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Black & UV Lights

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Chauvet Blacklight (NV-F18)
Chauvet Blacklight
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American DJ Black-48BLB Black Light (BLACK-48BLB)
American DJ Black-48BLB Black Light
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Known far and wide for their “glow in the dark” attributes, black and UV lights create an atmosphere that can really draw people in. Created with a violet filter which blocks most of the visible light, allowing the UV to pass through, these lights have a rich purple glow that can change the mood of a show in an instant. When these lights are used to enhance a performance, concert or dance floor, you’re sure to get a reaction every time.

If you’re searching for something to bathe an audience or crowd in black light, you’ll want to consider the American DJ UV Canon Black Light or the OmniSistem UV400W Floodlight with Lamp. Better for larger setups and adjustable so you’re able to correctly angle them for optimal lighting, these user-friendly options were made to bring a unique feel to your venue. Read More >