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Bass Drums

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Yamaha Live Custom 22x18" Bass Drum (LNB-2218BWS)
Yamaha Live Custom 22x18" Bass Drum
DW Performance Series Bass Drum (DRPL1620KKWH)
DW Performance Series Bass Drum
DW Performance Series Kick (DRPF1824KKBD)
DW Performance Series Kick
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The bass drum is crucial for any complete drum kit. Whether you're playing four on the floor, replicating the famous "Be My Baby" drum beat, or trying something brand new and all your own, a great bass drum will allow you to take your drumming to brand new heights. Because bass drums are so crucial to your kit, you can rest assured there are a wide variety of them available. This, of course, is good news for you, since it means you will almost certainly have no trouble finding the perfect one to fit your needs and budget. That said, having an idea of what it is you're looking for can go a long way in simplifying your selection process.

If you're unsure of which bass drum is right for you, you may want to simply take a look at our best sellers. An option like the Tama Silverstar Custom Bass Drum, for example, perfectly balances quality and economy, leaving you with a powerful kick drum that won't break the bank. With a rich tone and wonderfully warm resonance, this is the kind of bass drum any drummer would be pleased to own.

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