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Blackstar HT Series HT-5H 5W Tube Guitar Amp Head

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The Blackstar HT-5H tube guitar amp is ideal for studio work or practice, packing all the great tone and innovative features of the award-winning HT tube pedals into a 2-channel, footswitchable tube a... Click To Read More About This Product

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The Blackstar HT-5H tube guitar amp is ideal for studio work or practice, packing all the great tone and innovative features of the award-winning HT tube pedals into a 2-channel, footswitchable tube amp format. The Blackstar amp head's patent-applied-for ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) circuit gives you infinite adjustment over the characteristics of the tone control network and takes your tone from the USA to the UK and anywhere in-between. So now you can effectively design your own tone and finally find "that sound in your head."

Ideal for home and studio use, the Blackstar HT-5H tube amplifier head sounds full and toneful even at the lowest volume level thanks to a brand-new tube power amplifier topology designed by Blackstar engineers. The power amp is a low-powered, push-pull design which produces the crunch and breakup characteristics of a traditional 100W output stage but at a much lower volume.

The Blackstar HT-5H also has a speaker-emulated output, further enhancing its studio credentials and allowing any guitarist to get amazing tube tone straight to tape or disk, or through headphones. It also features the unique 4x12/1x12 voicing switch, allowing you to change the tonal characteristics of the emulated signal between 2 emulated cabinet types.

Add to this an effects loop with switchable level along with 16-ohm and 8-ohm speaker outputs allowing you to run the amp into an external speaker cabinet of your choice, and you have everything you need for recording or practicing.


  • Innovative 5-watt valve combo
  • 1xECC83 and 1x12BH7
  • Unique push/pull power amp design
  • Award-winning HT Pedal preamp
  • Two footswitchable channels
  • Enhanced tone controls
  • Patent-Applied-For Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
  • Fully equipped for studio or practice
  • Speaker emulated output with 1x12 or 4x12 voicing
  • Effects loop with effects level switch
  • Footswitch included
  • Cool vintage styling
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(19 of 21 customers found this review helpful)


Great Marshall tones!

By Josh Santos

from Happy Valley Oregon

Picked this amp up a few weeks ago. I gig in a classic rock cover band and HT-5 is part of my backline. I am running it into a 2x12 closed back and it projects well enough to not use a mic on all but large gigs. I really like the shades of crunch you can dial in wit the ISF control, and the 12bh7 breaks up nicely with upper end harmonics that sounds great when playing chugging rhythms. Very balanced set of tone controls can give you good bright twang with a Tele and a nice warm crunch with a humbucker. The gain ranges all the way to heavy Mesa type gain which is great for chugging rhythms and liquid leads. Unbelievable buy for the tones you get. Way to go Blackstar!

(15 of 15 customers found this review helpful)


Mini Stack HUGE SOUND!

By Bryan Arzaga

from Milwaukee Wisconsin

I was reluctant and buying this amp, because i am always a solid state user, but i needed something different and would show the real sound of my guitar and pickups, so i A/B this model with other small stacks and this amp blew them away, i thought this tube amp wouldnt even like my pedals but it sounds great and warm, I like every bit of this amp, for 5 watts its really loud. Definitely Happy about my purchase. You can use only one cab if you want, thats what i do when im just laying down tracks. This amp is worth every penny spent.

(10 of 10 customers found this review helpful)


Great Value - This thing ROCKS!

By John

from Cincinnati Ohio

This is a great amp for home use PERIOD. I just play for me along with CD's and sometimes with friends. I don't gig or really plan too but I'm sure you could do small gigs with this either into a board or with a 4x12 mic'd. If you've never used a tube amp, 5 watts is LOUD. It doesn't have much headroom, meaning it will break-up/get dirty faster/at lower volumes, which is great for at home b/c you don't have to crank it up to get great tone. I also have a 5150 head I can't put past 3 because it would bring the walls down. So a small head is perfect for me. If I put the volume to 9/10 on this small head with my 4x12 cab it is too loud for my ears to handle (seriously). Love the two channels (footswithchable included). Clean will stay pretty clean at lower volumes but it's not going to be a Fender Deluxe Reverb, but what is.. The Gain side is serious gain, which I love it is thick and heavy at even about a 4 gain stage. ISF is nice and I find you hear it best at higher volumes. All in all I LOVE this amp. Haven't tried the FX loop yet but really dig it and give it a big thumbs up. Check one out if you want a truely usable 2 channel home tube amp. Once you go tube, you never go back! Cheers

