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Bass Drum Pedals & Beaters

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Vater Bass Drum Beater (VBPY)
Vater Bass Drum Beater
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The average person might think of a beater as nothing more than a stick, but a drummer knows better: that the choice of beater can actually affect a bass drum's sound as much as the shell and skins. There's quite a bit of variety in your options when it comes to bass drum beaters, so no matter what your playing style is and whether you're gearing up for the stage or the studio, you'll be able to find one that's just right. For mellower musical genres that don't need a whole lot of bass drum power, a soft beater can give you the perfect sound. If you play jazz, for example, you can't go wrong with the Vater Vintage Bomber Bass Drum Beater. Vater worked closely with Joe Lovano's drummer, Otis Brown III, to develop this beater to deliver an amazing balance between softness and depth that makes it a natural for vintage jazz.

With heavier music like hard rock or metal, heavier bass drum beaters are a must. When you need to biggest volume and punchiest attack, you'll want to look into a wooden-tipped beater like the Gibraltar SC-3262. It's an incredibly popular beater for good reason: the performance is excellent and it's made to last, even with constant use.

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