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Behringer T-47 Tube Condenser Mic
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A vacuum tube condenser mic that delivers fantastic sonic qualities and comes equipped with a power supply/preamp box.

A recording microphone with classic tube sound
The sound of tube mics is undeniably rich and smooth. At the heart of each of these Behringer T-47 mics is a hand-selected 12AX7 tube, which has been specifically designed to give these microphones their incredible sonic character. One advantage tube condensers have over their solid-state counterparts is that they are not subject to the rapid rise of odd-order harmonics, which the ear perceives as highly unmusical. Even when subjected to high sound pressure levels, the T-47 condenser microphone reacts in much the same way the human ear does.

Cardioid polar pattern
T-47 tube condenser mics feature a tight cardioid (heart-shaped) sound-reception pattern, which reduces the pickup of sound from the sides and rear for improved source isolation. The included custom shock mount fits all standard microphone stands and provides further isolation from external sources of vibration, such as sounds transmitted through floor joists and outside traffic.

Dedicated power supply
The included Behringer PSU-T power supply/preamp provides the supply voltage for the tube preamplifier and houses a Low Cut switch that can be used to reduce the low frequency response, if so desired. The included 7-pin multi-core cable supplies power to the mic and routes the audio signal to the XLR socket on the PSU-T.

The ultimate recording mic
Since the early days of recording, sound engineers have been searching for the best-sounding mics for recording acoustic instruments and the human voice. The resounding choice of professional recordists around the globe has been the tube condenser microphone because nothing compares to a sound that's so open, warm, and full of character. Unfortunately, tube mics can wipe out a home-recording budget faster than you can say "phantom power supply." But with the T-47, anyone who can afford a decent live microphone can have a studio-grade, tube-powered condenser mic for about the same price.

The T-47's sensitive side
Another advantage of tube mics is that they typically outperform transistor designs when it comes to subtle signal levels, such as environmental ambiance. The T-47 picks up every nuance of your performance, capturing an openly transparent slice of time and space with just the right amount of tube warmth. Now you'll be able to justify that new set of strings for your acoustic guitar (because you'll hear the difference), and you'll marvel at the sparkling highlights coming off your wind chimes.

Behringer T-47 Tube Condenser Mic Features:

  • Professional, large-diaphragm, tube condenser microphone for unsurpassed audio quality
    Hand-selected 12AX7 vacuum tube for exceptional warmth and vintage sound
    Ideal as main and support microphone for studio and live applications
    Cardioid pickup pattern for outstanding sound source separation and feedback rejection
    Pressure-gradient transducer with shock-mounted capsule
    Perfect for vocals and acoustic instruments
    Switchable low-frequency roll-off
    Ultra-rugged construction with metal die-cast body
    High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

Behringer T-47 Tube Condenser Mic Specifications:

  • Transducer type: condenser, 0.63"
    Polar pattern: cardioid
    Preamplifier: vacuum tube (12AX7)
    Output (PSU-T): gold-plated balanced XLR connector
    Open circuit sensitivity: -40dBV (0dBV = 1V/Pa)
    Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
    Level attenuation: -20dB
    Low-cut filter: 12dB/octave @ 100Hz (switchable)
    Max. SPL (3 % THD @ 1kHz): 130dB
    Dynamic range: 110dB
    Nominal impedance: approx. 200 Ohms
    Load impedance: >1 kOhms
    Supply voltage adapter: BEHRINGER PSU-T
    Dimensions: diameter: 2.7", length: 8.3"
    Weight (net): 1.7 lb.

    Mains Voltage / Fuse:
    100-120 V~, 50/60 Hz: T 250 mA H 250 V
    220-230 V~, 50/60 Hz: T 125 mA H 250 V
    Mains connector: standard IEC receptacle

Behringer T-47 Tube Condenser Mic Includes:

    BEHRINGER PSU-T power supply/preamp, 30' multi-core cable, heavy-duty suspension mount, windscreeen, and aluminum transport case

Behringer T-47 Tube Condenser Mic

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Product Reviews
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  • Behringer T47 is a very good sounding Tube Condenser mic.