(9 of 17 customers found this review helpful)



By mike

from springfield, Oh

This little guy is so good lookin. The pictures don't do it justice. It reminds me of a mini Mesa Rectifier. It sounds awesome. Very rich and thick distortion. It has loads of gain and tones of bottom to it. Sounds like a mini Rectifier. This little guy sounds huge for only 5 watts. If I didn't know better and someone told me it was made by Mesa I would believe them. Buy one, if nothing else just because it looks so cool. It's like the Dual Rectifier's "mini me". It looks and sounds like it would sell for much, much more cash. Hurry and get one while they are still cheap. I bet they go up in price.

(9 of 11 customers found this review helpful)


Marshall killer in a small package


from Canada

I was looking for a tube amp I could record with in the basement without blowing the walls down. The Blackstar has a lot of features that you don't get in something like the Marshall Class 5 for a lot less money: two channels, an effects loop along with two 10-inch cabs and all the cables to boot. The value just isn't there with the bigger brand names. My other amp is the Epi Valve Jr. which I really like, but it's a one trick pony -- one knob, roar. For some reason the Blackstar isn't as loud even with two speakers (which is why I knicked one star). You'd have a hard time keeping up with a drummer, but it probably doesn't matter if you gig, you'd mike it or run through the board with the handy output switch. Or drive a four-speaker cabinet, which the manual says you can do with this puppy. Other than that, it is extremely versatile. Yes you get the Marshall Plexi in a 5-watt package, Clapton, Page all the greats are at your fingertips. Though my Les Paul it howls, feedback at will, creamy, thick and chunky. But the cleans are really under rated. I have an old lawsuit Ibanez doubleneck and the 12-string just sings, I've never been able to get such a good clean sound that I like. This is where the ISF knob comes into play, it really dials in the bottom while maintaining sparkling highs. It's amazingly sensitive, small tweaks make a world of difference. I lean to the British side of things, Stairway really comes alive. But the U.S. passes a reasonable Blackface. Floyd, no problem. Also, it's really quiet for a tube amp, you don't get a lot hum even when playing through single coils. The only thing that really compares is the Marshall Haze, it's a LOT louder but three times the price after factoring all the goodies -- the head and a couple cabs. All in all, the Blackstar delivers the goods for far less coin.

(8 of 9 customers found this review helpful)


The Head that packs a punch

By Bryan Arzaga

from Milwaukee Wisconsin

I bought my second Blackstar HT-5S head, why? because its just an amazing little amp, I bought the HT5S unit a month ago and it came with two cabs, so i wanted to differentiate the sounds with two different amps and different preamp tubes, But apart from that, this amp is undeniably is where your money should be, its bigger brothers may be expensive, so if you want a versatile amp at a friendly price, this it folks. FYI, 5 watts for a tube amp is as loud as a 30watt solid state,

(6 of 6 customers found this review helpful)


5 stars for Blackstar !

By Blue Leroy

from Jacksonville Al.

I needed a dependable, versatile low wattage tube amp head for recording and practicing. I also needed it to be affordable. I've been through several brands of "disposable" solid state and even hybrid tube amps, without much tone satisfaction. I did all my homework, read revievs,listened to sound clips, asked around, and then bought the BLACKSTAR HT-5H head. It arrived quite quickly i'm pleased to say. I can't really put into words how good this amp is. It REALLY performs as well as the advertisements & reviews, and then some. The clean channel is "chimey" clean at lower volumes, but crank it up and the tone "breaks up" just like a good vintage Fender amp used to. Cranking the clean side makes it PERFECT for Blues tones. The Overdrive channel starts with "Classic Rock" tones, but turn the dial up, and it'll produce just about any tone you like, including Screaming Metal. The I.S.F (infinite shaping function) knob really DOES cause quite a shift in tone from USA warm/growl (Think Peavey Classic series) all the way to UK "Crunch" (Marshall) and even wood cabinet Vox tone. All the way through the dial, the highs stay bright & biting, and the lows are bassy and articulate. I LOVE THIS AMP !! I bet you will too!

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


A really nice amp.

By IndecentAngel

from Jersey City, NJ

I like the Blackstar HT-5 so much after having the combo a short time I went out and got HT-5 head to pair it up with a 1x12 cabinet and it sounds even better with a 12 . Both clean & dirty sound great. But if your into real heavy stuff I think you'll need a pedal. BUT trust me it can get dirty all on its own. To me the cleans sound really sweet. Its sings This amp is every thing it claims to be. Check one out.

