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The VideoTrack is a portable video recorder designed for capturing gigs and rehearsals, and it's equally useful for everyday applications such as a night out, kids™ soccer matches, or creating videos ... Click To Read More About This Product

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The VideoTrack is a portable video recorder designed for capturing gigs and rehearsals, and it's equally useful for everyday applications such as a night out, kids™ soccer matches, or creating videos to share on social media websites including YouTube and Facebook. The VideoTrack employs Alesis™ renowned audio recording technology including the same high-quality stereo condenser microphone set found on the ProTrack handheld recorder for iPod.

The VideoTrack has a quality video lens and advanced DSP image-processing technology and zoom. In addition to working as a video camera, the VideoTrack doubles as a handy still-image camera for on-the-go snapshots with and without flash. You can run the VideoTrack on either its internal, user-replaceable rechargeable battery, or plugged into a wall-power source.

The VideoTrack is easy to operate with a large on-screen display and a five-way control system. You can easily mount it on a camera tripod or table stand for stable recording and monitor audio by plugging in a pair of headphones. You can watch playback on a TV or other monitor with the VideoTrack' composite video output jack. It records onto 32MB of internal flash memory and you can insert SD and SDHC cards for unlimited recording capacity.

The VideoTrack connects via USB to virtually any Mac or PC for easy video transfer. It has embedded ArcSoft MediaImpression software so you won™t have to install it “ just plug it in and the program start running! MediaImpression features a direct-to-YouTube button so you can get video from VideoTrack to the web in seconds.

Capture great looking “ and great sounding “ video anywhere!

  • Create web-ready video, with killer audio that's perfect for sharing
  • High-quality stereo condenser microphones for detailed sound
  • Advanced, DSP image processing including zoom while recording
  • Runs on internal, replaceable, rechargeable battery to take anywhere
  • Work with SD/SDHC cards up to 16GB; 2GB card included
  • Connects via USB to Mac or PC for easy video transfer
  • Composite video output to allow monitoring on your TV or computer screen
  • Takes still photos with flash to operate as a traditional camera
  • Video resolution: 640x480 at 2530 fps
    Still-Image Resolution: 640x480
    Compression: video MPEG4, still JPEG
    Memory: SD card slot, SDHC compatible (2GB SD card included)
    Display size: 2.4"
    Flash: LED
    Zoom: digital
    Auto White Balance
    Auto Exposure
    Battery: rechargeable, user-replaceable lithium-ion
One year parts and labor warranty on all keyboards, DAT, and modules.
One year or 1500 hour warranty (whichever comes first) on tape heads.
Custome must register purchase online to receive customer registration number and warranty.
(No warranties are sent with product.)

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Most Liked Positive Review


Follow up to my last review-'Stops recording'

My last review I stated that the unit would stop recording when it felt like it at different intervals. I tried a different card and that did NOT solve the issue. So.. frustrated...Read complete review

My last review I stated that the unit would stop recording when it felt like it at different intervals. I tried a different card and that did NOT solve the issue. So.. frustrated I exchanged for another at the store. I decided to test it while it was charging via USB on the computer. I hooked it up to the tower USB, and turned the video recorder on, and went to bed. This morning, it showed that it recorded 4:51 hours of video. (pitch black with snoring sounds)... So obviously the battery had not been fully charged enough. But I wasn't satisfied with this. So I let the battery charge up to full capacity again, and I have this unit at work as we speak video taping. I am now at 4:20 hours. Therefore I think my issue with Stop recording on it's own was due to my lack of charging the battery to full capacity. I also wanted to add to the review of the gentle man that had the card get stuck in the unit. When I went to exchange the unit, they must have given me an older unit because it had a different SD card, which, once I pressed in, DID get stuck, and I had to have the GC rep pull out with his fingernail. Unhappy, he gave me another new one. Now I noticed that if you look in the slot where the card goes, there is a date, I am assuming that these are the mfg. dates. The new ones I got that didn't have a prob with the card in the slot were both stamped 08/04/2010. The one that had the card slot problem and different mfg card was stamped 6/?/2010. I am assuming that Alesis had complaints and rectified this issue. So I am back to liking this unit about 90%. I am only saying 90% and giving 4 Stars, because I have not used it in a real bar setting with a band, or in different lighting situations. But I don't expect that the video will be stellar in low light. But to be honest.. the most important part is the sound, and if you can make out our band.. bonus. :)


Most Liked Negative Review


Alesis struck out on this! Junk!

