B-52 Matrix-1000 V2 700W Active 3-Piece Speaker System  

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The B-52 Matrix-1000 V2 Speaker System comes with 2 10" 2-way powered satellites and a dedicated powered 15" subwoofer. The Matrix-1000 V2 has a built-in 3-channel 700W power amplifier, 3 independent ... Click To Read More About This Product

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The B-52 Matrix-1000 V2 Speaker System comes with 2 10" 2-way powered satellites and a dedicated powered 15" subwoofer. The Matrix-1000 V2 has a built-in 3-channel 700W power amplifier, 3 independent volume controls, electronic crossover with equalization, and VCA compressor.

The circuitry is designed and fine-tuned to integrate all components for the best possible sound. There is no need to tweak or finesse settings on a crossover or compressor to make your system sound great. Simply roll the system into place on its heavy duty casters, plug in the AC, connect the two speaker cables, run two XLR cables to your mixer and you're ready to go

Built-in 3-channel amplifier
The 15" subwoofer enclosure is divided into two separate compartments. The front chamber serves as the cabinet for the 15" subwoofer. The rear chamber houses all of the system's electronic circuitry, which includes the amplification for all three components, power supply and preamps. The 15" subwoofer has a power handling capability of 400 watts and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

10" satellite speakers

The B-52 Matrix-1000 V2 satellites are loaded with a custom designed 10" speaker and 1" titanium diaphragm compression driver. The "horn" is a 90 x 60 elliptical waveguide that can be rotated 90 to optimize the dispersion pattern to best suit your particular application. These versatile B-52 speakers are pole-mountable and can sit as stage monitors. They also include 3/8"”16 tpi flying hardware for small venue permanent installations. The rounded front of the satellite speaker is a perfect fit for the convex face of the subwoofer, allowing you to stack, roll and transport the entire Matrix-1000 V2 in and out of a venue in record time.

Transporting the system

To transport the B-52 Matrix-1000 V2, simply set the subwoofer on its casters and place the satellite speakers on to the subwoofer's front panel, facing down. Fasten the satellites with the included locking strap using the handles on either side of the subwoofer cabinet. Place the included cover over the entire PA speaker system and you're ready to move the Matrix-1000 V2 with ease.

Suggested applications:
Mobile DJ * Karaoke * Nightclub, Restaurant, Bar Install * Corporate Audio / Video * Home Entertainment System * Live Sound System * Stage Monitoring System * Booth Monitoring System * Drum Monitoring

  • New high-performance compression driver for a smoother frequency response and lower distortion throughout the upper midrange frequencies
  • New elliptical wave guide with more uniform dispersion
  • VCA on all three amplifier channels to minimize clipping and distortion at high levels
  • FREE dust cover
  • Improved B-52 handles
    Subwoofer Power Output: 400 W
    10" Two-way Power Output: 150 W
    Line in: XLR Female
    Parallel out: XLR Male
    Input Impedance: 48 k Ohms
    Speaker Out: Speakon NL4 Style Connector
    Power Requirement: 115V<>50/60Hz<>10A, 230V<>50/60Hz<>6A

    Speaker: 15" Custom Built B-52 Subwoofer
    Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
    Subwoofer Freq. Response: 40 Hz; 120 Hz +/- 3dB
    Sound Pressure Level (1w/1m): 102 dB (half space)
    Max. SPL: 127 dB @1% THD
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Dimensions (Transport): 28" (H) x 19" (W) x 23" (D)

    Speaker Input: Speakon style connector, (pin 1+ = +, pin 1- = -)
    LF/MF Woofer: 10" Custom Built B-52 Transducer
    HF Driver: 1" Titanium Diaphragm
    HF Dispersion: 90 x 60
    Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
    Active Freq. Response: 120”19K Hz +/- 3dB
    Crossover Frequency (passive): 2.5 kHz; 12 dB / Octave
    Sound Pressure Level (1w/1m): 101 dB (half space)
    Max. SPL: 124 dB @10% THD
    Weight: 30 lbs
    Dimensions (Upright): 19" (H) x 12" (W) x 11" (D)

    Weight: 180 lbs
    Dimensions (Transport): 39" (H) x 19" (W) x 23" (D)
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The "WOW" factor

Have used this sytem for over a year for DJ work. I carried it to Ohio to do a class reunion in a Marriot Hotel ballroom. Never phased this quality unit and with 400...Read complete review

Have used this sytem for over a year for DJ work. I carried it to Ohio to do a class reunion in a Marriot Hotel ballroom. Never phased this quality unit and with 400 folks in attendance never went above 2/3 power. Did the same in Arkansas 2 weeks later and result the same. Flawless pure sound for vocals and music. This unit had to ride in the outside compartment of a 40 ft motorhome for this journey with day temps in excess of 105. It is still performing flawlessly. Agree on weight but can live with that in exchange for the clear power.