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Awesome little amp

By Bill

from IHB, FL

Every time I crank this up, I like it better. I have it going through my 4x12 cab and it sounds HUGE! It can go from crunch to insane and the ISF knob really does a great job of changing the whole sound of the amp. I guarantee you will find a sound you like. It sounds as good if not better that my boutique combos. Buy one for sure. WARNING: not great for stage - not loud enough, but for home/recording use it's an amazing value.

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5 Watt Monster

By Roger

from Polk City

I've owned this Amp a few weeks now, very well built- very solid. I haven't peeked inside yet, can't say what brand tubes are in there. I'm running it into a 1x12 open back cabinet. I think it would sound even better into a closed back cabinet, to tighten up the bass a little. The clean channel has plenty of headroom, very clean(maybe not country clean, but I don't play country!). The dirt channel is where the fun is!with the ISF, Gain and EQ you can pull up so many great tone's. With a quiet effects loop and aloud 5 watts, this amp is Monster!.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)



By Cyborg4

from Dallas tx

This is a good sounding practice or recording amp, or for plugging into the house system. I was hoping it would be loud enough for rehearsals but it just doesnt have the headroom to play over a band. It starts to get real loose over about volume 7, lower than that it sounds really great. Just know going into it that this small of an amp has a particular range of usefulness, I will probably return it and get a more powerful version as this is to be my main amp. Style is 80s metal.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Blackstar HT-5 Head

By Surferbell

from The O.C. Cali

Bought the stack when it first came out, for home use. Thought it was a good amp when I first got it. I A/B'd it with different cabs, 12AX7's and pedals. Compared it with other amps. The Blackstar always felt like it was lacking something to me. My other amps were getting most of my attention as the Blackstar sat it my closet. Just about gave up on the little guy because my other amps just sounded better. Well I'm glad I didn't. I finally figured out the missing ingredient. I took a Digitech RV-7 Reverb pedal, placed it in the loop of the Blackstar pushed the level button in. Set all the knobs on the Digitech to about 11:30 save for the last knob set on room. Bam! the sound in my head! Now don't forget the speakers you use are big deal. So the rest of the recipe. An open back 2x12 loaded with scumback speakers, M75 25 watt, H75 30 watt. This setup sounds like Aerosmith, Zeppelin, AC/DC, and so on. This setup blows my other amps that cost more than five times as this for home/studio work.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)



By t

from Texas

The clean channel breaks up beautifully when its pinned. Just the right amount of natural warm overdrive at a volume that you could talk over (talk loudly). The overdrive channel provides a very nice modern gain or a classic jimmy page type distortion while maintaining very nice distinction between the notes. Wonderful sustain and natural feedback at volumes which can be accomplished in the house at volumes that a decent television could keep up with. Its a very manageable amplifier. It provides all the tone and breakup naturally but a volume that you can do at home without isolation. I had been searching a long time for a particular type of overdrive that i have found in this amp. Probably a good example would be plush by stp, its a fully overdriven sound that keeps the distinction between the notes without getting mushy. 6 amps, and 6 overdrive pedals later, ive come pretty frikin close to it. And for under 300 bucks. There is a clean channel but i would not call this amp a clean amp. Due to the low wattage it breaks up quickly. So if you want clean, this one might not be for you. If you want very tightly compressed high gain, this might not be the amp for you. My purchasing this amp is one of the best purchases Ive made in my 25 year career. Its that good.


Blackstar HT 5

By Jeff Frazier

from Maryville,Tennessee

This little amp really rocks.It's loud for 5 watts and both channels sound great.There is a little hiss from the amp at high volumes on the lead channel but it's not bad enough to cause problems.If you like classic rock tones and can't have high volumes this just might be your amp.


I Love It

By Joe

from Scituate, MA

The perfect practice amp. It features the simplicity of a 3-band EQ, the flexibility of two FOOTSWITCHABLE channels, the added feature of ISF, and the flexibility of an effects loop. It only uses two tubes, which is great on the wallet, and they are easy to replace. It sounds very natural with lots of harmonics, and it cleans up nicely with the guitar volume rolled back. Takes a CryBaby Wah great! It cranks, even with one cab; no one believes that it is only five watts. You can even connect it to another amp through the effects send.

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