I wrote two other reviews, I gave this unit test after test, return after return, to just give up, especially after a source confided in me at the place of purchase that they...Read complete review

I wrote two other reviews, I gave this unit test after test, return after return, to just give up, especially after a source confided in me at the place of purchase that they have seen a ton of returns on this unit. First Unit: Would stop recording when it wanted to. Returned for new unit. Second Unit: SD Card went in, couldn't get out. Power button difficult to push on. Also would stop recording at will. Returned for new unit. Third Unit. Would again stop recording when it wanted to on fully charged battery. Assumed that maybe the battery couldn't handle long recordings (although it would stop at various times). Bought a usb power adapter. Problem with this was you can't use a power adapter while using the tripod mount..morons put it right next to each other. Cheap fix was a long bolt to extend the mount, which made the unit wobbly.. not good.. But.. Was able to record 4 hours seamless video without a drop. Yay. Next issue I brought vids into pc using program and noticed synchronization issues between video and audio. I tried several things then when back and watched the video on the unit itself and you could see it going out of synch on the unit. Another issue was that you could hear some "skips" in audio.. like a CD was bumped.. So I did another test recording my drummer while watching the counter.. and sure enough, I watched the counter skip numbers several times. I have brought this unit back as I think, 3 strikes, your out!!! Alesis should spend a little more time making a quality unit than spitting out a pile of doggy doo. As you can see by my reviews I gave this unit a fair shake, I WANTED it to work, and I am sad that it would not. I also contacted tech support, and two times I got no response, 1 time, they said they couldn't duplicate my issue in their office. It is obvious that Alesis did not do any type of test market before putting these out. If you buy this, YOU WILL be the guinea pig my friends. If you have a 30 return policy, be SURE to test yours up down and backwards to make sure you can get your money back if it fails to meet your expectations.

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I must be lucky

By Alfredo Luna

from Lima

Comments about Alesis VideoTrack:

I must be lucky because I don't have any of the problems the other guys mention. I have recorded videos of more than an hour with no problems of VT turning off randomly, BUT after 40 minutes or so, there is a sync issue -of half of a second- between audio and video. Also my VT can record AUDIO ONLY! and records in .wav format. The date inside the card slot is 2010/9/6 so maybe this lot is a good one. The video is grainy in low situations but not that bad really. The audio quality is good but setting the mic gain is a thing of hit and miss. In my first test I used "High" and it was too much and the recorded songs sounds were almost impossible to hear confortably.

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By danny s

from arcadia, ca

Comments about Alesis VideoTrack:

i can't answer the other guys problems, but i am a professional reporter and i swear by my alesis! THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAPTURES SOUND the way this recorder does! I regularly post on air videos shot with this recorder! Today, Fullerton, CA i did a report using this recorder! Like i said, i can't answer the other guys problems but as for me this is priceless!


Listen To The Reviews

By Alex "Fire1!" Uribe

from La Quinta, California

Comments about Alesis VideoTrack:

I've had my Alesis VideoTrack for about a year now and have only used it a handful of times and that's not because I've had nothing to record. I couldn't agree more with the other reviews. I've never had it stop recording on me but the battery life is super weak so you can really only get about 20 minutes max on it. The zoom is weak, there is a light but I have no idea how to get it on and the photos and video quality are super horrible. The quality on my cell. phone is better so that's what I use instead. As the other reviews stated "don't waste your money" it's garbage and that's putting it nicely. Alesis SHOULD be ashamed for stamping there name on it. Too bad there isn't 0 Stars.

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How about zero stars?

By cash

from Mendham, NJ

Comments about Alesis VideoTrack:

An absolute piece of garbage...worst video image that you could ever imagine...sound quality is marginal.

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Don't Buy This Product

By John Trice

from Carey, Ohio

Comments about Alesis VideoTrack:

Absolutely awful. Stops recording for no reason. Audio and video are not in sync after 2 minutes of recording. Playback on the unit stinks. I wish I could think of one good thing to say about this recorder, but I can't. I paid full price and I would have to tape a nickel to this thing so that when I throw it in the trash I could say I threw away something. Alesis, shame on you! I will never buy another one of your products. With all of the bad reviews on here, I think a class action lawsuit would not be out of the question.