Most Liked Negative Review


**** DO NOT BUY THIS *****

I own one of these junkers and it is not worth any money. I got about a year out of it and BOOM! Smoke and burnt smell, it was cooked. B-52 has...Read complete review

I own one of these junkers and it is not worth any money. I got about a year out of it and BOOM! Smoke and burnt smell, it was cooked. B-52 has no customer support what so ever. I have been in contact with another unsatisfied customer whom had to get a lawyer to settle his case. Any how I tried to fix this thing. The fuses that B-52 use inside the cabinet, (there are 4 internal and on external) are a weird size and amperage. I had to re-solder a new fuse holder to accommodate a new fuse. Oh and B-52 could not tell me the size. I also had to replace the woofer. I have been in the business for 12 years and thought this would be a great little set up for a small pub I DJ at. I was not in any way PUMPIN' it to the max. Normal HIP-Hop and TOP40. DO NOT BUY THIS. Pioneer Pioneer Pioneer!

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I Cant Understand Why People Keep Saying It Is Good For Small Gigs. Are You Kidding! This Thing Is Good For Huge Gigs Also!

By Andre Lewis

from Newark, NJ

This B-52 Matrix has 43 reviews and out of those 43 reviews just two people gave it a low rating (1 star). Now what does that tell you? It tells you that if 41 people gave it high ratings out of 43 reviews this is a great system and it serves way more than just small gigs as other may have mentioned in these reviews. If people think that this B-52 Matrix is only for small gigs than you need to get your hearing checked because this system is extremely loud and has OUTSTANDING BASE and clear highs. The sound is clear and crisp all around. I am so glad I made this purchase.


really nice...mostly

By Nathan Piwnicki

from chicago, il

so i have been using this system about four or five times a year for the past 4 years and it has been working very well for the most part. i have had a few issues but none have been due to the system, most are due to the board used. i have been using this system for banquets and dances at my school for the past four years and the volume you get from these speakers is phenomenal for music and movies, but when it comes for just standard speakers for speaking the projection could definitely be a lot better i must admit. also because of how much highs these speakers put out it feeds back quite a lot if you have a room with a lot of echo. also on my most recent gig i had using these the bass's thru outputs broke. at first i didn't realize it and thought i just blew my own brand new powered speakers but then realized the through output was blown on the bass and it wasnt my speaker. the biggest down side is that the weight of this thing is insane, seeing as we have to carry it up a flight of stairs for any movie nights we have and whenever we need to bring it anywhere but the wheels do help alot. besides that these speakers when used in a gym for DJing are amazing and the bass you get out of this sub woofer is absolutely amazing. i would honestly recommend these to anyone or any organization that needs a good solid system. i might invest in longer 50 foot cords for the speakers also but from what the teacher at the school told me they have had the system for almost 8 or 9 years and it is definitely held its own.


Very Impressed

By Leonard Corso

from New Milford, CT

I bought the Matrix 1000 at the beginning of the year when I started my mobile DJ company and only recently started using them. The system is very decieving as the full range speakers are fairly small. But they sound fantastic! I was trying to minimize the amount of equipment I needed to carry to events which is why I decided to go with a powered speaker system as opposed to having to use separate amplifiers for full range speakers and a subwoofer as well as a cross-over. One thing to keep in mind, the subwoofer is heavy and can be a real chore to move by yourself especially if you have to lift it into an S.U.V. or other vehicle with a higher floor than a van. Also, I have seen several DJ's using two complete Matrix systems, but the subwoofer cabinet does not have a mounting cup for a speaker pole so you can't mount the full range speakers on top. Not a real problem or a reason to not by this system, just something to keep in mind. I have done two events in a large retail store of over 250,000 square feet and three floors and this system can could be heard throughout all three floors when set at high volume levels. While I have not tried to push them to maximum volume level, the system is surprisingly loud. It is a good Idea to set the full range speakers on stands at level above peoples heads to prevent damaging peoples hearing if you are set up where they can walk directly in front of the cabinets. I can't speak to reliability just yet as I have only used them for a short while. But so far I can say that I am glad I purchased this system and will probably purchase the larger Matrix 2000 for larger venues once I have a larger vehicle for carrying my gear.

