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Item # H73273 | Customer Ratings: Ratings ( 4 Based on 5 reviews)

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Alesis DM8 Pro Electronic Drum Set
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      Alesis DM8 Pro Electronic Drum Set (H73273)

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      Alesis DM8 Pro Electronic Drum Set (H73273)

Hundreds of superb sounds and the feel drummers deserve.

Packed with over 750 first-quality studio and live drums and cymbals, dozens of play-along tracks, and an advanced metronome for practice and performance, the DM8 module also has audio and trigger inputs and outputs including USB MIDI for expansive connectivity. The kit provides DM Pad 16-inch tri-zone ride and 14-inch crash cymbals, both choke-able. There are also 8-inch and 10-inch tom pads plus a large 12-inch floor tom pad and dual-zone snare, all with Alesis’ RealHead technology. The rugged StageRack is stable and durable.

Alesis DM8 Pro Electronic Drum Set Features:

  • DM8 high-definition drum module with over 750 Dynamic Articulation™ sounds

    RealHead 8", 10", and 12" drum pads with tension-adjustable drumheads

    12" dual-zone Snare, 8", 10", and 12" Toms, and 8" Kick, which works with single and double pedals (sold separately)

    DMPad 12", 14", and 16" multi-zone cymbal pads with natural motion

    16" 3-zone Ride with choke, 14" Crash with choke, 12" Hi-Hat with RealHat continuous pedal

    StageRack with four-post design, integrated cymbal booms, and wingbolt-adjustable clamps

    StageRack includes convertible boom/straight cymbal arms, mounted in the downtubes

    Premium instrument library multi-sampled from real drums and cymbals

    Play along with tracks and record yourself with the three-part sequencer

    Mix input for practicing with external music players

    USB-enabled for tracking and programming with virtually all music software

Alesis DM8 Pro Electronic Drum Set Specifications:

  • Includes:

    DM8 drum module

    2 RealHead 12" drum pads

    RealHead 10" drum pad

    RealHead 8" drum pad

    RealHead kick pad

    DMPad 12" Hi-Hat cymbal

    DMPad 14" Crash cymbal

    DMPad 16" Ride cymbal

    RealHat Pedal continuous hi-hat control pedal

    StageRack with clamps and boom cymbal arms

    Cable snake with cable collars


    Power supply

    DM8 User Manual

    Setup Guide

Alesis DM8 Pro Electronic Drum Set

One year parts and labor warranty on all keyboards, DAT, and modules.
One year or 1500 hour warranty (whichever comes first) on tape heads.
Custome must register purchase online to receive customer registration number and warranty.
(No warranties are sent with product.)

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  • Accidental damage protection (new gear only)
  • Expedited Repair
  • Free Shipping (for returns or repairs)
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  • Extended Return Period
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  • No Lemon Guarantee
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  • Repair Costs Covered for up to 3 years from date of purchase
  • Repairs Can Be Authorized Toll-Free by Phone or the via the web
Product Reviews
(Based on 5 reviews)
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Viewing Reviews 1 - 3 of 5 |

    As reviewed by Devin Smith on 1/24/2012

    THIS DRUM SET IS THE TRUTH! You you investigate this drum set here and on the web hyou will see alot of mixed reviews. I am here to say after alot of research I decided to buy this set after guitar center price matched (which also superb) I have nothing to say but great things. Alesis took the little things from other manufactures and put it in their kit. For example at one point I seen that yahmaha had had this cool feature where you can start a play along by hitting one of the pads and I really thought was a great idea. In all the reviews I read no one said anything about this in alesis doing this but I am here to tell you they have just gotta read the direction! Also the pads, you will see and here a lot of mixed reviews on them. When you search the web alot of people say that there either really bad and loud or pretty good. On this issue I feel that they are not bad just loud and I dont really even think they are loud my wife does. As far as the pounce of the pads they are not as bad as some reviews say but they do not bounce as much as mesh heads. I personally thing think that the bounce of the mesh heads are to much. I play on mesh heads from roland (the acclaim best edrum compay) and the heads had to much bounce for me who has recently come from playing acoustic drums. If you played an acoustic drum for a long period of time or perfer them than the alesis heads are better for developing your control in your rist and ankles( I play alittle double bass) Now as you may already know you can tighten the heads of the drums but I play mine write out the box and they feel right. I real like my sticks are have a mind of their own, I control the hits I do and the patterns I play not the head. Now the thing that must people worry about is the triggering and sensitivity of the pads and I am going to tell you that straight out of the box its ok just ok. But if take the time to just go through the owners manual you will see that you have full and maybe to much control of how the pads trigger and sensitivity works! IT IS SICK MAN! You not only tune how the drum trigger but also program the Threshold of how hard you have to hit the drum to make a sound. Then you can change the how loud a sound goes off based on your hits and that is just the begining just go to alesis.com and read the virtual manuel and you will see I PROMISE! The kits and there sounds are range from many different things but one thing they all have in common is that they all can be sound great with "dynamic articulation." Basically that means how you play will come across on the set just like a real drum and if you tune the triggers like I mention before you will have a really great sound and feel. There is so much to this kit I still have not done like creating my own kit or let alone my own instrument (yes you can create your one snare tom kick and so on which as sick). I am telling you by this kit and buy it from guitar center but not at the price. You can find it better online but you want the excellent customer service of guitar center. (Shout out to guitar center in Allentown PA near the mall). I know you may see bad reviews but I can almost promise you that they are new buyers who just put the rack together, threw the manual aside, started to play and did not like the default settings. But if you think about it when you buy any instrument you have to tune it, put cloth in the bass drum, set up the way you like do the same with this and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the manual it will open the kit to you and ideas WILL flow. GOOD LUCK friend and I hope you have a blessed day and this review help!

    19 of 19 people found this review helpful.
    Was this review helpful?
  • Great value for money

    As reviewed by Andy Cooke on 6/25/2011

    I bought this kit to learn to play properly and not drive my wife mad with the noise. I've been playing guitar for 20 years and wanted to learn to play drums properly. So although I don't have a lot of real-kit experience to compare, it seems like a great deal for a beginner like me. The drum heads seem to have a decent amount of bounce and are adjustable and the dynamic articulation works well although not so much at very low velocities. However, the articulation response curve is also adjustable and the Alesis drum samples are as good as always (I believe the module is based on the pricier DM-10). Different sized drum triggers are a great idea and it looks and feels more like the set up of a real kit. Rock On! http://music.dataloaf.com

    6 of 6 people found this review helpful.
    Was this review helpful?
  • Fantastic! As good as I hoped for!

    As reviewed by John Dibella on 7/19/2012

    I have owned and continue to own and play high-end Ludwig acoustic drums. I was very reluctant to even consider electronic drums, but smaller venues and late night practice finally pushed me into it. Additionally, we record in a small studio which is equipped with electronic drums which makes recording direct much easier than micing acoustics. After much research, I finnaly chose the Alesis M8 Pro kit. WOW! I couldn't be happier. While I admit that the action is somewhat different than acoustic drums, you soon become accustomed to the different feel and stick response, which i believe, actually improves your chops. The sounds are amazing and recording direct either through an interfacce or through a USB port as MIDI is simple. We record with Sonar Producer X1 and these babies were recognized immediately, like Sonar was designed for them. The price is also fair. i've played other brands, which were all very good, but the sound, price, multi-zone symbol(you can choke them) and snare (rim shots are very cool) and last but not least, the very cool look of black realHeads with chrome rims make these drums very appealing. i am extremely pleased with them. Johnny D. Drummer for the HearAfters.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
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