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Alto says that they prefer to be thought of as a "Live Performance Reinforcement" company rather than a "Sound Reinforcement" company. That's a pretty fair statement, especially when taking a look at their lineup of pro audio equipment. They've designed and built everything with a noticeable focus on live sound systems. Of course, that means Alto gear will work great for recorded PA playback as well - but when you're looking to satisfy the even higher standards of a live gig, you'll know that you can still count on Alto. In this section, you'll find most of the basics to put together a high-end pro audio setup. Loudspeakers are at the forefront, with a variety that includes full-range speakers, like the Alto TS112A, as well as specialized cabinets like the TSSUB18 18" 1200W Peak Active Subwoofer. If you're searching for a new voice for your keyboard or electronic drums, check out the Alto Kick 12 400W Instrument Amplifier/PA. Or, if you want a complete PA system that you can pick up and carry just like luggage, take a look at the MIXPACK Express Ultraportable Powered PA System. Whatever kind of speaker or all-in-one you'd like, Alto has some great options. Of course, the back-end is as important as the front, so you'll also want to consider Alto's mixers, amplifiers and accessories. The LIVE 2404 24-Channel 4-Bus Mixer is a fantastic choice for full-sized venues, for instance, and smaller models like the Zephyr Series ZMX862 6-Channel Compact Mixer are perfect for jam sessions and home recordings. If it's rack-mounted gear you're after, The AEQ231 Stereo 31-Band Graphic EQ and ACOM2 2-Channel Compressor/Limiter/Gate are just a few examples of what Alto has to offer. No matter what it is that your live pro audio layout needs, from speakers to mixers or even a wireless system to make setup a breeze, you'll find plenty to like about Alto. They've made it their mission to set the standard, and with their forthright commitment to live performers, they're ready to back up even the most discerning musicians as they take the stage.