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small but LOUD!!!!

By Johnny

from wilmington ca

I have two sets of these bad boys, they throw out nice clean bass. B52 are the best speakers out there!!!!

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By David Pickett

from Memphis, TN

I'm a mobile DJ that needed to step up my game from a Fender Passport (which I still use in very small functions). I had no bass and couldn't fill up the sound in a gymnasium - which is where the B52 came in nicely. The volume was much better than what I had been using (150W Vs 300W)...plus the built-in 15" sub (with its own 400W amp) made the hiphop music really bang. Overall, the sound quality was very good...especially for the price. The speaker components were high quality and the SPL and spread were good. The warranty is also solid. However... 1. The system is not as durable as my passport or other ABS (plastic) housings. The speaker housings (while they do boast a lifetime warranty on the cabs) are basically particleboard which will ding and chip if you don't take extremely good care of them. Also, over time I heard a rattling sound inside one speaker. After consulting with B52 tech support (which is good once you can finally get a hold of them), I opened the housing and found a coil of cable hanging by its wires. It had popped free from the plastic tiedowns when it was assembled so I patched it up - no problem. Get some speaker bags or learn to care for these speakers with kid gloves on. 2. The sub/amp weighs a TON. Its 115 pounds. Think about that when trying to lug this alone at 3 am into your trunk. The casters help alot when transporting the speakers atop the sub... I don't regret the Matrix purchase. The folks at GC were great and the system served me so well that I resold it (after a year and a half of use) to my buddy who's getting started in the biz (I upped to (2) QSC K12's). I just wanted you all to know what the good and bad are. Overall, its a good buy.

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WOW! I love these speakers!

By Shayne

from Washington DC

My band needed some new speakers for our practices, and I was a little skeptical at first. But I was so wrong! I was skeptical because we have 4 vocal mics, 12 mics for the drums, jam blocks and congas, also 2 keyboards, 1 bass and 1 lead guitar. Thats 20 different sounds at once. I had a live recording of us on my phone, they plugged my phone into the speakers and WOW! I could not beleive the clarity, and the sub was perfect! This was with no adjustment, just plug and play!

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My Band Mates have PA Envy!!!

By James

from Richmond, VA

Recently used my Matrix 1000 for our first acoustic gig. We normally have stacks and stacks of equipment, 10,000 watts of stuff w/ cross-overs etc. The boys heard my system and were blown away (and it was only on 3. If not for the fact that we were in a restaurant, I would have showed it them at 11! Great system and easy to use and setup. I wish I had 4 or 5 more so I could daisy-chain them and have one for a monitor system. That would be tight!

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Tons of great sound!

By Greg

from Gig Harbor, WA

I've had this system for over 1 year now. I use it for weddings, house parties, and backyard BBQs. I love it! It's plenty loud indoors and out. Awesome chest-pounding bass. Clear, smooth mids and highs. It's also very portable and easy to set up. I also like that it does all that without using a ton of power. No tripping ciruit breakers in the middle of a party. A good product at any price.

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Excellent in MOST Situations

By Dienda

from Saint Louis, MO

I could not have been happier with this purchase until one major thing occured. I had an event where I had DubStep and Drum & Bass DJs playing on my system. Guess what? The middle bass tones don't exist on this sound system. I'm not exactly sure why, but I'm willing to bet it has to do with factory set EQing... So if you all you are playing is house, techno, and Top 40? Then this system is amazing! If you are going the more bass intense stuff then look elsewhere.

(39 of 40 customers found this review helpful)


These speakers changed my life

By Justin

from New York

These speakers take 5 minutes to set up, extremely durable, and deliver some dirty bass. Mine have been through over 20 sweet sixteens, dances, and house parties. They will support girls dancing on the subwoofer, beer spilt on the floor, and fill an entire dance hall. WARNING: These speakers are noise violation material. I have had the best experience with these B-52's and would recommend them to any starting mobile DJ's or experienced one who need a smaller and quicker alternative to a crazy 30 min set-up operation. If you are still doubting the sound of the B-52 Matrix 1000's there are always the Matrix 2000's with an 18" subwoofer and 2 12" satellites.

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