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About Antares:

Antares Audio Technologies was founded in 1990 by Dr. Harold (Andy) Hildebrand, who worked as a research scientist before returning to one of his first loves, music, studying music composition at the Shepard School of Music at Rice University.

While studying at Rice, “Dr. Andy” encountered what was, at the time, considered an intrinsic limitation of the digital sampling process—the inability to create seamless "loops" in samples that contained multiple instrumentalists. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Dr. Andy set about finding a solution. Utilizing cutting-edge DSP technology drawn from the geophysics industry in which he'd previously worked, he soon developed a new looping technique that did indeed succeed in "doing the impossible." Seeing a market for his new technology, he formed Antares (then called Jupiter Systems) to further develop and market the program. The program, called Infinity, quickly became the premier looping tool for professional sound designers, and has remained so until this day. Read More...