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Specialty Bass Guitar Straps

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Fender Neoprene Bass Strap (0990663000)
Fender Neoprene Bass Strap
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As a bass guitar player, you no doubt know just how heavy your instrument can get. Playing a bass without a strap would be more workout than any one person would ever need, which is why it’s important to have your instrument secured with a strap. But sometimes a regular strap is not enough, which is why there are a number of specialty bass guitar straps available to suit your needs.

Having a thicker, more durable bass guitar strap is important for taking the stage with your weightier instrument. Standing for several hours while energetically playing definitely requires a comfortable strap. Straps such as the Neotech Mega Bass Strap and the Fender Neoprene Bass Strap are made from material that absorbs and better distributes some of the weight of your instrument, making it much easier to stand and play for longer periods of time. Other straps, such as the LM Products Leather Bass Strap with Extra Wide Pad and the Levy's Ergonomic Bass Guitar Strap with Contoured Moveable Pad feature additional padding that will keep your shoulder and back extra comfortable while you play.

Of course, not all straps are just for protecting your back, some are for keeping your instrument safe as well. The Markbass Bass Keeper Strap, for example, keeps your bass secure when not in use by attaching it to the side or handle of your cab. A strap like this can minimize bumps and help keep your instrument’s neck secure.

Bass guitar plays an important role in any genre of music, which is why it’s important that you be most comfortable when you take the stage. With a specialty bass guitar strap connected to your instrument, you will be ready to tackle everything from a quick practice, to an extended jam session on stage with the band.