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"Thanks to the many leaps and bounds made in modern technology, it has never been easier to make high-quality recordings, and a big reason is because of innovative companies like Aviom. Since 2002, Aviom has been consistently on the cutting-edge of professional audio equipment, and today they have a reputation amongst audio engineers for offering functional and versatile mixers and wireless systems. Within this section you'll find an impressive range of pro audio gear, all of which is more than capable of bringing your greatest engineering potential to the forefront. From line-level input modules and digital mixers to system bridges and even button and knob repair kits, Aviom's catalog of pro audio solutions is 100% American made and rigorously tested to ensure you that it's ready to go to work. For an ideal example Aviom's state-of-the-art pro audio systems, check out the Aviom A-16II Personal Mixer. Constructed for both live and studio use, this 16-channel digital mixer gives you completely independent control over channel volume, grouping, pan, master volume and tone. With this amazing personal mixer, every performer gets a customized monitor and cue, and its easy-to-follow layout makes it a highly recommended option to anyone who wants their own individual mix. Another incredible Aviom item is the AN-16/i-M input module. Consisting of 16 top-quality mic preamps, each input channel contains a three-segment level meter, a steadily variable gain control knob, a phase reverse switch, 48-volt phantom power, and rumble filter with an 85Hz roll-off. Overall, the Aviom AN-16/i-M input module is just further proof of Aviom's dedication to exceptional control, flexibility and performance in a wide variety of portable and fixed recording applications. Even the most talented sound technicians need a setup that was crafted and engineered by experts with careful attention given to every detail. With Aviom, you can rest easy knowing that the pro audio gear you're using is the same equipment that's continuously found in studios and on stages around the world."