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Amplifiers & Effects Power Supplies

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  1. Top Seller
    Outlaw Effects Outlaw 9V DC Power Adapter
    CZK 18500
  2. Top Seller
    Boss PSA-120S2 AC Power Adapter
    CZK 70000
  3. Top Rated
    Outlaw Effects Outlaw 9V DC 5-Way Daisy Chain Cable
    CZK 11500
  4. Top Rated
    Behringer PSU-SB 9V DC Power Supply
    CZK 23300
  5. Top Rated
    Electro-Harmonix US96DC-200BI 9VDC Guitar Effects Power Supply
    CZK 18600
  6. Top Seller
    Throne Room Pedals 2000mA 9V DC Power Supply 5-Plug Cable Kit
    CZK 39600
  7. Throne Room Pedals 2000mA 9V DC Power Supply Kit
    CZK 46600
  8. Price Drop
    Digitech PS0913DC-01 Power Supply
    CZK 39500
  9. Boss BRC120 Power Supply
    CZK 88600
  10. Electro-Harmonix 24V Power Supply
    CZK 25600
  11. Top Rated
    Pignose 7-100AR AC Adapter
    CZK 34900
  12. Top Seller
    T-Rex Engineering 9V Fuel Tank Junior Guitar Effects Pedal Power Supply
    CZK 2,77700
  13. Electro-Harmonix US12AC-1000 Power Adapter
    CZK 30300
  14. Livewire PH1700 9V Slimline Power Supply Regular
    CZK 42000
  15. Electro-Harmonix US40DC-100 Power Adapter
    CZK 29400
  16. Throne Room Pedals 2000mA 9V DC Right Angle Power Adapter
    CZK 28000
  17. Rocktron 9V DC OnTap Adapter Universal Guitar Pedal Power Supply
    CZK 71700
  18. On Sale
    Friedman Power Grid 10 Pedal Power Supply
    Was:  CZK 5,133.00 CZK 4,36300
  19. Musician's Gear CA-1M Multi AC/DC Adapter
    CZK 30300
  20. Just Arrived
    Livewire 9VDC 300MA Pedal Power Adapter
    CZK 35000
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It's no secret that amplifiers and effects can really power up a performance! But before they can do that, they have to be powered up themselves - and this lineup of amplifiers and effects power supplies is up to the task. There are plenty of options to choose from, so you can decide on the configuration that works best for powering your personal setup. If you're ready to kiss goodbye to changing batteries all the time, then you've come to the right place. And that's just the first benefit; with a steady stream of reliable power, you'll also be able to get consistent voltage, which means equally consistent performance, so your pedals will always sound just the way you want them to.

"But wait," you might be saying, "I like the way my fuzz pedals sound when the battery is run-down. There's no way they could sound that good with a power supply, right?" Not necessarily! Some power supplies, including the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ Power Supply and the MXR M238 ISO-Brick Power Supply Unit, feature adjustable "sag" outlets that allow you to simulate the effect of a low battery, so not only will you be able to get that amazing sound out of your fuzz pedals, but you'll get it much more reliably and without the hassle of hunting for batteries at the perfect level of "drained" all the time.

Are you looking for a power supply that'll fit something other than effects pedals? No sweat; those are here too! Of course, it depends on what that other thing is. If it's an Orange Crush PiX CR3, then the Orange Amplifiers Power Supply for CR3 will have you covered. For a Behringer UB1202, XENYX 1202 or Q1202USB, there's the Behringer PSU5UL 120V Power Supply. And if you want to plug in a Tone Hammer Preamp/DI Box, check out the Aguilar Tone Hammer Power Supply - it can handle input voltages from 120 up to 240 and it includes a bundle of AC adaptors so you'll be all set for your world tour.

Go ahead and leave the batteries behind! With the right set of amplifiers and effects power supplies, you'll be ready to play anywhere there's a wall outlet at your disposal, and the chores of checking battery levels and dislodging pedals from the board for battery changes will be things of the past. Of course you'll still have the option of going back to batteries for those few times you may actually not have access to a plug - but for the vast majority of your shows, they'll be one less thing to worry about.
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