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  1. Top Seller
    Electro-Harmonix 9V Battery
  2. Top Seller
    Ansmann Ansmann CR 2032 Coin Cell
  3. Top Seller
    Duracell AA Batteries
  4. Top Seller
    Duracell 9-Volt Batteries
  5. Top Seller
    Duracell AAA Batteries
  6. Top Seller
    Fender 9 Volt Battery 2 Pack
  7. Top Seller
    Danelectro 9-Volt Vintage Style Batteries 2-Pack
  8. Top Seller
    Ansmann Powerline 8 Charger
  9. Top Seller
    Ansmann AA 2850 Slimline
  10. Top Seller
    Duracell D Batteries 4-Pack
  11. Top Seller
    Ansmann Powerline 4 Pro Charger
  12. Top Seller
    Ansmann AA 2850
  13. Top Seller
    Behringer Battery BAT1 Replacement Battery for EPA40
  14. Top Seller
    Ansmann Ansmann Max E Pro AA 4 Pack
  15. Top Seller
    Ansmann AA 2500 Max-E Battery
  16. Top Seller
    Ansmann Ansmann Hycell Universal Battery Tester
  17. Top Seller
    Fender 9 Volt Battery Single
  18. Top Seller
    Fischer Amps Fischer Amps ALC 161 Charger
  19. Top Seller
    Fischer Amps Fischer Amps ALC 89 Charger
  20. Top Seller
    Fischer Amps Fischer Amps ALC 81 Charger
  21. Top Seller
    Fischer Amps Fischer Amps ALC-49 Charger
  22. Top Seller
    Ansmann Energy 16 Plus Charger
  23. Top Seller
    Ansmann Powerline 4 Pro Max E Pro Bundle
  24. Top Seller
    Horizon Horizon 10-Bay 9V Charger
  25. Top Seller
    Ansmann Energy Check Battery Tester
  26. Top Seller
    D'Addario Planet Waves 9V Battery 2 Pack
  27. Top Seller
    Ansmann Powerline 4 Light Battery Charger
  28. Top Seller
    Ansmann MaxE Pro AA 4 Pack
  29. Top Seller
    Duracell Lithium 3-Volt Battery
  30. Top Seller
    Ansmann Inspection Lamp X7 LED
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Batteries may seem like a pretty minor accessory, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Without them, a lot of our musical equipment simply wouldn't work. That's why it never hurts to have a supply of batteries at the ready. Ranging from standard double and triple A's, to rechargeable batterers, to speciality chargers designed for specific amps, this section is home to a variety of batteries and chargers to suit the needs of musicians, audio engineers and anyone who depends on battery power to run their gear.

Speaking of running gear, think about the instruments and equipment you have in your performance space or studio that need batteries. Are you a vocalist who hits the stage with a headset or wireless mic? Perhaps you're a guitarist that counts on a stomp box to add effects to their shred-worthy solos? Many effects pedals and PA devices rely on 9V, 3V and alkaline batteries to keep them going. The Fender 9 Volt Single, the Ansmann CR 2032 3V Coin Cell and the Electro-Harmonix 9V are all great examples of batteries to have on hand for those times when the ones you're using kick the bucket. Need more than one 9 volt? Pick up a 2-pack of Duracells or Fenders, you'll find them both here.

If you're going through batteries like there's no tomorrow, using rechargeable batteries may be the best option for you. Ansmann has a whole slew of rechargeable options in lots of different sizes. Economical and easy to use, batteries like the Ansmann AA 2500 Max-E Batteries, the Ansmann AAA 1100 Rechargeable Batteries and the Ansmann AA 2850 Slimlines can all be reused up to 1000 times. And while you're here, check out the Energy 16 Plus Charger from Ansmann - it can charge 1-12 AAA or AA batters, 1-2 (V NiMH rechargeable batteries and has 2 5V, 1 amp USB charging ports that are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and other 5V USB electronics.

While there pros and cons to using rechargeable and disposable batteries, the type you choose comes down to your personal preferences and needs as a musician. If you want your performance to be the best it can, you need to be prepared - and any one of these batteries will help make that happen.
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