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Alesis 8 Sliders

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Alesis QX49 Midi Controller (QX49)
Alesis QX49 Midi Controller
  • Was: $159.00
  • New: $129.00
  • Blemished: $139.92
  • Rating: Overall User Rating: 3.000000
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About Alesis:

When Keith Barr, previously of MXR Innovations, moved to Hollywood in the early '80s, it was for the purpose of working on integrated circuit design. He had no idea that he was going to revolutionize an entire segment of the music industry. Alesis, the company he founded with partner Russell Palmer in 1984, began life by developing the first musician-affordable digital reverb, the Alesis XT. Though the XT did well, it was with the 1986 release of the Midiverb and Midifex processors (at a previously unheard of $399) that the company began to really take off. Read More>