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Apple Logic Pro 7.2 Upgrade from Pro 6, Logic Platinum/Gold 5

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Apple Logic Pro 7 fits every part of the music-creation workflow from the first note to the final polished product. Musicians, engineers and producers benefit equally from the power, flexibility, port... Click To Read More About This Product

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Apple Logic Pro 7 fits every part of the music-creation workflow from the first note to the final polished product. Musicians, engineers and producers benefit equally from the power, flexibility, portability, pristine sound quality and dependability of Logic Pro's premiere virtual studio.

Virtual music studio

The the consummate collection of creative tools in Logic Pro 7 lets you tackle every facet of composing, arranging, and producing music of any style and on any scale. You can also configure the software to complement any type of workflow. You get world-class sequencing with flexible real-time MIDI control of all parameters, advanced notation, Apple Loops support for realtime loop-based music production, synchronized QuickTime playback, 24-bit/192kHz 244 audio track professional digital audio workstation, distributed audio processing with hardware from a single Mac to Pro Tools HD systems, comprehensive mixdown control with support for 7.1, and Waveburner software to create CD masters in Redbook audio format.

Sound generation

Compose and arrange with tools that deliver the sonic quality you expect and the depth of control you demand. Apple professional hardware meets the needs of modern software synthesis to give you and your audience outstanding performance. Logic Pro includes nine synthesizers, Sculpture, Ultrabeat, ES1, ES2, EFM1, ESM, ESE, ESP and EVOC Polysynth, that generate any sound, natural or not. The EXS24mkII provides a full featured, 24-bit Sampler with virtual memory. Three impeccably modeled vintage keyboard instruments turn your Mac into retro gear while powerful quantize features let you fine-tune any MIDI recording.

Sound processing

Process and shape your sounds with any of the 70 included plug-in effects or add Digidesign TDM. Distributed audio processing and the Power Mac G5 let you keep adding more layers of effects and processing than you ever imagined possible. Logic Pro gives you all the staple studio processing tools necessary to make your music sound its best, from precise EQ to state-of-the-art reverb. Superior guitar amp provides 12 amp models, 8 cabinets and 4 EQs. Creative effect plug-ins let you shape and transform music with filters, delays, distortion and more. Control parameters with passive fader boxes, including master keyboards equipped with faders.

Unleashing the next wave

Logic Pro 7 features new instruments and effects, state-of-the-art loop composition tools as well as optimizations for the PowerPC G5 processor and Mac OS X, forming a highly productive system that will change the way you compose, record, edit, and mix music in any studio environment. The latest version provides near unlimited processing resources through the simple addition of Macintosh computers and distributed audio processing. With it Logic Pro 7 offers the ability to tap into networked computers for more DSP processing power. Simply add one or more Macintosh systems via Ethernet to your Logic Pro 7 system. The result is an audio and music production system with processing power that was previously unimaginable ” up to 128 stereo streams.

Stellar performance quality

Logic Pro 7 turns the Macintosh into a digital audio workstation that meets the highest demands for audio quality. It supports audio at 16- and 24-bit resolution and sample rates of up to 192kHz for both audio recording and playback of internal software instruments. Logic Pro 7 offers nine new effect plug-ins, including Guitar Amp Pro, for amp modeling. 32-bit floating-point mathematics provides enormous headroom for internal processing, making it nearly impossible to overload the signal ” even during mixdown to 16-bit audio for CD release. In other words, Logic Pro 7 delivers excellence.

New for 7.2

Universal compatibility
Logic Pro 7.2 is a Universal application, which means it's designed to run natively on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs. Stay compatible as Apple continues to deliver new Intel-based systems.

Integrated support for new Apogee Ensemble interface
Logic Pro 7.2 offers integrated support for Ensemble, the new FireWire audio interface solution from Apogee Electronics, providing superb Apogee sound quality and mix-and-match expandability at breakthrough prices. Multiple parameters ” including headphone level, metering source, output levels, and even microphone input gain ” can be manipulated from a control panel within Logic Pro.

Digidesign Pro Tools HD 7 DAE support
Logic Pro 7.2 is fully compatible with the Pro Tools 7.1 version of DAE. All features are supported, including ESB and EXS24TDM. To install the required files, download and install Pro Tools 7.1cs4 from the Digidesign support website. Note: Users of Pro Tools 6.9 and earlier must use Logic Pro 7.1 or earlier.

Serato Pitch 'n Time support
Purchase a special Audio Unit version of the legendary Pitch 'n Time plug-in from Serato and you'll have access to its extraordinary algorithms directly from Logic Pro's Time and Pitch Machine or from the audio time stretch options in Logic's Arrange window. This option renders rich and natural-sounding results, even at extreme settings.

