play with all my effects but have just for the first time built a pedal board and am making a 6-7 pedal board to use at gigs. But really this amp has it all, tone class, versatility and CLASS CLASS CLASS...

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