    As reviewed by Chuck on 6/1/2011

    Let me start by saing that I'm a recording musician for many years and recognize a good sounding product. I had a chance to A/B the Behringer T47 against the Neumann TLM49, Rode NTK, Audio Technica AT4047, and Neumann TLM103. These mics,were all used with a pop filter, all connected to an Avalon VT737 EQ set flat, minimum compression about 2:1 going into a Roland VS1880 24bit Hard Disc Recorder set flat. All takes were played back flat. 1st off I'd like to say that I don't understand one of the other reviewers stating the T47 has no top end. This was certainly not at all my observation. The T47 has a very nice smoothe top end somewhere peaking at 12khz and sounded very sweet. The frequency curve is flat in the mids and then begins to rise around 6 khz and starts to drop at 12khz. Honestly The T47 came out alot smoother and balanced than all the mics I tested when recording male and female vocal takes. The T47 sounded better than the whole bunch - It was full enough ,bright enough and really sounded great [played back with flat EQ . The TLM49 sounded thin , not much bottom because of it's capsule design (frequency rolloff below 1 khz) and a little blah on the top end. The Rode NTK sounded tinny with it's overly large 6 khz and 12 khz bumps - it was rather shrill and had too much sibillance without much lows. The Audio Technica At4047 sounded kind of too thick on the bottom even with the 80hz rolloff engaged. It was acceptable but nothing to be too excited about. The Neumann TLM103 sounded nasal in the mids and there was also noticeable sibillance. All these mics were recorded and played back flat and the T47 came out on top for overall quality of sound. When I EQ'd all the Mics on playback the T47 still sounded best. It had a nice sizzle at the top like much more expensive tube mics have, and a nice balanced low end. I didn't mention that in the seesions I utilized the roll-off on the T47. I'm quite frankly very surprised at the outcome. I have to say that Behringer really has come up with a GREAT PRODUCT. It seems to be built solidly. I rated everything a 5 except for the "Features" which I gave a 4.5 because there's no pad. At this price the mic is a steal even without a pad. I think the little window in front of the T47 which displays the heater of the 12AX7 is cool. I know there are some that have put it down saying it's tacky etc. Let's face it , if Neumann did it we'd all be saying how novel an idea it is. It's time to start listening to some of these brands we have all put down in the past and give credit where it's deserved. The T47 is a mic I will gladly enjoy using and deserves the truth to be told about it, that it is an outstanding sounding tube mic ! KUDO's TO YOU BEHRINGER, I'M IMPRESSED AND SURPRISED !!!

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  • Take or Leave it

    As reviewed by Jake Dean on 4/5/2010

    Its a good mic and when I checked the price of other mics with tubes the price is unbeatable for the sound value. So if you have the money Buy it!! if not get the next step down.

    11 of 16 people found this review helpful.
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  • Not much personality

    As reviewed by Missouri Guy on 2/11/2011

    Pros: It's a large tube mic, heavier than you might expect, with nice alum box and adequate plastic cradle. Looks professional and has a large black foam cover. It is surprisingly clean for a tube mic with a clean, clear sound. Price is quite reasonable for a tube mic, actually amazingly good price for a tube mic. As a tube, it irons out transients and gives everything a warm, non transistor, natural (albeit a little dull) sound. It's certainly not a mic for high range frequencies...everything is mid to low. If you are looking for something to create a clean and fairly natural sound (without the FET/Transistor sound of other condensers) for acoustic guitar or male voice, this might be the ticket as it is clean with a smidge of warm. Cons: It lacks top end or high frequencies. I HAVE to EQ bump Protools Presence 5 to 10K to get some presence out of it or to get clarity and avoid it being muffled in many of my vocals. Does not have the presence of my Sterling ST-55 or Rode NT1-A. But neither does it have the sibilance or transistor sound of non tube condensers. Honestly, I think my Sterling ST-55 sounds better and with a little EQ sounds both warmer and more "present" to cut through the mix than the T-47. Even the Rode NT1-A is more crisp and present, but has more sibilance. , or even my Rode NT1-a is so much clearer with more mids and highs by far. One magazine review says the T-47 is a warm, clean tube mic that lacks top end. That's exactly the way mine is...lacks top end which makes upper mid and high range sound muffled. Requiring eq to give it presence. Also, it is "clean" which means interpreted..this mic does not have any unique personality to add to a vocal. It just records what you put into it with out coloration...which means it adds nothing to my stock of mics. It doesn't have personality and does not do much to impart anything new to the sound. I was hoping it would give me a unique warmth or character to solos...or give me a good coloration that I'd like....not so. It's too clean and clear for that...again...clear-clean tube with just a smidge of natural sounding warmth so there is no electronic or techno sound possible with it. I wa sorely disappointed it didn't have more character, flavor, coloration. Best use to me, would be to mic acoustic guitar, certain male vocals (like country ballads) and on songs in which you want a very vanilla, slightly warm vocal without any electronic condenser mic sound. Finally, need to tell you it's got a bit of noise since it's a tube and tubes are noisier at the bottom threshold...but you will not notice with other instruments going or even when the vocal starts. But at idle, this one has more bassy hiss noise than my other three condensers. Further, it requires a WHOLE LOT of gain to get an equivalent signal out of it to my other three Condenser mics. My Profire 2626 preamp has to be turned almost all the way up for the T-47, whereas half way up is fine for my other three condenser mics. if you get it at a good price, and you are going for clean-natural with a little bit of tube warmth sound, and if you don't have many other mics, it's worth it. If you have several mics and you are looking for a dynamite tube vocal mic to give your productions a unique presence or probably will not like this mic. That's why I was disappointed. The vocals from this mic seem dull compared to the Rode or the Sterling St-55. And the vocals seem to disappear into the mix and you have to eq it to bring them out. I was hoping for upper harmonics from the tube, but they are not there. It will impart no color, just clean-clear-slightly warm without upper midrange or high frequencies. If you are looking for a tube mic to give you a lot of vintage warmth and unique coloration for your vocals....look elsewhere, you will not like this mic and it will not do it with the stock tube. You might do well to consider a different tube mic.

    4 of 5 people found this review helpful.
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