Improved Rewire support
Logic Pro 7.2 provides support for stereo Rewire objects ” and now clearly labels the incoming Rewire streams to reflect the source application. In addition, you can create Rewire objects directly from the Create Multiple option in the Arrange window.

Enhanced support for control surfaces
The Arrange window in version 7.2 provides visual indication of which tracks are currently active on the control surface. This is especially useful with supported control surfaces that do not provide LCD or other feedback information, such as the newly supported iControl from M-Audio.

32-channel support for multi-channel Audio Units instruments
Users of multi-channel Audio Unit instrument applications will appreciate that Logic Pro now has increased output capacity of up to 32 mono-channels.

Playback of compressed files
Logic Pro 7.2 allows you to play back AAC and Apple Lossless files directly ” with no need for conversion. This feature ensures session compatibility with Garageband 3 and offers great sonic quality with the convenience of smaller file sizes.

Access to new GarageBand 3-compatible plug-ins
Ducker offers automated voiceover volume reduction functionality, known as "ducking," on Output or Bus tracks. Speech Enhancer provides a simple option for cleaning up and enhancing recordings made with the built-in microphones.

New royalty-free jingles and sound effects Apple Loops
Logic Pro 7.2 includes the same Jingles and Sound Effects library that ship with iLife '06. A dedicated Effects button in the Loop Browser makes it easy to view and filter this new collection of sounds. The library includes more than 200 sound effects and 100 jingles.


Professional virtual studio
Up to 255 stereo tracks
Seamless MIDI sequencer
24-bit/192kHz audio quality
64 buses, 64 auxiliary channels
15 inserts, 8 sends per channel
Support for multiple surround formats, including 5.1 and 7.1
Comprehensive hardware controller support
Advanced MIDI sequencing
Matrix, Event List, Hyper, Score and Transform MIDI edit windows
Layout and printing of complete professional scores
Caps Lock conversion of computer keys into musical keyboard
More than 800 definable key and MIDI commands
90 recallable screen configurations with interactive edit windows
Project Manager for powerful control of assets
Setup Assistant for easy system configuration
Fast, offline bouncing of single or multiple tracks
Tempo, Signature, Chord, Transpose, Beat-Mapping and Video Tracks
Access to all effects and instruments
Recallable track effect and instrument configurations
Per-track assignment of distributed audio processing
Advanced QuickTime support with output of DV or DVCPRO over FireWire
Breakpoint editing of all automated parameters
Global tracks for editing, tempo, signatures, markers, video and more
Shuffle and Auto-Crossfade Arrange Edit modes
Flexible, object-oriented editing of audio and MIDI
Realtime score transcriptions
Distributed Audio Processing with networked Macs
Apple Loops realtime production with support for ACID
Award-winning instruments and effects
34 software instruments, including Sculpture; Ultrabeat; EVP88, EVB3, and EVD6 vintage instruments; and ES1, ES2, EFM1, ESM, ESP and ESE synthesizers
EXS24 mk II sampler with comprehensive sampler instrument library
Over 70 effect plug-ins, including Guitar Amp Pro, Ringshifter, Linear Phase EQ, Match EQ, Vocal Transformer, EVOC20 Vocoder, Space Designer convolution reverb and Pitch Correction
More than 100 enhancements
Recall channel strips
Graphic global track changes for tempo, signature, and more
Shuffle editing to prevent overlapping regions
Auto crossfades
Software instrument layering
EXS24 support drag and drop audio and graphical zone editing
High precision tools for dynamic control
Professional fine-tuned, effective, comfortable, fully integrated EQ
Stylish effect plug-ins tailored for the real tweakers
Track Freeze to extend processing capability for a single computer
High-end POW-r dithering algorithm
Professional mixing and automation
Adaptive Track Mixer for display of selected channels
Save/Load Channel Strip instrument and plug-in configurations
Sample-accurate, track-based 32-bit automations
Extensive Channel group functions for mix and edit
Macintosh with PowerPC G4, PowerPC G5 or Intel Core Duo; Intel Core Duo, PowerPC G5, or dual PowerPC G4 processor recommended
Logic Node applications require PowerPC G5 or Intel Core Duo and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
Mac OS X v10.4.3 or later for PowerPC-based systems; Mac OS X v10.4.4 or later for Intel-based systems
QuickTime 7.0.3 or later
8GB available hard drive space
DVD drive for software installation
Available USB port for XSKey (copy protection)
Low-latency multi-I/O audio hardware and MIDI interface recommended
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