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needs work


from Chapel Hill, NC

Comments about Alesis VideoTrack:

The best application for this thing is if you are a band that wants a cheap way to hear how you sound/look in a club setting, or record your practices. Get a cheap microphone stand to function as a "tripod" using the provided adapter, set it up somewhere around the soundboard and turn it on and let it run during your set. The video quality is terrible, very grainy at any distance (i.e. if you want to get shots of the whole band in the picture, it will be grainy, no matter what you do), but it will show you if your gtr player dances like a goofball while your are playing, and how that leopard skin jumpsuit really looks to the audience. With the mic gain set to Low, you do actually get a pretty accurate live recording, in which you can hear all the instruments clearly without distortion. You can use this to figure out whether that bass player you can't hear that well in practice is really hitting their notes on those fancy walkups. Since the video is not of a quality you would necessarily want other people to see, if you want to use this to publicly post your music, it's best to extract only the audio with Audacity or some such free editing software. Bottom line is this is a slightly better version of the old days of taking a Walkman into a live show to bootleg it. There's probably better audio recorders out there but this one is insanely easy to use (very little in the way of "settings" or "options".. it's pretty much a one-button unit, with 3 modes (play, photo, video) and 3 mic gain settings, think of it in terms of concert hall, small club, coffee shop. So if you are using it only as a self help improvement tool the ease of use and lack of complicated options will probably be a feature to you not a bug. The photo quality is so poor I can't imagine why they bothered to include it. This was actually one of the selling points to me over the Zoom which couldn't take pictures at all. A couple of reviewers have posted about the zooming problems, This is fixed with a software update from Alesis. The design of where the SD card/charger input and tripod screws are pretty stupid.. It's hard to get this thing on a tripod to get an exactly "level" picture because the screwhole is not centered, and like many have posted, once attached to a tripod or mic stand the USB charging port is inaccessible. This is a pretty inexcusable design flaw. Overall, unless you're a band that wants a fairly inexpensive practice/show review tool, I think there are much better options out there for the consumer.

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Meh. Pretty janky...

By Scottro B.

from Indy, IN

Comments about Alesis VideoTrack:

Luckily, I got the Black Friday price. The video is terrible, which I expected from a unit costing 80 bucks, but I also expected it to work properly. Mine stops recording randomly, regardless of battery life or available memory. The audio is just ok. Not nearly as good as the newer handheld audio recorders in the same price range. Features include LIGHT ON/LIGHT OFF. Not much going on with this thing. Save your money. It doesn't do anything very well. It kind of sucks, really

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Unreliable at best!


from Bakersfield ca

Comments about Alesis VideoTrack:

I really wasn't expecting alot for what the cost of the unit was but, what I got was even less than I expected. I tried 3 different times to record in a live setting and all three times the unit turned itself off mid session. (fully charged). There is no navigating video or audio, What you see is what you get. If your in a dim lighted area you will not see any recorded video other than silhouettes. The fact that you can't record audio without video or vise-verso is a minus not to mention it has to have its own proprietary software . I'm not expecting high dollar results from a low priced unit but to call this unit a decent unit for the money would be giving it a HUGE pat on the back.

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nothing to get excited about

By Scott Dalziel

from dunnellon, Fl

Comments about Alesis VideoTrack:

I purchased this on Black Friday so I guess you would expect less than great results for $79.00.I'm glad I didn't pay $179.00! The video is grainy and the sound is poor. It picks up annoying surface sounds but an acoustic guitar and vocal sounds puny. Very underwhelmed about this product. Do some demos in the store before you put down your money.

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The worst piece of junk I have ever seen

By Aplus

from Portland, Oregon

Comments about Alesis VideoTrack:

They have to be kidding. Just like the other reviews said, very poor sound, picture, controls, quality and it is way over priced. Junk or a toy at best. Stay away from this one. I am taking mine back in the morning after one day. Wow I used to like Alesis and I have owned many pieces of their gear over a lot of years from the HR-16 drum machine to synths. But now I am going to think twice about buying anything from them again.

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